Dar al Isalm/ Territory of  Peace:-        

       According to Muhammadan Muslim belief, the ultimate aim of Muhammadan Islam is to bring the whole world under its dominion.

        Accordingly, each part of the world is given a descriptive status to delineate its current state in regards to the aims of 'Islam' and to define the permissible conduct of 'Muslims' in that region.

       According to the Raddu 'l Mukhtar, vol. iii. p. 391, it is a country in which the edicts of Islam are fully promulgated.   The land of Islam. Also called Dar al Salam (Territory of peace ) or House of Islam, territories fully inhabited by Muhammadans where there is - theoretically - the absence of war.

       In a state brought under Muhammadan Islam, all those who do not embrace the faith are placed under certain disabilities; the are called Dhimmis, that is a protected people; protected by the conquering Muslims from whom?

       They can worship God according to their own customs provided they are not idolaters; but it must be done without any ostentation and whilst churches and synagogues may be repaired, no new places of worship can be erected.

       "The construction of churches and synagogues in Muslim territory is unlawful, this being forbidden in the Traditions; but if the places of worship belonging to Jews, or Christians, be destroyed, or fall into decay, they are at liberty to repair them because buildings cannot endure forever."

       Idol temples must be destroyed, and idolatry suppressed by force in all countries ruled according to strict Muslim law. (Hidiyah, vol. ii. p. 219)

       *** Without a shadow of a doubt, Muhammadan Islam is a DISCRIMINATORY, MILITANT, HATEMONGERING & WARMONGERING CULT BELIEF SYSTEM that CLEARLY declares its INTENTIONS to subjugate ALL of HUMANITY who do not believe as they do or FORCIBLY CONVERT them to their PERVERTED version of ISLAM ***