Ground Zero Mosque :-

The issue of the Ground Zero Mosque has engendered great anger as well as an enormous number of comments for and against. What we have here are two polarized points of view: those of the Politically Correct and sanctimonious Leftists among the academic, clerical and political leaders of the USA contra a great number of the common men and women of America who elected them.

As usual, I shall address this issue based entirely on the facts regarding the CULT belief system of Muhammadan Islam. All other arguments become null and void because we have to look at this issue from the point of view of the Muhammadan Muslims and not our own to start with. After all, it was they who threw the gauntlet knowing full well that there will be a strong reaction.

What those who support the building who are not Muslims miss totally, is the fact, that they know very little if anything about the CULT belief system that they are so cavalierly and utterly ignorantly supporting.

Personally, I was neither surprised nor shocked that Barak sided with the Muslims. Please be aware that he never renounced his Islamic faith.

Was he baptized into the Christian faith? If so when, where and by whom? Is it logical to accept that he was a member for almost 20 years of one of the most radical anti white, anti American, anti Semitic church without learning anything?

He spent most of his early life as a Muslim.
He loves to hear the call for prayer by the Muezzin.
He extols the virtues of an Islam that did not and does not exist in reality.
He speaks of the Holy Quran which is as Holy as Hitler's Mein Kampf.
He spoke about Islam's great influence in the making of the USA.

Can anyone find the name of any Muslim contributing anything of value to the USA in the last 230 years?

Is Barak Hussein Obama so ignorant that he cannot even understand that the whole of the US constitution is based upon liberal Judeo-Christian traditions?

That nothing from depraved Sharia appears anywhere in its Constitution?

I picked on Barak - this is his name, not Obama - because he is causing enormous damage to the great nation of the US politically and economically. He was elected to bring the people together but instead he is dividing them. Yes I fully understand Barak's support for the mosque.

Now let us look at the so called liberal politically correct media, academia, clergy and politicians.

I have absolutely no doubt that not a single one of them has actually read let alone studied Muhammad's Quran and Sunna. Yet these Quran ignoramus people, are telling the American public that Islam is a peaceful religion. That those who disapprove of the mosque are bigots or Islamophobes. They have arrogated for themselves the high moral ground as if all other Americans are morally and intellectually inferior to them.

Well let me tell these creatures what I know about them~

They are aiding, abetting and colluding with the very Muhammadan Muslims that want our and their destruction; who declare publicly in over 80 languages, all over the world, in their TV, their mosques, their newspapers, their schools as well as in our democracies that the sole objective of Muhammadan Islam as ordained by Muhammad's god Allah is to ISLAMIZE the whole of humanity.

That is, to bring all 80 % of current humanity of what they call Ummat al Kuffar/ Nation of Infidels: all Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Zoroasterians, Jews, Animists, Pagans, Agnostics etc to the abyss of Muhammadan Islam.

Muhammadan Islam is NOT a RELIGION but most certainly a CULT belief system that is Hatemongering, Warmongering, Misogynist, Racist, Vile and hence most certainly Ungodly.

I would like now to teach those Politically Correct English language ignoramus so called intellectuals, that Phobia (from the Greek: phóbos, meaning "fear" or "morbid fear") is an irrational, intense and persistent fear of certain situations, activities, things, animals, or people.

Arachnophobia is fear of spiders. Acrophobia- is fear of heights. These are IRRATIONAL fears.

But, based on all of our knowledge of Muhammad's CULT belief system, fearing it is totally logical and rational. In fact, it would be actually IRRATIONAL not to fear Muhammad's CULT belief system.

Let me now address the characteristics of the Male followers of Muhammad. Irrespective of culture, ethnicity, race, colour, tradition or sect, almost all Male Muhammadan Muslims exhibit the following characteristics~

An obscene degree of Hypocrisy, Mendacity, Misogyny, Racism and unwarranted Arrogance, compounded with a Pathological and Depraved Indifference to Logic, Facts, Reality, Sincerity, Mercy, Decency, Morality, Justice, Compassion, Friendship, Loyalty and Language.

I have no doubt that some good hearted but uninformed people will call me hatemongering, racist and more. Since I have proven every single one of these adjectives in over 780 chapters on my web and over 275 videos, all anyone needs to do is to DISPROVE me, based on knowledge.

Nonetheless, I shall point out to those who may be in doubt only three verses from among thousands in Muhammad's Quran and Hadiths that are similar or worse:

Al Imran 3:118 "O you who believe! Take not into your intimacy those outside your religion (pagans, Jews, and Christians). They will not fail to corrupt you"

Al Maida 5: 51 " O ye who believe! take not the Jews and the Christians for your friends and protectors: they are but friends and protectors to each other.  And he amongst you that turns to them (for friendship) is of them. Verily Allah guideth not a people unjust"

Al Tauba  9: 29 "Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and his apostle (Muhammad) nor acknowledge the religion of truth [Islam]  (even if they are) of the People of the Book [Christians & Jews] until they pay the Jizya [Poll Tax] with willing SUBMISSION and feel themselves HUMILIATED"

For those IGNORANT people among the followers of Muhammad and their supporters, who have not read, let alone studied Muhammad's Quran, this verse alone, was and is, a unilateral declaration of WAR by Muhammad, 1400 years ago, not only against the Christians and Jews but against  ALL other human beings as well, who do not believe as he does.

Throughout their history, the Muhammadan Muslims invariably converted many of the greatest cathedrals, churches or synagogues into mosques as we recognize in the Hajia Sophia in Constantinople and others. Also, according to their creed, any territory conquered by the Arabs and Muslims becomes Waqf, that is forever part of the land of Islam.

What is hideous about all of this, is the attitude of the American Muslims who are claiming victimization and discrimination! Remember I called them obscene hypocrites? Of course they are.

How many churches, Hindu temples or synagogues are there in Saudi Arabia? Kuwait? Yemen? Qatar?

Where pray tell is Barak's 'Tolerant Islam'? Are they not the ones who burn churches in Iraq, Nigeria, Egypt, Algeria and others?

Are not Muslims the ones who prohibit, upon pain of death, having Bibles in many of their states?

Let me now address the issue of Loyalty. I have asserted on numerous occasions that any and all believing or Fundamentalist Muhammadan Muslims in our democracies are potentially Traitors in waiting if not already in fact.

This again sounds as if I am brushing a whole group equally. I repeat what I said: Believing or Fundamentalist Muslims.

Since they are Believing or Fundamentalist, they must abide by the dictates of Muhammad's Quran and Sunna. By doing so, the USA becomes the territory of WAR or Dar al Harb and its people are Unbelieving Infidels or Kuffar. The American constitution is manmade and hence against the will of Allah. The Muslims cannot abide by it.

Many of the Politically Correct will point out that there are peaceful Muslims. What they mean is that these Muslims are not Jihadis or suicide bombers.

Well, my reply is: NOT YET!

The proof of the pudding is invariably in eating it, the English would say. Action and only action tells the story.


Have the so called peaceful Muslims ever demonstrated either in the USA or in Europe in the last 30 years of Islamic terror shouting:


Did they do so after 9/11?

After 7/7 in London?

What about Fort Hood?

Why NOT?

They cannot claim that they are afraid in our democracies, can they? Afraid of whom?

After all, thousands of them were very brave in violently demonstrating in the USA and all over Europe over the cartoons!

Muhammad said two things that I totally agree with and are seminal when discussing Islam:
1        He said SILENCE means CONSENT
      He said WAR is DECEPTION

The 'peaceful' Muslims's deafening silence means they CONSENT!

All other actions taken by them are disguises and deception. This their declared WAR after all, is against all Unbelieving humanity.

The Ground Zero mosque is NOT going to be for religious and social purposes but the breeding ground for more intolerance and betrayal.

The Imam speaks nicely and is dressed in western clothing (sheep's clothing). All these appearances are meaningless because they are part and parcel of Islamic subterfuge called TQIYYAH. Under this rule, a Muslim can drink wine and even eat pig's meat for as long as in his heart of hearts he is fulfilling Muhammad Quran's aim to subvert and deceive all others to Islam.

How many times do the American people need to be massacred, humiliated and raped before they wake up to the existential threat posed by Muhammadan Islam to the whole civilized world?

It is not true that the American people or the Europeans or Indians or Chinese discriminate and hate Muslims.

It is Muslims who hate and discriminate against ALL others for as long as they follow Muhammad's Quran  and Sunna. It is they who separate themselves from the very peoples and states that give them security, shelter, freedoms etc and in return, they do their worst to undermine the peoples and institutions of these host countries and peoples.

This I call TREASON! Maybe you have another adjective or description.