And Remember:-        

       'And remember' is yet another meaningless mantra repeated many times in the Quran reminding the pagan Arabs of previous revelations. This of course is further contradiction in terms since the pagan Arabs, including Muhammad, did not KNOW anything of previous revelations and hence were called 'Jahilyioun or Ummyioun' that is ignorant of previous revelations; the Bible and the New Testament.

       Thus, 'and remember' is an IRRELEVANT mantra in the context of the Quran.

       This mantra is nonetheless repeated in 16 Suras 78 times mostly in
Sura 2, 21 times and in Sura 8, 11 times.

2: 60        And remember Moses prayed for water for his people; We said: "Strike the rock with thy staff." Then gushed forth therefrom twelve springs. Each group knew its own place for water.  So eat and drink of the sustenance provided by Allah and do no evil nor mischief on the (face of the) earth.

2: 61        And remember ye said: "O Moses! we cannot endure one kind of food (always); so beseech thy Lord for us to produce for us of what the earth groweth its pot-herbs and cucumbers its garlic lentils and onions."  He said: "will ye exchange the better for the worse?  Go ye down to any town and ye shall find what ye want!" They were covered with humiliation and misery; they drew on themselves the wrath of Allah. This because they went on rejecting the signs of Allah and slaying His messengers without just cause.  This because They rebelled and went on transgressing.

7: 161 And remember it was said to them: "Dwell in this town and eat therein as ye wish but say the word of humility and enter the gate in a posture of humility; We shall forgive you your faults; We shall increase (the portion of) those who do good."

       *** The followers of Muhammad were not only Illiterate in the great majority but were also PAGAN and hence had no knowledge of Previous Revelations and could not possibly 'remember' anything ***