It is stated in the Quran and Ahadith that Muhammad was INSPIRED and received his 'revelations' from the angel Gabriel.

       Moses on the other hand, was not in need of inspiration since he received his commands DIRECTLY from God; the ULTIMATE PRIMARY SOURCE.

6:19   Say: "What thing is most weighty in evidence?"  Say: "Allah is Witness between me and you: this Qur'an hath been revealed to me by inspiration that I may warn you and all whom it reaches.  Can ye possibly bear witness that besides Allah there is another god?"  Say: "Nay! I cannot bear witness!"  Say: "But in truth He is the One Allah and I truly am innocent of (your blasphemy of) joining others with Him.

16:123 " Then We inspired you (O Muhammad) to follow the religion of Abraham, Monotheism; never was he an idol worshipper"

42:7 Thus have We sent by inspiration to thee an Arabic Qur'an: that thou mayest warn the Mother of Cities and all around her and warn (them) of the Day of Assembly of which there is no doubt: (when) some will be in the Garden and some in the Blazing Fire.

      *** If Muhammad was in any manner of logic

                    'the greatest of all the prophets',

as asserted by his followers, then he should not have received his 'inspiration'
SECOND HAND through the agency of Gabriel, who was ONLY ANOTHER messenger of Allah.

       Nor should Muhammad have been DECEIVED by Satan with the

                                         SATANIC VERSES

that compromised his Monotheism.

       When Muhammad's 'revelations' and his deeds  are properly scrutinized, they prove without a shadow of a doubt that no Merciful and Compassionate GOD could have inspired him except most probably his own inner SATAN***