The belief in the 'Miraculous' attributes of the Quran - in content and form - as being totally inimitable.

       *** The reader should be made aware of the following attributes of the Quran that contradict its Inimitability:

1        There are numerous grammatical errors in the Quran as attested to by any linguist on the subject.

2        There are an enormous number of historical mistakes in the Quran.

3        It contains several extremely important theological errors.

4        It contains numerous errors pertaining to the Bible and New Testament original stories.

5        The SATANIC VERSES were interjected in the Quran by Satan. They were so good that Muhammad assumed they were 'divinely revealed' to him.

6        Allah 'changed his mind' in 71 of the 114 Surahs of the Quran.

       Based upon all or even some of the above failures, it is inconceivable to accept that any INFALLIBLE divinity could have 'revealed' them to Muhammad.

       The Satanic Verses alone prove that the some of the verses of the Quran can be IMITATED.

       One has to ask oneself, how many other undetected verses exist in the 'infallible' Quran ? ***

Note: For more details regarding these subjects, the reader should go to the Definitions Section or even to Google to acertain the veracity of the author's statements.