Dar al Sulh/ Territory of  Capitulation:-        

       According to Muhammadan Muslim belief, the ultimate aim of Muhammadan Islam is to:

        Bring the whole world under its dominion.

        Accordingly, each part of the world is given a descriptive status to delineate its current state  with regards to the aims of 'Islam' and to define the permissible conduct of 'Muslims' in that region.

                 Hence, Dar al Sulh is The territory of Capitulation.

       Nations and peoples who surrendered to the Arab conquerors on condition they were allowed to retain their lands under Arab governance and the payment of certain heavy taxes and the upkeep of the occupying Arab army.

       This was not a Peace Treaty but a HUMILIATING SUBMISSION to the occupation and rule of the conquering Muhammadans.

       *** Without a shadow of a doubt, Muhammadan Islam is a DISCRIMINATORY, MILITANT, HATEMONGERING & WARMONGERING CULT BELIEF SYSTEM that CLEARLY declares its INTENTIONS to subjugate ALL of HUMANITY who do not believe as they do or FORCIBLY CONVERT them to their PERVERTED version of ISLAM ***