Food Prohibitions:-  

       Since the Biblical narrative was given to Moses 'FACE to FACE' with the Almighty BUT the 'revelations' to Muhammad were SECOND HAND and much later, logic and documented history must side with the original Biblical version  and not with the  plagiarised and perverted Quranic ones.

3:93  All food was lawful to the Children of Israel except what Israel made unlawful for itself before the Law (of Moses) was revealed.  Say: "Bring ye the Law and study it if ye be men of truth."

       #420        The Arabs ate the flesh of the camel, which is lawful in Islam, but it was prohibited by the Jewish Law of Moses (Leviticus xi. 4). But that Law was very strict because of the "hardness of heart" of Israel, because of Israel's insolence and iniquity (Q. vi. 146). Before it was promulgated Israel was free to choose its own food#

       *** As usual, the Quran makes its derogatory and insulting remarks against the Jews. The above verse sounds like Double Dutch because on the one hand it says
"All food was lawful to the Children of Israel BEFORE the Law (of Moses) was revealed" meaning they had no prohibitions to start with.

       Then it adds "except what Israel made unlawful for itself BEFORE the Law (of Moses) was revealed" meaning that the practical and pragmatic Israelites - for reasons that are unknown and unfathomable - unilaterally and illogically were willing to deprive themselves from eating delicacies such as Camels, Pigs and many other tasty foods.

       The 'divinely' revealed Quran - as has been shown on innumerable occasions - CONTRADICTS itself by also asserting - IN AGREEMENT WITH the Biblical narrative - that in fact, the Israelites were PROHIBITED from eating certain types of food by the Almighty through the Mosaic Law and not BEFORE.

       To oblige the Quranic challenge, let us 
"Bring ye the Law and study it if ye be men of truth."

Leviticus 11: 1. And the Lord spoke to Moses and to Aaron, saying to them,2. Speak to the People of Israel, saying, These are the beasts which you shall eat among all the beasts that are on the earth.3. What ever parts the hoof, and is cloven footed, and chews the cud, among the beasts, that shall you eat.4. Nevertheless these shall you not eat of those that chew the cud, or of those that divide the hoof; the camel, because it chews the cud, but its hoof is not parted; it is unclean to you.5. And the coney, because it chews the cud, but its hoof is not parted; it is unclean to you.6. And the hare, because it chews the cud, but its hoof is not parted; it is unclean to you.7. And the swine, though its hoof is parted, and is cloven footed, yet it chews not the cud; it is unclean to you.8. Of their flesh shall you not eat, and their carcasses you shall not touch; they are unclean to you"

       Well, we have accepted the Quranic challenge by 'bringing the  Law and studying it' and having PROVEN the Quran  to be utterly WRONG and FALSE.

       These prohibitions include the Camel among many others.

       Contrary to the interpreter's deliberate falsification of the Biblical narrative, these prohibitions were not made as a PUNISHMENT as he well knows. These prohibitions were mandated so as to SEPARATE the Israelites from the polytheistic traditions surrounding them.

       The above verse also indicates, that Muhammad considered the Bible INTACT and UNALTERED, contrary to the mendacious and totally unsubstantiated accusations made in DESPERATION against the Jews by the later Muhammadan 'scholars' ***

4: 159 For the iniquity of the Jews We [Allah] made unlawful for them certain (foods) good and wholesome which had been lawful for them; in that they hindered many from Allah's way.

       #667        Cf. vi. 146. The ceremonial law of the Jews forbade the eating of the flesh of the camel, rabbit and hare (Leviticus xi. 4-6), and the fat of oxen, sheep, and goats (Leviticus vii. 23), and was in other respects very strict. #

       *** In 3:93 " All food was lawful to the children of Israel except what Israel made unlawful for itself before the Law (of Moses) was revealed. Say: "Bring ye the Law and study it if ye be men of truth."

       The verses above contradict each other; while in 3:93 it is alleged that it was the Children of Israel who made prohibitions for themselves, 4:160 alleges that it was Allah who did so, not to the Children of Israel but to the Jews.

       Both CONTRADICTORY statements cannot be true. Furthermore, the Quran is again WRONG on historical and theological grounds since the food prohibitions were mandated upon the Children of Israel and not the Jews who did not exist at the time of Moses and the Sinai Revelations. 

       In summation,these prohibitions were made not because they were a PUNISHMENT as the Quran's totally inchoate message proclaims, but to separate them from all the other polytheists of the time.

        The Quran, Gabriel and Muhammad are utterly wrong in all the verses above and moreover wrong in attempting to make the term Jew as identifying  a religious order instead of what it actually is; a national group ***

5: 1 O ye who believe! fulfil (all) obligations. Lawful unto you (for food) are all four-footed animals with the exceptions named: but animals of the chase are forbidden while ye are in the Sacred Precincts or in pilgrim garb: for Allah doth command according to His Will and Plan.

5:3 Forbidden to you (for food) are: dead meat blood the flesh of swine and that on which hath been invoked the name of other than Allah that which hath been killed by strangling or by a violent blow or by a headlong fall or by being gored to death; that which hath been (partly) eaten by a wild animal; unless ye are able to slaughter it (in due form); that which is sacrificed on stone (altars); (forbidden) also is the division (of meat) by raffling with arrows: that is impiety.  This day have those who reject faith given up all hope of your religion: yet fear them not but fear Me.  This day have I perfected your religion for you completed my favor upon you and have chosen for you Islam as your religion.  But if any forced by hunger with no inclination to transgression Allah is indeed Oft-Forgiving Most Merciful

       *** As usual in the Quran, the verses that are used to attack the Jews are bereft of any LOGIC, VERACITY, DECENCY or MORALITY. They are so false that they contradict each other diametrically.

        Not a single one of these verses could have emanated from any Omniscient God since they contain no truths, no facts, no logic and contradict each other.

       These could only have come from the mind of an unlearned, uncultured and hatemongering person such as Muhammad was, who put words into the mouth of the unsuspecting Allah to give his CULT the cloak of 'divine inspiration' ***

5:4 They ask thee what is lawful to them (as food): say: Lawful unto you are (all) things good and pure: and what ye have taught your trained hunting animals (to catch) in the manner directed to you by Allah; eat what they catch for you but pronounce the name of Allah over it: and fear Allah; for Allah is swift in taking account.

5:5         This day are (all) things good and pure made lawful unto you. The food of the People of the Book is lawful unto you and yours is lawful unto them. (Lawful unto you in marriage) are (not only) chaste women who are believers but chaste women among the People of the Book revealed before your time when ye give them their due dowers and desire chastity not lewdness nor secret intrigues.  If anyone rejects faith fruitless is his work and in the Hereafter he will be in the ranks of those who have lost (all spiritual good).        

           *** The Quranic verse is yet again wrong and misleading the reader  because although the food of the Jews is LAWFUL to the Muhammadans, that of the Muhammadans is not LAWFUL to the Jews since the manner of slaughter and blood drainage as well as the animals not prohibited are not the same.

       Furthermore, the interpreter, to add insult to injury, is DELIBERATELY MISREPRESENTING the FACTS and is not correct in asserting - what he actually  knows to be - otherwise.
             The same Quran which attacks the Jews so unreservedly, in reality  does not shrink from PLAGIARISING, PIRATING, PLUNDERING and/or PERVERTING almost verbatim, the Biblical prohibitions and pretends that they are new and unique concepts pertaining to itself.

        Of course, this can be achieved with ILLITERATE, UNLEARNED and  IGNORANT people, but is almost impossible to do with those who know the subject matter.

        Nothing in the Quran is original vis a vis the Bible. Not a single thing.

       It is because of this fact that Muhammad and his followers try their best to deny any originality both to the People of the Book and to their Scripture ***