Dhul Qarnayn:-

       This title is assumed to have been made for Aexander the Great as alluded to in the Quan-

18:83 They ask thee concerning Zul-qarnain. Say "I will rehearse to you something of his story." 84 Verily We established his power on earth and We gave him the ways and the means to all ends. 85        One (such) way he followed

    86        Until when he reached the setting of the sun He found it set in a spring of murky water: near it he found a People: We said: "O Zul-qarnain! (thou hast authority) either to punish them or to treat them with kindness…..

    94        They said: "O Zul-qarnain! the Gog and Magog (people) do great mischief on earth: shall we then render thee tribute in order that thou mightest erect a barrier between us and them?"                            

       In the verses 83- 106  we find several astounding revelations about Muhammad's Quran:        

First, is that the Quran declares that the SUN sets in a spring of murky waters. The sun is over 1,000,000 times the size of the earth.        
Second, that where the SUN set, there are an unknown people.        
Third, that Allah addressed Zul Qarnain and gave him authority on how to treat these people.         

Fourth, Zul Qarnain, who is supposed to be Alexander the Great,  was a pure pagan, has now been made a Muslim.
Fifth, and most important of all, an almost identical set of verses are mentioned in the Jahiliyah period regarding a Tubba in the line of Himyar whose name was
Sa'b Dhu'l-Qarnayn (Sa'b the Two Horned).

       The author of the following lines was Hassan b Thabit, who was Muhammad's secretary:
  "Ours the realm of Dhu 'l-Qarnayn the glorious                                        
Realm like his was never won by mortal king.                                                        
Followed he the SUN to view its setting                                                                      
  When it sank into the somber ocean-spring;                                            
Up he clomb to see it rise at morning,                                                                         
  From within its Mansions when the East it fired;                                          
All day long the horizons led him onward,                                                       
All night through he watched the stars and never tired.                                   
Then of iron and of liquid metal                                                                                   
He prepared a rampart not to be o'erpassed,                                                   
  Gog and Magog there he threw in prison                                                           
Till on Judgement Day they shall awake at last"

          The above Arabic text is found in Von Kremer's 'Altarabische Gedichie ueber die Volgssage von Yemen' p.15 (No. viii,1.6 sqq).
        The reader can see from the above poem, that it contains all the ingredients that the Quran plagiarized from it, almost verbatim. Hence, when a Quranic verse dares the reader to show that any other BUT the Quran has such verses, one can easily show the above as proof.

       There are more verses in the Quran that were plagiarized from the poems of
Imru'l Qays and others. As usual, Muhammad inserts in the Quran stories and characters that are historical but puts them in extraordinary contexts not at all real or true just to make a point that he believes important to impart to his followers.        
       It is relevant to point out furthermore, that according to (Ishaq p12, quoting from Tabari 906), the term Dhul Qarnayn appears in a pre Islamic poem by al Tubba. This points out to the usual methodology of plagiarism that Muhammad conducted on a vast scale during his lifetime.

       That most of what he alleged were 'revelations', were actually his own recipies and creations but conveniently put in the mouth of Allah, the supreme rock god of the Ka'ba to give them sanctity and authority.        

       *** The followers of Muhammad extoll his universal and uncontestable KNOWLEDGE of almost everything, yet unfortunately for them, the Quran as well as the Ahadith completely DESTROY such figments of their imagination.

       The verse above is only one among HUDREDS that show him to be very, if not totally IGNORANT of KNOWLEDGE whether scientific, theological, historical or otherwise **