Elisha/ Alyasa':-                        

       In Arabic copied from Syriac al-Yasa';  Hebrew Elisha’ is mentioned twice in the Quran under the name al-Yasa'.         

38: 48: "And remember Ishmael and Elisha [Alyasa'] and Zu 'l-kifl, for each was righteous." 

6: 85, 86: "And Zechariah, and John, and Jesus and Elias, all righteous; and Ishmael and Elisha  [Alyasa'] and Jonah and Lot, each have We preferred above the worlds." 

       The Commentators give no account of him except that he was the son of Ukhtub, although the Bible says he was the son of Shaphat. 

       Husain says he was Ibnu 'l-'ajuz (the son of the old woman).

       *** As usual, the followers of Muhammad created their own versions of events based upon what they Plagiarized, Plundered, Pirated or Perverted from the Hebrew Bible and Scriptures ***