Attacking al Rassooli while Ignoring Muhammad :-

Dear Ladies and gentlemen, whether you are a follower of Muhammad or more likely a member of Ummat al Kuffar (which comprises 80% of humanity); I have presented for you 238 chapters in the form of 300 audio/videos in the series of "Idiots' Guide to Islam"

I have already made the first 100 chapters available as complete transcripts in book form~
Lifting the Veil: The True Faces of Muhammad & Islam. I am having Volume II published soon.

In them, I have shared with you my 30 years investigation and research with the relevant references and comments upon almost every facet of Muhammad's depraved character, his Quran, his Sunna, Sharia and his DEMONIC legacy to his followers and the world.

I have based these chapters entirely upon the Muhammadan Muslim records themselves in the Arabic language (my mother tongue) of the Quran, Hadiths and the books of their exegetes. Where relevant, I have shown how the frequently horrific, primitive and violent instructions contained within them, are still considered highly relevant and are fully incorporated to this day, into the lives and deeds of the current followers of this CULT of Muhammad.

Nonetheless, as all my supporters already know from reading or listening to the comments, I am invariably accused by the followers of Muhammad of Lying, Deceiving, Misinterpreting, Misquoting, Misrepresenting or taking out of Context each and every verse that I recite from their own scripture.

Many followers of Muhammad use violent language against me, to substitute for the physical violence that they would have rather otherwise inflicted upon me.

To ignore or distract from the subject being discussed, they invariably use diversionary tactics such as attacking the veracity of the Bible or changing the subject at hand to a completely different and unrelated one.

Ladies and gentlemen please be aware, that while they continue attacking my chapters, not once, I repeat not once, has a single one of them actually demonstrated anything I said to have been a Lie, Deception, Misrepresentation or Fraud, thus unintentionally, supporting the fact that my statements and conclusions are true.

Since those who are commenting on my chapters are educated people who have instant access to information, the questions this chapter is addressing are:

Why are they attacking the Messenger - that is the one who is reciting the chapters - with such anger and hatred, if he is not Lying?

What is he revealing that the followers of Muhammad find so offensive and unacceptable if his revelations are coming ONLY from their own scripture?

Why can they not point out Where, When, and How the Messenger is being untruthful or misguiding the listeners, despite their claims that it is "easy" to do so?

Why do they always beat around the bush instead of addressing the subject at hand?

Why do they always quote verses from the Bible that they allege to be bloody and racist, while at the same time asserting, that this very same Bible had been corrupted and negated by the Jews and Christians?

When I ask them Where, When and How was the Bible corrupted, their insipid and utterly contemptible answer is simply that: "We KNOW it is corrupted", but they are unable to explain further.

I say to them "all right, let us assume you are correct and that the Bible has been corrupted, then where is your Uncorrupted version as evidence?"

They usually reply: "All the original uncorrupted Bibles were destroyed by the Jews and Christians. There are none left".

Once more, I ask them the simple and logical question: "If as you claim every trace of all the Original uncorrupted Bibles were somehow destroyed by Christians and Jews, then why on Earth are you endlessly and laboriously quoting from what you claim, is a worthless and CORRUPTED Bible?"

In a similarly illogical and damning way, the followers of the Shia sect accuse us of using CORRUPTED Sunni Hadiths while  the Sunnis accuse the Shia of Unbelief because they do not follow the Sunna of Muhammad but incline more towards Ali bin abi Talib, Muhammad's nephew and son in law. Hence even when I use their own so-called Sahih - meaning True Hadiths - I am still accused of Lying.

It is obvious that simple logic cannot be achieved by the totally indoctrinated and confused believing followers of Muhammad. They imagine they are always RIGHT while everybody else, all "other" human beings -Ummat al Kuffar - must always be WRONG.

Followers of Muhammad continually attack the Messenger of this series, partly through their conditioning and partly due to the Shock, Humiliation and Outrage they feel when confronted by my clear evidence and solid arguments, highlighting the extent to which they have been brainwashed to submit to their unholy lifelong obsession and Lies.

They have been led to believe, in one of the most insidious and gigantic Intellectual and Theological deceptions, that has ever been perpetrated upon the human consciousness, in recorded history:
Namely, the CULT belief system of Muhammadan Islam!

They attack the Messenger of this series with abusive gutter-like language, copious ad hominines and of course endless unsubstantiated and unsupportable allegations. However, they are in FACT and REALITY actually discrediting the Hatemongering, Warmongering, Racist, Misogynist, Vile and Perverted texts of Muhammad's Quran itself, as well as the Hadiths that reveal the many depravities of Muhammad, his Quran, his Sunna and Sharia.
They are as usual, victimizing the Messenger while conveniently, deliberately and necessarily ignoring the Message that he is revealing.

I would like now to summarise a selection of irrefutable conclusions reached entirely from studying the Muhammadan records in the Arabic language of the Quran, Hadiths and their scripture. These conclusions, must surely destroy the Myths and false Propaganda of Muhammadan Muslims and their apologists, among the Politically Correct in Academia, the Media, Politics and the Clergy:

(1) That Allah is most definitely NOT the same as the God of Abraham, Moses or Jesus. Allah is actually only the NAME of the supreme rock god of the Pagan Arabs centuries before Muhammad or hisQuran.

(2) That Abraham and Ishmael were never in Arabia, nor did either of them have anything to do with building the foundations of a pagan shrine there called the Ka'ba.

(3) That Islam, does NOT mean PEACE, but means only SUBMISSION. That is, submission to the will of One God.

(4) That Jihad is NOT a Spiritual struggle for bettering the Muhammadan Muslims to attain a higher consciousness, but on the contrary, it is a state of Eternal WARFARE against all human beings who do not believe in Allah and in Muhammad as his messenger.

(5) That Jihad is an unremitting war that was declared unilaterally by Muhammad 1400 years ago and that his followers continue - even as I am speaking - against 80% of humanity, the so called Unbelieving Kuffar: All Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, Animists and many others.

(6) That Muhammad was NOT a prophet let alone the last one. No where in the Quran is there a prophesy or a miracle performed by him, nor is there any reference to a prophesy or a miracle. All the alleged miracles and prophesies that are mentioned in the Hadiths, were concocted in their thousands, during the 300 years that followed after his death in 632AD.

(7) That Muhammadan Islam is NOT a Religion; it is actually the CULT of Muhammad since his followers MUST emulate his SUNNA: that is, his deeds, his thoughts, his lusts, his hatred, his actions and his instructions to the letter. This is, by and of itself, CULTISM.

(8) That it would be inconceivable for any Merciful and Compassionate divinity to have "revealed" the Hatemongering, Warmongering, Discriminatory, Joyless and Racist verses that fill Muhammad's Quran. How could any god be considered All-Wise, All-Knowing, Merciful and Compassionate, when deliberately PRE DESTINING most of humanity, allegedly his own creation, to go to HELL as Unbelieving Kuffar, through no fault of their own, since they had and have no CHOICE in the matter?

(9) The Quran asserts that: "Allah Youthilloo man Yashaa, wa Yahdi man Yashaa" meaning
"Allah MISGUIDES whom he pleases and Rightly Guides whom he pleases"

Where is the Morality, Justice, Mercy, Compassion and Godliness to be found in such an action?

Of course, predestination actually NEGATES the need for Religion, for Prophets and for Satan, making Muhammad utterly redundant as a messenger of anyone or anything.

As I have concluded and asserted - based entirely upon all the records that we have available - that every letter, word, verse/aya and chapter/sura of the Quran, are actually the product of Muhammad's imagination, the secretions of his warped mind; his own Alter Ego, his AutoBiography though very cleverly projected into the unsuspecting mouth of concocted persona of "Allah" to give them the aura of sanctity and divinity.

In a nutshell, one must therefore conclude that in Islam; Muhammad, Allah, Gabriel and Satan are all one and the same: Muhammad himself who compiled a merely human and utterly ungodly Quran.