Allah the Schemer/ Plotter:-                

       The Quran attributes to Allah human failings and characteristics which are totally contrary to its own original intention.

3: 54         And (then unbelievers) plotted and planned and Allah too planned and the best of planners is Allah           
7: 182 And those who call these words lies, We shall lure them on in ways they do not perceive 183 and I shall give them rein: My guile [scheme] is sure"
8: 30        Remember how the unbelievers plotted against thee to keep thee in bonds or slay thee or get thee out (of thy home).  They plot and plan and Allah too plans but the best of planners is Allah. [Pickthal]

10: 21 And when We cause mankind to taste of mercy after some adversity which had afflicted them, behold! they have some plot against Our revelations. Say: Allah is more swift in plotting. Lo! Our messengers write down that which ye plot. [Pickthal]

16: 26 Those before them did also plot (against Allah's Way): but Allah took their structures from their foundations and the roof fell down on them from above; and the Wrath seized them from directions they did not perceive.

27: 50 They plotted and planned but We too planned even while they perceived it not.
51        Then see what was the end of their plot! this, that we destroyed them and their people all (of them). [Pickthal]
68: 44 Then leave to Me alone those who reject this Message; We shall lure them on (and) they will not know whence. 45 And I shall give them rein: My guile is sure"                           

77: 39 Now if ye have a trick (or plot) use it against Me! 40        Ah woe that Day to the Rejecters of Truth!

86: 15 As for them they are but plotting a scheme 16        And I am planning a scheme [Pickthal]

        *** In ALL the verses above, Allah is depicted as a very SLY, WILY and EXCELLENT SCHEMER and PLOTTER against his own creation.

       Muhammad's Allah is REDUCED to the level of an INFANTILE divinity with very human and failed characteristics, which by any Religious and or Theological standard constitutes BLASPHEMY.

       Why would Allah, if he is the ALMIGHTY, need to PLOT and COUNTER-PLOT against his own creation especially since he had already PRE-DESTINED them to their FATE?

       All the attributes given to Allah in Muhammad's Quran are devoid of Morality, Mercy, Compassion or Logic because in reality, Allah is actually Muhammad's own ALTER EGO ***