Hebron :-        

       From Hebrew (Haber) meaning, Friend. The town was so named because of its intimate association with Abraham, the Friend of God (Arabic: Kahlilu^Allah). The Arabs use their own translation and call it Al-Khalil, also of course meaning, Friend.

       It is one of the most important cities mentioned in the Torah and Hebrew Scriptures.

       It is claimed ' holy' by the Arabs because Abraham, as the father of Ishmael, from whom the Arabs allegedly descend, is buried there. Sarah and NOT Hagar is buried there with him also. Muhammadan Muslims, who are not Arabs, have no claim what so ever to it.

       Since Abraham and Sarah were the parents of Isaac, from whom the Jews descend, then obviously they have more, if not equal rights to it also.

       The Ka'ba, according to alleged  and unsubstantiated Arab 'tradition', was built first by Adam, but after the flood, it was rebuilt by Abraham and Ishmael, ( 2:125/7), ( 2:132, 133, 136) hence it too should be of paramount importance to the Jews. The Arabs have no right to claim it all to themselves without sharing it with the Jews. After all, they demand an important share in Hebron just because Abraham is buried there.

       They claim rights to Jerusalem because of the mythical 'physical' flight of Muhammad from Mecca to the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem. A Temple, that had in reality ceased to exist in Jerusalem 550 years BERFORE Muhammad's most certainly imaginary trip, because it had been destroyed by the Romans in 70AD.

       Just as they perceive that their claims for Hebron and even Jerusalem justified, the Jews also should have their claims addressed in like manner regarding the Ka'ba and even the Madina. The fact that they had not laid such claims to their rightful inheritance before, should not detract from their legitimate rights under the ' law'. The Palestinians in particular and the Arabs in general, are not the only ones having the right to claim 'justice'.

       They who claim to have known about ALL of the above events must have suffered a severe case of  NATIONAL AMNESIA and relapsed into idolatry and forgot totally - for the following twenty five centuries - the teachings and traditions of their alleged forefather, Abraham.

       The Arabs have the audacity and gall to proclaim that it is the Jews - who have kept their faith in the One and Only God, AGAINST all ODDS, for the previous
2100 years - as having betrayed their covenant with their God.

       Yet, somehow, in a miraculous manner and all of a sudden, the Arabs have had
TOTAL RECALL through the preaching of the UNLEARNED / Ummi Muhammad.

       I have thought about resolving the above dilemma as to how to verify or negate such a
statement. The conclusion is devilishly simple.

        the Arabs had knowledge and understanding of the events of the Torah, then the names at least of the more important characters would have been used by the Arabs. Names as famous as: Abraham, Moses, Aaron, Ishmael, Isaac, Noah, Adam, Sarah, Joseph,Jacob; or the names of the children of Jacob or those of Noah. Any combination of the above, would have meant that the pre Islamic Arabs may have had some knowledge about some of the events mentioned in the Torah.

       I have checked the names of the most important tribes, and many of their renown members, of the Arabian Peninsula prior and during the events of the rise of Muhammadan Islam. Not one single name resembled any mentioned in the Torah. They had names like: Abd al Shams, Abd al Uzzah etc. which meant that they were pagans.

       According to the Arabs, Abraham was the father of Ishmael from whom, they, the
Arabs, descend. Yet, the names of their progenitors are not in the lists of pre Islamic Arabs whilst after Muhammad died, the most common name in 'Islam' is his, Muhammad. (Almost 30% of all 'Muslim' names have it).

       Yet, the forefathers of 'Islam' Abraham and Ishmael - the alleged builders of the foundations of the Ka'ba - were no where to be mentioned.

        Moreover, if the claims of the Arabs are true, then the Arabic language can only be a derivative of the Hebrew since that was the language of both Abraham and Ishmael which means that the first language heard near the Ka'ba in Mecca, was Hebrew.

       From the logical point of view, since the Arabs claim to be descendants of Abraham and Ishmael, then they could not possibly have known anything about the history of the Israelites from the time that the latter sojourned in Egypt. That means, they could not have known about Moses, Aaron, the Plagues, and all the subsequent events that transpired including the prophets etc. until the advent of Muhammad.

       Yet, they have the audacity to claim that their 'traditions' contained all the above and that it was the Jews and Christians who deliberately perverted their Torah and the New Testament.

       The Arabs try to use the Quran to legitimise their heritage and ancestry. Before 'Islam', the Arabs were Pagans who had the goddesses of the Crescent Moon (Al Lut), Venus (Al Uzza), the Sun as well as others - according to their own admission, 360 idols - as their deities. S53:19/20

       Muhammed, after several trials and errors, allowed the 'Islamised' Arabs to follow exactly the same traditions and fetishes as they had before 'Islam' with the very important exception that they have the only and one god, Allah.

       The readers should be reminded that Allah was already the supreme god of the Ka'ba before 'Islam' , except that he had his female consorts, as well as other gods and goddesses.

        Except for Allah, all the others were eliminated. Muhammad nonetheless, retained all the other previously very important pre Islamic traditions such as:
The four months of Muharram,
the veneration of the Ka'ba,
the kissing of the Black Stone,
the centrality of Mecca,
the Hajj/pilgrimage and all the other fetishes were continued, maintained and REPACKAGED in the guise of 'Islam'. 

       In short, Muhammad's genius was to unite all the gods of the pagan Arabs into the oneness of Allah and hence was able, at a stroke, to METAMORPHOSE what was essentially a supreme PAGAN god, into the God of Israel and Jesus.

        Through the Quran, Muhammad was also able to give his fellow Arabs a scripture  for a more cohesive and militant Umma/People.

       Allah nonetheless, did not escape his daughters after all. They appear on top of every mosque and on the flags of many 'Muslim' countries. They are the star (Uzzah/ Venus) and the crescent (Lat/ Moon). The idea that the crescent represented the fertile Middle East territory is a figment of the imagination of Western and Arab 'historians' and 'intellectuals'.

       The interpreters and translators of the Quran were - and still are - primarily Revisionists of history as well as Editorial falsifiers. Islamists proclaim that the calamities befalling the Jews were acts of Allah directed at them for not believing or disobeying him.

        If this a true interpretation of history, then all the calamities that befell Muhammadan Islam under the Crusaders, the Mongols and European Imperialism were also acts of Allah against Muhammadans who were in transgression against him. Since they deserve this punishment, then they have no right to complain against what Allah has pre-ordained.

       The Arabs turned out to be the most successful IMPERIALISTS in history. They occupied - and still occupy - enormous tracts of land, subjugated many nations, imposed their religion by force upon these people, took over and supplanted their places of worship, imposed upon the subject peoples their language and writing and in general Arabised them totally.

       The Kabeel, of Algeria; the Rif of Morocco; the Copts of Egypt etc., etc. became subject peoples to the will of the Arab conquerors. In India, China, Persia, Byzantium and Israel, they took over their temples, churches, cathedrals and synagogues and turned them into mosques and 'Muslim' houses of worship. The Arabs pretend as if North Africa had no original people, nor Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Israel or others.

       Umar Ibn Al Khattab, was a supremacist and racist Arab leader who forbade any others besides the MUHAMMADANS/Muslim Arabs from living in the Arabian Peninsula/ Jazeera.

       All the empires that have existed such as the:

Assyrian, Egyptian, Persian, Greek, Roman, Western etc. were NOT able to achieve the complete CULTURAL, SPIRITUAL & LINGUISTIC ERADICATION of many of the subjugated peoples as was ACHIEVED by the Arabs under the TYRANNY and SLAUGHTER of Muhammad Islam ***