Enemy of Allah:-

           This expression is used in the Quran and the Ahadith against any individual or group of individuals who opposed, satirised, insulted, confronted and or did not accept Muhammad as a messenger of Allah. At a stroke, such a person or group became liable to be exterminated, murdered, assassinated or slaughtered without due process of law.

       Among the victims of such a label were pagan Arabs, Jews, free men and women, slaves, males and females, young or old, poets, satirists, leaders of opposing tribes, etc. No one was spared the hatred, anger, spitefulness, wrath and vengeance of Muhammad even if they saught sanctuary in the holy of holies of paganism or 'Islam', the Ka'ba.

           In reality, none of them were enemies of Allah but were definitely opposed to Muhammad's beliefs and his unwarranted claim to prophethood. Neither the Jews nor the pagan Arabs believed him and that is why he took revenge on them.

       How is it possible that any Jew can be an enemy of Allah if Allah is the God of Israel?

       After all, it was because of the fact that the Jews carried forth - against all odds - the belief in the One and Only God of Israel, that Muhammad got his inspiration to create a scripture for the pagan Arabs  similar to that of the Jews.

       But, Allah is not the God of Israel, since he is actually the NAME of the spirit god that resided in the Black Stone of the Ka'ba, long before Muhammad and  his Quran and hence is a purely pagan god.

            More over, even the pagan Arabs believed in the supremacy of Allah over all the other gods and goddesses of their primitive pantheon. Muhammad's attacks on the pagan Arabs, his own people, were not because they did not know Allah or believe in him, but because they associated other gods with him.

       Hence, all the accusations made by Muhammad against all of them were untrue but an excuse to murder, and silence all those who questioned his authority and claims for prophethood.

       Not once did Allah or any other divinity instruct, sanction or agree to Muhammad's acts of violence, perfidy and murder. The Almighty, the creator of the Universe, does not need a mere human being such as Muhammad and his thugs - or any other human agency for that matter - to do His bidding.

8: 60        Against them make ready your strength to the utmost of your power including steeds of war to strike terror into (the hearts of) the enemies of Allah and your enemies and others besides whom ye may not know but whom Allah doth know.  Whatever ye shall spend in the cause of Allah shall be repaid unto you and ye shall not be treated unjustly.

41: 19         On the Day that the enemies of Allah will be gathered together to the Fire they will be marched in ranks……28        Such is the requital of the enemies of Allah the Fire: therein will be for them the Eternal Home: a (fit) requital for that they were wont to reject Our Signs.

Al-Tirmidhi HadithHadith 2446        Narrated byAbuSa'id al-Khudri
At the battle of the Trench they asked Allah's Messenger (peace be upon him) whether there was anything they could repeat, for their hearts were in their mouths. He replied that there was; they should say, "O Allah, cover our danger points and give security from fears." He said that Allah then sent a wind in the faces of His enemies and Allah routed them by the wind.
Ahmad transmitted it.

Al-Muwatta Hadith   Hadith 21.21
The Share of the Spoils Allotted to Cavalry in Military Expeditions
Yahya related to me that Malik said that he had heard that Umar ibn Abd al-Aziz used to say, "The man on horse-back has two shares, and the man on foot has one."
Malik added, "I continue to hear the same."
Malik, when asked whether a man who was present with several horses took a share for all of them, said, "I have never heard that. I think that there is only a share for the horse on which he fought."
Malik said, "I think that foreign horses and half-breeds are considered as horses because Allah, the Blessed, the Exalted, said in His Book, 'All horses, and mules, and asses, for you to ride, and as an adornment.' (Sura16 ayat 8). He said, the Mighty, the Majestic, 'Make ready for them whatever force and strings of horses you can, to terrify thereby the enemy of Allah and your enemy.' (Sura 8 ayat 60). I think that foreign breeds and half-breeds are considered as horses if the governor accepts them."
Said ibn al-Musayyab was asked about working horses, and whether there was zakat on them. He said, "Is there any zakat on horses.?"

Sunan of Abu-DawoodHadith 2703        Narrated byAbdullah ibn Mas'ud
I passed when AbuJahl had fallen as his foot was struck (with the swords). I said: O enemy of Allah , AbuJahl, Allah has disgraced a man who was far away from His mercy. I did not fear him at that moment. He replied: It is most strange that a man has been killed by his people. I struck him with a blunt sword. But it did not work, and then his sword fell down from his hand, I struck him with it until he became dead.

       *** How could abu Jahl, a leader of the Quraysh who believed in Allah long before Muhammad and his Quran be called an enemy of Allah? It is not because he associated other gods with Allah - Jews who believe in the One and Only God were also labelled in this manner - but because he did not believe that Muhammad was the messenger of Allah that Muhammad labelled him so to justify his murder. ***

Sunan of Abu-DawoodHadith 2996        Narrated byMuhayyisah
The Apostle of Allah (peace be upon him) said: If you gain a victory over the men of Jews, kill them. So Muhayyisah jumped over Shubaybah, a man of the Jewsishmerchants. He had close relations with them. He then killed him. At that time Huwayyisah (brother of Muhayyisah) had not embraced Islam. He was older than Muhayyisah. When he killed him, Huwayyisah beat him and said: O enemy of Allah I swear by Allah, you have a good deal of fat in your belly from his property.

       *** How  is it possible to call a Jew, among the most ardent monotheists, an enemy of Allah, if Allah is God?

       After all, it was because of the Jews of Arabia and their scriptures that Muhammad was inspired to turn the pagan Arabians to monotheism instead of polytheism.

       It only shows that this term was used indiscriminately simply to justify the murder, assassination and slaughter of all those who refused to accept Muhammad as the messenger of Allah.

       This was a personal vendetta and had absolutely nothing to do with theology, morality or divine justice ***

Sahih Muslim HadithHadith 6097        Narrated byA'idh ibn Amr
AbuSufyan came to Salman, Suhayb and Bilal in the presence of a group of persons. They said: By Allah, the sword of Allah did not reach the neck of the enemy of Allah as it was required to reach. Thereupon AbuBakr said: Do you say this to the old man of the Quraysh and their chief? Then he came to Allah's Apostle (peace be upon him) and informed him of this. Thereupon he (the Prophet) said: AbuBakr, you have perhaps annoyed them and if you annoyed them you have in fact annoyed your Lord. So AbuBakr came to them and said: O my brothers, I have annoyed you. They said: No, our brother, may Allah forgive you!

Sahih Al-Bukhari HadithHadith 3.890        Narrated byIbn Umar
When the people of Khaibar dislocated Abdullah bin Umar's hands and feet, Umar got up delivering a sermon saying, "No doubt, Allah's Apostle made a contract with the Jews concerning their properties, and said to them, 'We allow you (to stand in your land) as long as Allah allows you.'  Now Abdullah bin Umar went to his land and was attacked at night, and his hands and feet were dislocated, and as we have no enemies there except those Jews, they are our enemies and the only people whom we suspect, I have made up my mind to exile them." When Umar decided to carry out his decision, a son of Abu Al-Haqiq's came and addressed 'Umar, "O chief of the believers, will you exile us although Muhammad allowed us to stay at our places, and made a contract with us about our properties, and accepted the condition of our residence in our land?" 'Umar said, "Do you think that I have forgotten the statement of Allah's Apostle, i.e.: What will your condition be when you are expelled from Khaibar and your camel will be carrying you night after night?" The Jew replied, "That was joke from Abul-Qasim." 'Umar said, "O the enemy of Allah! You are telling a lie." 'Umar then drove them out and paid them the price of their properties in the form of fruits, money, camel saddles and ropes, etc.                                    
       *** Umar never paid them anything that did not belong to them in the first place. If he did with what is stated above, it was their hard work and produce anyway ***