Imaginary Arabian Ancestry:-
       One of the most important achievements of Arab propaganda has been the totally manufactured 'ancestry' that Muammad and the 'Muslim' exegetes created for the pagan Arabians and hence for themselves.

       Considering the undeniable fact, that the pagan Arabs were mostly illiterate and had not left any kind of 'written' records, nor any oral ones, mentioning their ancestry beyond a few generations, one can, and must, question the veracity of such preposterous claims.

       It was Muhammad - who did his best to create a connection between his birth line to that of the Israelites - that started the whole train of falsifications, perversions and distortions of history and reality on the move.

       He and his followers succeeded in duping the world for almost 1400 years, because of their conquests and domination of millions of peoples on three continents and, by completely eradicating all the histories of the enslaved peoples prior to their subjugation by the Arabs.

       It is a fact, that before Muhammad's alleged 'revelations' in the Quran, there was not a single oral or written tradition of the Ad, Thamud or Madyan peoples; nor was there any mention of their three alleged prophets, Hud, Salih or Shuaib.

        Moreover, the pagan Arabs had absolutely no idea that they were allegedly descended from Ishmael and Abraham since before the Quranic 'revelations' they had no such knowledge.

       The Quran itself, repeatedly asserts that they, the pagan Arabs - including Muhammad - did not know the previous revelations of the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament.

       Every single one of the so called 'geneaologies' of the Arabs connecting them to Ishmael and Abraham, all the way to Adam, are the result of the desperate need of the followers of Muhammad to concoct and falsify - during a period of almost 300 years after the death of Muhammad - such a preposterously untrue lineage.

       It is an incontestable fact that in the whole repertoire of pagan Arabian poetry and oral traditions, the names of any of the Biblical characters are  NOT mentioned and especially, conspicuously missing, are the names of their alleged fore fathers, Ishmael and Abraham.