Against Arabs:-

       Muhammad's Quran is an equal opportunity hatemongering book; not only does it attack and insult the Jews and Christians, but does the same to his own brother & sister Arabs who are supposedly of the UMMA of Muhammad and whom he was attempting to convert.

9: 90        And there were among the desert Arabs (also) Men who made excuses and came to claim exemption; and those who were false to Allah and His apostle (Merely) sat inactive.  Soon will a grievous penalty seize the unbelievers among them.                                                                                        
       # 1342 Not only had the Hypocrites a nest in Madinah, but their tactics affected some of the village or desert Bedouins, who loved war and would have followed a standard of war even if no question of Faith or a sacred Cause was involved. But some of them, though professing Islam, were frightened by the hardships of the Tabuk expedition and the prospect of meeting the trained armies of the great Roman (Byzantine) Empire. They made all sorts of lying excuses, but really their want of faith made them ineligible for being enlisted in a sacred Cause, in the terms of ix. 46-47 and ix. 53-54. Some came to make excuses: other did not even come , but sat at home, ignoring the summons#

        *** The interpreter, as usual, is doing his best to whitewash a very treacherous and bloody event.

       The 'sacred cause' that he mentions above was actually an unprovoked and wanton piratical attack by Muhammad and his followers for the sake of plunder, rape and enslavement of others.

       Neither sanctity nor divinity were involved, just piracy ***        

  9:97        The Arabs of the desert are the worst in unbelief and hypocrisy and most fitted to be in ignorance of the command which Allah hath sent down to his apostle: but Allah is All-Knowing All-Wise.98        Some of the desert Arabs Look upon their payments as a fine and watch for disasters for you: on them be the disaster of evil: for Allah is He that heareth and knoweth (all things). 99        But some of the desert Arabs believe in Allah and The Last Day and look on their payments as pious gifts bringing them nearer to Allah and obtaining the prayers of the apostle.  Aye indeed they bring them nearer (to Him): soon will Allah admit them to His Mercy: for Allah is Oft- Forgiving Most Merciful…..        

       # The payments refer to the regular Charity established by Islam-the obligatory alms. If you look upon them as a fine or a burden, their virtue is lost. If you rejoice that you have there an opportunity of helping the Community to maintain its standards of public assistance and to suppress the unseemly beggary and loathsome importunity whose relief is only governed by motives of getting rid of awkward obstacles on the way, then your outlook is entirely different. You wish for organised and effective efforts to solve the problems of human poverty and misery. In doing so, you get nearer to Allah, and you earn the good wishes and prayers of godly men, led by our holy Leader Al-Mustafa#

       *** The 'charity' alluded to above is called ZAKAT and was IMPOSED upon the followers of Muhammad and hence cannot be called charity especially since it was a form of taxation to increase the purse of Muhammad so that he can buy more arms to conduct his acts of terror against all other Arabs, the so called 'UNBELIEVERS' as well as a means to BRIBE others into the 'new faith'. Nothing of the above is sacred ***

9: 101 Certain of the desert Arabs round about you are hypocrites as well as (desert Arabs) among the Medina folk: they are obstinate in hypocrisy: thou knowest them not: We know them: twice shall We punish them and in addition shall they be sent to a grievous penalty.
        #1350 The desert Arabs were not all simple folk. There were cunning hypocrites among them: both among certain tribes encamped round about Madinah and certain others in Madinah itself. 1351        Their punishment in this world was double, viz., not only in their discomfiture, but because in their obstinate ignorance, they failed to understand the accomplished facts, while cleverer men realised that their hostility to Islam was hopeless. In addition to their discomfiture in this life, they would have to meet the penalties to come#                        

         *** Contrary to all the allegations and contumacy made against the ordinarily peaceable desert Arabs, the facts are, that it was Muhammad and his followers who forced most of them to turn to piracy and terror agaist their own kith and kin as well as against all who did not believe in Muhammad as Allah's messenger.

        It is typical of most criminal minds to PROJECT upon their victims their own criminalities and demented characteristics.

       More over, all the reports that we have available about the pagan Arabs were written by the victorious Muhammad and his followers who made them look as if they were evil, bloodthirsty, treacherous, treasonable and wily people who sacrificed humans and especially little girls.
        Nothing could be further from the truth since when one studies in detail, their poetry, the Ahadith and many unbiased reports, they turn out to have been far SUPERIOR to any followers of Muhammad.

       The historical records of Muhammadan Islam, as written by his followers shows very clearly, that it was a movement that started with the shedding of a sea of Arab blood to start with; then it was propagated through the shedding of an ocean of innocent blood on three continents and continues even today by the shedding of more blood without discrimination between believers or unbelievers ***

       Further records are -        

9: 120        It was not fitting for the people of Medina and the bedouin Arabs of the neighborhood to refuse to follow Allah's Apostle nor to prefer their own lives to his: because nothing could they suffer or do but was reckoned to their credit as a deed of righteousness whether they suffered thirst or fatigue or hunger in the cause of Allah or trod paths to raise the ire of the unbelievers or received any injury whatever from an enemy: for Allah suffereth not the reward to be lost of those who do good;        
          *** Since every verse in the Quran actually reprents the

                               ALTER EGO OF MUHAMMAD,

it is then no wonder, that  almost all of them reflect his own state of mind at that moment of time and are conveniently 'revealed' at his own beck and call to
'command ' his followers at whatever he wanted them to do in the name of the unsuspecting Allah, the pagan supreme rock god of the Ka'ba***

48: 11 The desert Arabs who lagged behind will say to thee: "We were engaged in (looking after) our flocks and herds and our families; do thou then ask forgiveness for us." They say with their tongues what is not in their hearts.  Say: "Who then has any power at all (to intervene) on your behalf with Allah if His will is to give you some loss or to give you some profit? but Allah is well acquainted with all that ye do.
48: 16 Say to the desert Arabs who lagged behind: "Ye shall be summoned (to fight) against a people given to vehement war: then shall ye fight or they shall submit.  Then if ye show obedience Allah will grant you a goodly reward but if ye turn back as ye did before He will punish you with a grievous Penalty."        
49: 14 The desert Arabs say "We believe." Say "Ye have no faith; but ye (only) say `We have submitted our wills to Allah.' For not yet has Faith entered your hearts.  But if ye obey Allah and His Apostle He will not belittle aught of your deeds: for Allah is Oft-Forgiving Most Merciful."                                                                                                                                                  
       *** If the desert Arabs 'loved fighting and plunder', then there was no reason to have all the above verses 'descended'. They usually only fought to defend themselves, their animals and their grazing lands. They were not WANTON warmongerers like Muhammad and his followers.

        Of course, these illiterate Arabs did not win the wars of aggression conducted by Muhammad and his thugs against them, who in the end were the victors and hence RE-WROTE HISTORY to suit their agenda.

       Not a single verse above nor any of the 'explanations' given by the later followers of Muhammad, fit either the TRUTH logic or reality.

        All of them are used to 'criminalise' the innocent victims so that the actual perpetrators of all evil get away with murder by contorting, perverting and twisting both History and FACTS ***