Holy Places:-                

       Muhammad and his followers invariably took over the holy places and sites of the other religious groups and converted them into their own mosques and started praying in them as if they were their own.

       To name just a few examples:

Jewish Holy Places:

       The tombs of Rachel, Samuel, David, Galamiel, Uzair in Basrah, Kifl in Hilla and Jona in Nineva/Mosul, Abraham in Hebron etc.

Christians Holy Places:

       The tomb and house of Lazarus, the reputed scene of the Ascension , the Cenacle and Fransiscan convent on Mount Zion, the monastry on Mt Sinai, the Sofia Cathedral and many of the other cathedrals of Byzantine Syria.

        While the Christians and Jews are invariably excluded from these, their own Holy Places, the Muhammadans none the less demand access to all others they consider important to them that are under the control of the 'unbelievers'.

        These take overs and conversions were perpetrated against the Hindus, Buddhists, Persians, Greeks etc.