Ansar & Muhajiroun:-

       The Ansar (Helpers) were from among the Aus and Khazraj of the Medina who converted to Islam and gave the Pledges of Aqaba to him. They counted about seventy three men and two women.

       The Muhajiroun (Emigrants) were those from Mecca who escaped to Medina to be under the protection of the Ansar. They were twenty five men and ten women.
(Ibn Ishaq 214-5).

       *** After having preached for ten years, Muhammad was only able to convert to his new CULT BELIEF SYSTEM a maximum of about ninety people.

       By any standard of logic, this was an ABYSMAL FAILURE especially since it must be pointed out that many of the pagan Arabs have already had several centuries of exposure to the concept of the One and Only God through the Jewdaised and Christianised Arab tribes.

       That is why Muhammad decided to ignore Allah's order not to force and coerce people into accepting 'Islam' (2:256) but to resort instead to raids and wars of aggression against his own tribe as well as all others.

       If it were true that the Arabs are descended from Ishmael, then Muhammad would have fulfilled the Biblical description and prophecy of his followers

Genesis 17:12 "…. His hand (Ishmael) against everyone, and everyone's hand against him…."