Good & Bad Muslims:-                        

       The Quran and  Ahadith are repleat with verses attacking 'BAD MUSLIMS' calling them hypocrites, unbelievers, apostates etc, and condemning them to the eternal tortures of Hell.

       In reality, all these 'bad muslims' are men and women who changed their belief from the 'Islam' that was forced upon them; or those who were not willing to go on Jihad raids to plunder and murder others; or people who were not willing to betray their kith and kin for the sake of Muhammad as well as many others of his tribe who did not believe in his message nor in his alleged messengerhood.

        All men and women who are actually good, decent and peace loving human beings are by the standard of the Quran, "BAD MUSLIMS".

       On the other hand, those men and women - mostly men - who accepted his leadership and were willing to die for his attempts to convert others by the sword, to plunder, rape, enslave and take booty in his so called JIHAD  piratical raids, became the 'GOOD MUSLIMS' whose abode is in Muhammad's version of paradise, with the virgins and the rivers.

       These  JIHADI followers were promised booty, plunder and rape if they remained alive after the raids or better still, they were to be rewarded with 72 eternal virgins and unlimited sensual and carnal pleasures in Muhammad's promised whore house of his concept of paradise.

       ''GOOD MUSLIMS' are invariably UNTHINKING, MASS MURDERING  & COWARDLY Jihadists, pirates, terrorists, enslavers, subjugators and conquerors who are definitely NOT decent peaceloving thinking men and women.

PS: Look up JIHAD in Definitions