The Quran erroneously - as its forte - uses the term Christ as one of the actual names of Jesus and not as a title meaning the Messiah/Anointed because the ignorant Muhammad did not understand - as he did not on most of the subjects of the Bible - the nuances of what he was being informed

3: 45        Behold! the angels said "O Mary [Mariam]! Allah giveth thee glad tidings of a Word from Him: his name will be Christ Jesus the son of Mary [Mariam] held in honor in this world and the Hereafter and of (the company of) those nearest to Allah.

       *** Muhammad in his Quran CONFUSED Mariam the sister of MOSES with MARY the mother of Jesus, a time difference of almost 1450 years ***

4: 157         That they said (in boast) "We killed Christ Jesus the son of Mary [Mariam] the Apostle of Allah"; but they killed him not nor crucified him but so it was made to appear to them and those who differ therein are full of doubts with no (certain) knowledge but only conjecture to follow for of a surety they killed him not

       *** With this sole verse, Muhammad and his Quran destroy the whole of Christianity since WITHOUT the DEATH of Jesus, there could be

       Without DEATH & RESURRECTION, then there can be no CHRISTIANITY ***

4: 172         Christ disdaineth not to serve and worship Allah nor do the angels those nearest (to Allah): those who disdain His worship and are arrogant He will gather them all together unto himself to (answer)

       *** In his lifetime, Jesus was not addressed nor was he considered to be the

       This attribute was bestowed upon Jesus, POSTHEMOUSLY, a long time AFTER his death ***

5:72 They do blaspheme who say: "Allah is Christ the son of Mary [Mariam]."  But said Christ: "O children of Israel! worship Allah my Lord and your Lord." Whoever joins other gods with Allah Allah will forbid him the garden and the Fire will be his abode.  There will for the wrong-doers be no one to help.

5:75        Christ the son of Mary [Mariam]was no more than an Apostle; many were the Apostles that passed away before him.  His mother was a woman of truth.  They had both to eat their (daily) food.  See how Allah doth makes His Signs clear to them; yet see in what ways they are deluded away from the truth!