Arab Ancestry:-

       The Muhammadan Arabs use the same Bible that they assert had been altered and/or perverted by the Jews and Christians to find their alleged ancestry from among the descendants of Ishmael.

       Not only are these so called descendants not mentioned anywhere in Arabic folklore prior to Muhammad, there are of course no documents of any kind to back up their fanciful ancestral line. Moreover, the Ahadith themselves are at substantial variance with each other.

       According to Arab 'historians' there are allegedly three types of Arabs:

1        Al Arab al Baida --- Those original Arabs who had been destroyed by Allah for their UNBELIEF such as the AD and Thammud.

2        Al Arab al Arabyia---Who are the original Arabs of the Penisula descended from the line of Shem- Arphaxad-Shelah-Eber- Joktan/Qahtan -Jurhum

3        Al Arab al Musta'riba--- Who are the Arabised descendants of the Hebrew Ishmael and Ra'la d. of Mudad al Jurhumi, through Adnan and Ma'ad.

            As can be seen, most of the names are plagiarised from the Bible and Arabised to make them sound original and authentic, which of course they are neither.

        According to their 'traditions', Ishmael ended up marrying an Arabian woman and was taught Arabic by the Jurhum tribe who adopted him.

       They had to taught him Arabic because his native language was Hebrew. Hence Muhammad and his followers are descended from the Hebrews and are in fact not pure Arabs.

        It took Muhammad's followers almost 300 years of plagiarism and fraudulence to create a worthy ancestry for him and for themselves, not one of which is based on any solid fact either documentary or folklorish; only wishful and fanciful thinking.