Conquests /Futuh:-

       The conquests of non Arabian lands (Futuh, in Arabic) stretched from the borders of the Arabian Peninsula to China and India in the East, to the Atlantic Ocean off Africa in the West and to France in the north.

       The conquered empire was the largest in history up to that date and was achieved within 100 years.

       The Muhammadans enslaved, murdered, massacred and pillaged more lands and people than Rome was able to do in 1000 years.

       The reader should be aware, that these conquests were not made for self defense at all neither were they done for spreading the Muhammadan faith but were purely acts of aggression for plunder, pillage, rape, enslavement and the accumulation of wealth.

        Converting people to Muhammadan Islam was only a by product of the occupation of these foreign lands.

       The Arabian conquests were the most destructive and useless in history because the Arabs who swarmed out of the Arabian Peninsula were generally ignorant, illiterate and uncivilized nomadic people.

       They had NOTHING to contribute unlike the Greeks, the Romans, and in modern times, the British and the French.

       Arab Islamic IMPERIALISM was so totally destructive, that the conquered peoples lost their History, their Traditions, their Culture, their Religion and their Language, their Honour and their Lands.

       For example, Egyptians, Algerians, Moroccans, Lybians, Syrians etc., call themselves Arab simply because they speak Arabic and pray towards Arab shrines.

       These people are actually ARABIZED; that is, the minority conquerors actually TRANSFORMED the conquered peoples into CLONES of themselves.

       Egypt was a great CIVILIZED Empire which, after its conquest by the Arabs, produced NOTHING of worth in the last 1400 years, The same happened to all the realms of the Arab Empire.

       It is an uncontestable fact of recorded Arab and 'Islamic' history, that almost 95% of the most important contributers to human civilization under the banner of 'Islam' - Islamic Imperial occupation- were men from the conquered Persian, Egyptian, Byzantine, Indian and other civilizations, the MAWALI and NOT ARABS.

       There was no ISLAMIC Civilization but most certainly there was a MAWALI Civilization. These men excelled INSPITE of Muhammadan Islam and NOT BECAUSE of it.

       Even today, ARAB IMPERIALISM continues to exist 1400 years after the conquests in all of North Africa, in Syria, in 'Palestine', in Jordan and in Iraq; to name just a few.