Earth Like a Carpet:-        

13.3 "Allah spread out the earth (flat), set mountains, put night as a veil..."

15.19         And the earth We have spread out (like a carpet); set thereon mountains firm and immovable; and produced therein all kinds of things in due balance.                                                                
16.15 "Allah set up mountains firm lest the earth shake..."

20.53 "Allah made earth like a carpet spread out (flat); Allah created diverse pairs of plants..."

21.31 "Allah set mountains high lest the earth shake with them and laid the highways to guide people..."

27.61 "Allah made the earth to live in; He made the rivers on earth, set the immovable mountains and the separating waters "

43.10 "The earth is like a carpet spread out (flat) and Allah built roads and channels in it..."

50.7 "Allah spread out earth (flat) and set mountains standing firm..."

77.27 "Allah made mountains standing firm and provided sweet water..."

78.7 "Allah put mountains as pegs (or stabilizers) to hold the earth in place..."

       *** The mountains keep the earth from shaking and moving ***

79.32 "Allah established mountains firmly fixed..."

88.20 "The earth is spread out (flat)..."

88.19 "Mountains are set firm by the power of Allah..."

       *** Muhammadan theologians brag about the scientific accuracy of  Muhammad's Quran. The above examples should put them to shame ***