Al Jahiliyah/ Period of Ignorance:-                        

Islamic Dictionary

       The pre-Islamic Arabian age of ignorance, is marked by barbarism and unbelief. Islam came to end this evil age, according to its view. The period is subdivided in some Islamic traditions - the period of Abraham, the period of Jesus.

       Jahiliyah is a Muhammadan construct, allegedly describing to the spiritual condition of pre-Islamic Arabian society. It is described as a state of ignorance of Allah's message.

       In the Quran, the word Jahiliyah and its derivatives are mentioned NINE times
3.154; 5.50; 6.35,54; 14.17; 16.119; 33.33; 46.23; 48.26.

       Not once do they appear in apposition to the "People of the Book".

       Jahl, when used by the poets of pagan Arabia, was not used in the context of ignorance, but invariably as meaning of 'savage temper', 'wildness' or 'unreasonable vengefulness'. It does NOT mean ignorance of the belief in the One and Only God or ignorance of previous revelations. It was the later Muhammadan exegetes who gave it this unjustified meaning.

Another two words denoting ignorance mentioned in the Quran are:

6: 108 Revile not ye those whom they call upon besides Allah lest they out of spite revile Allah in their ignorance [Bighayri Ilmin/without knowledge] . Thus have We made alluring to each people its own doings.  In the end will they return to their Lord and We shall then tell them the truth of all that they did.

         *** This verse represents the ultimate state of hypocrisy and mendacity since the Quran is full of insults and hatreds towards all those who do not believe as Muhammad and his followers do.

       This precept and wisdom is PLAGIARISED verbatim from the Torah, prohibiting the People of Israel from doing anything wrong to other people lest they in return curse the name of the God of Israel.

       Unfortunately, like most of the other conciliatory Meccan verses in the Quran, they were later ABROGATED by Muhammad during his Madina period ***

23:54 But leave them in their confused ignorance [Ghamratihim] for a time.

23:63         But their hearts are in confused ignorance [Ghamrati] of this; and there are besides that deeds of theirs which they will (continue) to do

       In the Qarawiyun Manuscript in Fez (MS fos.8a-9b), Umar ibn al Khattab was being regaled by stories about the potency of invocation and the narrator told him that in the Jahiliyah, the pagan Arabs knew nothing of a One and only God, the sending of prophets, resurrection, paradise or hell.

       Also, in (MS fos. 22b-23b) where it states the following " The Arabs were illiterate. They did not study writing. All they knew of heaven and hell, the resurrection, the mission of prophets and so on was the little they heard from the Jews and Christians. This teaching had no effect on their lives"        

       The Quran, Ahadith and the followers of Muhammad - the victors of the conflicts, had three hundred years to rewrite history to satisfy their agenda - created myths surrounding the pagan Arabians attributing to them all manner of evil, stupidity, ignorance and unbelief.

       In reality these were the Projective Identification Syndrome of Muhammad  and his followers on their pagan Arabian victims.

       After studying the Quran and Ahadith, one has no choice but to conclude that the opposite is true. The pagan Arabian had extremely close loyalties to family and clan which Muhammad broke up, turning son against father; brother against sister; cousins against other cousins; BELIEVERS against UNBELIEVERS.

       In the so called Jahiliyah, the Arabian women had INFINITELY more rights, dignity and freedoms that they can ever achieve under Muhammadan Islam.

       After all, it was Khadijah, the TWICE widowed 40 years old who PROPOSED to marry Muhammad of 25 years. This can NEVER happen in Muhammadan Islam.

       It was Khadijah who inherited the wealth of her husbands that cannot happen under Sharia law.

       It was Khadijah who was an independent merchant woman employing Muhammad.

       The women of the Jahiliyah were able to travel alone without taking permission from their menfolk unlike under 'Islam'.

       They were able to circumambulate the Ka'ba NAKED if they so wished, without molestation.

       They contributed to the enormous wealth of Arabian POETRY unlike under Muhammadan Islam.

       They werre able to accompany their menfolk to war to take care of them and to incite them to excell and be brave as cannot happen under Muhammadan Islam.

       The men of the Jahiliyah kept their word and were honorouble which charcteristics Muhammad turned into treachery and dishonour; they loathed killing unless seriously provoked which Muhammad turned into an acceptable and 'holy' ritual against all those who did not believe as he did; they kept to the traditions of their fore fathers which Muhammad ignored, insulted and overthrew; they loved their freedom and independence that Muhammad turned into total submission, obedience and enslavement.

       Muhammad transformed a generally peaceable people into a hatemongering and aggressive following of mass murdering pirates of the desert.

       In fact, the pagan Arabs with their multitudes of gods and goddesses, were very tolerant - as all polytheists are - of the beliefs of others.

       It was Muhammad's unique form of 'Islam' that turned them into the most arrogant and intolerant cult on the face of the earth.