'Islamic & Muslim' Deceiving Terms :-

Academia and the news media fill their pages and airtime with words that they actually neither understand nor are willing to check before using them. For example, what do they mean by the term 'Islamic'?
Do they have any clue as to who, according to the Arabic of the Quran, is a Muslim?

Dictionaries tell us the following:
Islamic - Of  or relating to or supporting Islam.

Islamize- To cause to convert to Islam; to conform to Islamic law or precepts; to bring within Islam.

Islamism- A set of ideologies holding that Islam is not only a religion but also a political system that should unite                         Muslims all over the world.

Islamist - Person who espouses Islamic fundamentalist beliefs through obedience to Sharia.

Not once do any of the above point out that all of these terms are actually related to Arabs, Arab culture, Arab beliefs, Arab writing, Arab thought, Arab holy places, Arab traditions, Arab dress, Arab politics and most assuredly Arab Imperialism.

Let us together explore these words based on language and logic.

Islam is a concept, an idea based on the belief in a One and Only God to whom Muslims submit. A concept, an idea or a belief system does not create a civilization. The greatest civilizations in history - upon which our current civilization stands - were not monotheistic but polytheistic.

No one speaks of Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Zeusian or Marsian civilizations. Why only of so called Islamic?
Is it Arab Islamic? Persian Islamic? Afghani Islamic? Berber Islamic? Sudanese Islamic? or maybe Senegal Islamic civilization?

Hence talking about an Islamic civilization is utterly meaningless especially when we very well know that the conquering Arabs were mostly uncivilized and illiterate nomadic tribes.

One can discuss art, science, politics and philosophy under the umbrella of Arab Islam, all of which are not Islamic especially since under Sharia, not a single one of these items is allowed any freedom of expression or thought.

What the term Islamic actually hides, misrepresents and deceives is the fact that what is called Islamic is in reality Arabized.

After all, what do Muslims from all over the world of different nationalities, cultures, colours, races and original traditions have in common?

They believe in an Arabian man called Muhammad, allegedly a prophet of Allah.

Who is their god? Allah is the name of the Arabian supreme god of the pantheon of 360 stone gods and goddesses of the pagan Arabs in Mecca in the Peninsula of the Arabs centuries before Muhammad was born.

Where do they direct their Qibla, direction of prayers, five times a day? To Mecca; an Arabian holy city.

What is their holy book? The Quran; a book written in Arabic by Arabs and which they must read also in Arabic.

Whom do they slavishly emulate? The Sunna of the Arabian Muhammad.

Where do they go for Hajj or pilgrimage? To the Arabian city of Mecca in Arabia.

What do they circumambulate seven times during the Hajj in Mecca? The Ka'ba; an Arabian shrine that was venerated by the pagan Arabs centuries before Muhammad and his Quran.

What clothing do the Muslim believers both male and female wear? Arabian clothing as dictated by Muhammad's Quran & Sunna.

What rules do the believers follow? The Arabian Sharia.

When does the history of all these conquered peoples start? Their history starts from the day they were subjugated by the Arabs because all their history prior to that instant of time is considered Jahiliyyah, that is days of ignorance - no matter how glorious it actually was.

The Arabs very successfully and utterly covered up their IMPERIALIST track record with the term Islamic to give it an esoteric or divine aura without bringing attention to their conquests as Arabian ones.

We are regaled by both Muslims and alleged Western scholars of Islam about Islamic Civilization, Islamic Art, Islamic Architecture, Islamic science, etc.

To start with, the hordes of the followers of Muhammad that came out of the Arabian Peninsula in the 7th century were almost entirely illiterate tribes who had no vestige of any civilization. The Arab's holiest shrine, the Ka'ba was a primitive and small building from piled stone without a roof because they had no wood to build with.

No civilization can ever be created from the backs of horses or camels. Civilizations are created by sedentary peoples.

The Arabians were able to conquer, slaughter, subjugate, enslave and convert millions of non Arabian peoples on three continents, overcoming several of the oldest civilizations and empires in the world of that time:

The Byzantine Christians; the Sassanid Persians; the Coptic Egyptians; the Iberian and French Christians; the Hindu Indians; the Buddhist Chinese and others. 

So called Islamic science was based entirely on knowledge that they built upon from earlier civilizations such as Greek, Roman, Persian, Indian, Chinese etc whose works were invariably translated to Arabic by Christians and Jews of the conquered lands to start with and later on by indigenous converts to Arabian Islam.

When one studies the lives of the prominent Muslim scientists, one will find out that most of them were from among the Mawali, that is converts to Islam and not pure Arab stock.

The greatest contributors to both science and Islamic beliefs were from the Persian Empire. Moreover, almost the entirety of them were not fundamentalist believers but worldly and generally secular men many of whom were imprisoned, exiled or killed because they were not fulfilling  Sharia.

In Arabic, the word knowledge is ILM. Most people do not actually realize that in Islam - as clearly demonstrated in the Hadiths and Muhammad's Sunna -ILM or knowledge does NOT mean Arts and Sciences but only knowledge of Muhammad's Quran & Sunna; nothing else.

The so called Islamic Art and Architecture are replicas of the Christian Byzantine churches. They too were designed and built with the labour of the subjugated peoples. All one has to observe are the cupolas of their mosques which are almost identical.

Islamic poetry and philosophy are in fact totally un Islamic since they are prohibited in Sharia. The poets and philosophers under Arabian Islam were invariably secular men who did so only under the rules of more tolerant and enlightened non fundamentalist leaders.

The entirety of North African states proclaim themselves Arab. No one even questions such a ludicrous if not utterly asinine declaration. How is it logical or possible for a few tens of thousands of Arabian conquerors to become more numerous than the millions they conquered?

What happened to the native Egyptians? The Libyans? The original Berber? Did all these millions of people evaporate into thin air and were replaced by Arabs?

Of course not! These people were Arabised by the longest lasting - 1400 years and counting - and least useful imperialist power in human history.

They were forced to convert under the Jizzya (onerous poll tax) and everything they believed in, cherished and created was Arabised.

The Arabs obliterated their previous history; prohibited them from practicing their language; destroyed their temples or replaced them with mosques; forced them to wear Arabian dress; replaced the beliefs of most of them with Arabic Islam and brought them down to the abyss of Muhammad's Arabian Islam and Sharia.

The same was done to the Persians, Indians, Buddhists and others. While Greek, Roman and even Western Imperialism brought with them Roads, Sanitation, Culture, Art, Science, Running water, Law and Order; the Arabs had absolutely nothing of value to bring to the superior cultures of the conquered peoples.

The Muslim Arabs, like their mentor Muhammad, were best at Plundering, Pirating, Plagiarizing and or Perverting the concepts, precepts, thoughts and ideas of their vanquished subjects and then claimed them as theirs.
They continue to do so as we speak.

Arab Imperialism is the longest lasting, the most parasitic, the most culturally devastating and the least useful in human history.

Every civilization the Arabs subjugated and continue to rule under Sharia has become among the least productive, least inventive and least creative in the world. Just observe the 1500 million Arabized Muslims in 55 Muslim majority states on the globe today.

Hence Muslims are ones who follow, obey, emulate and believe in the Arabian CULT of Muhammad.

Although Muslims represent 20% of humanity, they have contributed less than 0.2% of all Nobel prize winners. Compare this with the contribution of Jews preserntly 0.2% of humanity - whom they assert are descended from monkeys - have contributed 20% of all Nobel Laureates!

In conclusion, there is nothing Islamic about Islamic. Any and all terms Islamic should purely and simply be replaced by the more correct, Arabized.