Allah of Muhammad:-

                Muhammad, by attempting to bring his Quraysh tribe into the fold of his newly invented CULT, had no alternative but to 'Isalmise' the pagan Arabian Cult of Allah in Mecca.

       He in fact turned the "Merciful & Compassionate" Elohim of the Israelites into a bloodlusting, hatemongering, joyless and merciless god called Allah.

        It is of the utmost importance for the reader to realise that the Allah of Muhammad is NOT the God of the Israelites or the Christians. Allah was the name of the supreme god of the pagan Ka'ba, long before Muhammad and his cult.

       It was Muhammad who  put words into the 'mouth' of Allah, used his name and ultimately profaned and blasphemed it because of the manner he is depicted in the Quran; a god who consigns unbelievers - whom he created and predestined- to a 'deserving' punishment by death, enslavement and terror.

       The Almighty Who created the Universe was reduced to a god who needed the intercession of an unlearned mortal such as Muhammad to force humanity, His own creation, to believe in Him.

       If the Almighty wanted His creation to believe in Him and pray to Him all day and all night, eternally, He would have easily 'programmed' them to do so without the need for Muhammad and his murderous followers to coerce them into it.

        The fact is that the Almighty endowed humans with thinking faculties and free will to choose the right or wrong paths and subsequently bear the responsibility and consequences of their actions.

       Unfortunately, the Allah of Muhammad is an unmerciful and unjust god who PREDESTINES and PREDETERMINES the actions of his creatures and still punishes them for what he had already ordained them to do.

       This is a god who is devoid of any justice, compassion or morality.

       This is why it is important to understand the magnitude of Muhammad's depraved 'logic' in attributing to the Almighty such demeaning and insulting characteristics.

       During the Madina period, Allah was turned into a god who was at the beck and call of Muhammad's needs whether carnal, sensual, legal or otherwise. Allah became Muhammad's private and personal 'Law Giver'.

A god who listened to the gossip of Muhammad's wives;

a god who 'revealed' hatemongering verses against the personal enemies of Muhammad;

a god who allowed Muhammad special and very personal privileges that were not bestowed upon his followers;

a god who admonished the wives of Muhammad for being contrary and not fully obedient;

a god who allowed Muhammad to break one of the most taboo rules among the Arabs just so that Muhammad's lust for his daughter in law, Zainab, can be satisfied;

a god who is ecstatic at the death of many of Muhammad's 'literary' and 'political' opponents;

a god who assisted Muhammad in murdering his opponents by the requires 'revealed' divine verses;

a god that is always scheming, plotting and counter plotting against his own mortal creatures

a god that was at Beck & Call of Muhammad to deliver to him instantly 'revealed and sanctified' verses so that he can justify any and all of his nefarious actions

a god who colluded with all of Muhammad's actions, deeds, utterings and thoughts

a god who was seriously angry and upset at those who opposed Muhammad

a god who reneged upon all his previous covenants with his own 'chosen people' the Israelites;

a god who enjoys to watch and discuss the numerous ways he tortures the Unbelievers in his Hell

a god who has no idea of the strengths and weaknesses of his creation forcing himself to recant by changing his mind and abrogating his earlier instructions and verses; etc, etc.

       In summation, a god who was entirely created by the fertile but twisted mind and imagination of Muhammad that he fostered, with incredible evil genius, upon a gullible, superstitious, ignorant and mostly illiterate following.

        Muhammad had discovered the ultimate deception formula. By declaring that he was the messenger of Allah and who communicated directly and on a daily basis with Allah's angel Gabriel, Muhammad found the most infallible methodology to brain wash and control the minds of simple people.

       He never failed because even when he made errors, his god 'descended' to him an instant and plausible verse to explain away anything and everything at hand.

       The Allah of Muhammad is totally anthropomorphic:

He is a hatemonger (slaughters all unbelievers);

Vengeful (destroys those who do not believe in him);

Wrathful (eternal damnation in his Hell)

Unjust (predestiny);

Unmerciful (punishment for stealing);

Incompassionate ( 50 prayers a day);

Not omniscient and undecisive (abrogating and abrogated verses);

Petty (listens to female gossip);

Spiteful (condemnation of Abu Lahab);

missogenist (anti women);

Human (has legs, feet, mouth, eyes, arms, sits on a throne, etc.)

       The most unacceptable and offensive, even blasphemous character attributed to Allah in the Quran is 'indecision' and lack of omniscience (the doctrine of abrogation).

               The following verse is one among hundreds that depict Allah as intimately involved in the personal life of Muhammad, his wives and his followers.

9:117        Allah turned with favor to the prophet the Muhajirs and the Ansar who followed Him in a time of distress after that the hearts of a part of them had nearly swerved (from duty); but He turned to them (also): for He is unto them Most Kind Most Merciful.        
        *** Muhammad's Allah is personally interested in the private and public affairs of Muhammad and his followers.

       Not once in the Torah is Moses elevated to more than a simple human being who has been chosen by the Almighty to transmit a message to the Israelites.

       Not once in the Bible are the prophets associated in any way shape or form with the Almighty except as vehicles forwarding His message.

       Only in the Quran are Allah and Muhammad coupled repeatedly as if they were equals.

       Only in the Quran is Allah, the god of Muhammad, interested in the minutae of the private life of Muhammad, his household and his followers.

        No where in the Bible are such verses mentioned regarding the God of Israel and His messengers.

       These important differences, inconsistencies and contradictions can easily be explained when one understands that Allah is the supreme god of the pagan Ka'ba and is NOT the Biblical God of Israel Who has NO name; and is definitely NOT Allah***