Islam & Democracy :-

Q: Universities both secular and religious in Muslim countries teach that democracy and democratic ideas are in the Quran centuries before they were discovered by the West.
How true are these statements?

A: To answer your question, these statements are as untrue as most of what the Muhammadans tell the world about everything concerning themselves.

For a start, there is no word in the Arabic language representing democracy because the concept itself never existed in their traditions. That is why the Arabs use the Greek equivalent of Demoqratiyyah to describe the state of affairs.

The Muhammadans who tell us that the idea preceded the West is based on the system of Shura that was implemented centuries before Muhammad among the tribal pagan Arabs. This is a small group of leading members of a tribe who act as a council to make decision regarding the welfare of the tribe. They were not elected by all members of the tribe and most certainly by no females who are not allowed to be in the council in the first place due to gender discrimination.

In fact, one would find the same among the native Americans as well as in any other human society. As usual with Muhammadans, they claim precedence over and above everybody else against Logic, Facts and Reality.
Muhammadans love, revel and are masters of the art of intellectual and theological masturbation.

Tragically, many of our spineless and witless Politically Correct half wits among the Media, Academia , Clergy and Politicians mislead a mostly Quran and Islamic history ignoramus humanity with similar misrepresentations or outright lies out of either stupidity or of deliberate falsehood.

Let us look at the facts on the ground. There are currently 57 Muslim majority states that have existed for almost
100 years not a single one of them can be considered a true democracy.

They rule over 1500 million Muhammadans covering almost 28% of the land surface of the Earth without a single functioning and vibrant democracy. 750 million females under Islamic Sharia are treated with utter contempt and discrimination as one little step higher up the ladder of evolution than Domestic Animals. Based on this reality alone, negates them as democracies under any use of logic.

Our Politically Correct but utterly out of touch with Facts and Reality Western leaders keep telling us - what I had nine months ago euphemistically and correctly described as Arab Convulsions - that these upheavals are the harbingers of Arab Springtime for democracy.

In spite of the publicly and repeatedly declared intentions of Fundamentalist Muhammadan Muslims to Islamize the whole world under a global Caliphate in 80 languages from every Mosque pulpit in 180 countries - our leaders with utter contempt to facts and veracity, tell us of egalitarian, just and tolerant Islam while under their very noses Christians, priests and churches are slaughtered, murdered and torched in most Muslim countries.

In my country Iraq, from an original 1.25 million Christians - one of the oldest and most vibrant in the world - has been reduced to 700,000 and downward counting due to the implementation of Sharia that discriminates and humiliates them as well as the continuous acts of terror against them.

In the so called Muslim democracy of 'Palestine', the Christians - who were numerous under Israeli alleged 'occupation' - are being eradicated in both Gaza and the West bank without a pip squeak from the Christian clergy around the world, politicians, the UN or the news media. Their silence is ominous and deafening.

Obama and some European leaders have supported the overthrow of Egypt's Mubarak to be soon replaced through democratic elections by the Muslim Brotherhood whose declared intentions are to obliterate Israel and overthrow all Western vestiges anywhere in the Arab and Muslim world.

They are inciting and exhorting millions of Egyptians to demonstrate to abrogate the 30 years long peace treaty with Israel. They are emulating Muhammad's Peace of Hidaybiyyah.

An ostensibly ten years peace treaty that Muhammad accepted when he was weak vis a vis his kith and kin the Quraysh of Mecca which he summarily abrogated a few months later when he regained his strength.

Our leaders and their advisors are totally oblivious to all the lessons of history that they can get at the click of a mouse but prefer to be blind to Facts and Reality. Muhammad advised his followers that War is DECEPTIPON. Since he had unilaterally declared war 1400 years ago against all humans who do not believe as he does - currently 80% of humanity comprising all Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, Atheists, Agnostics, etc -  he and his followers were and have become masters at the art of deception.

I have already proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Muhammad, his Quran, his Sunna and Sharia are Hatemongering, Racist, Warmongering, Misogynist, Vile and hence most certainly UNGODLY!

Since believing Muhammadans must abide by the dictates of their god Allah in his Quran, they cannot thenceforth accept any man made constitution or law if it is not from Allah. It is irrelevant that Muhammad's god Allah is most assuredly not the same as the God of Jesus, Moses or Abraham because as I once before mentioned the following Axiom:

"A belief is not merely an idea the mind possesses; it is an idea that possesses the mind."

Hence from their point of view, Muhammad's Quran is divine, eternal and unalterable.

Based upon these facts, Sharia is the antithesis of democracy. Sharia is the nemesis of Democracy. Sharia and democracy are a contradiction in terms; an oxymoron. Nothing good, decent, moral, just, merciful or compassionate can ever grow under Sharia, not even a blade of grass.

Already in Libya - only because of the help of America, England and France - that the rebels against Gaddafi will win but one should not expect any gratitude from them. On the contrary, their newly drafted constitution is going to be Islamic with Sharia as the law of the land. They will call their state the Islamic Republic of Libya.

What a mortal farce. The very West whom the followers of Muhammad loath and hate, are handing these rebels a victory that will turn against them. Our clueless and Quran ignoramus leaders are creating Frankensteins all over the Muslim world not one of which will they be able to control while deceiving their peoples into a false sense of safety and achievement.

As I predicted nine months ago, the Islamists of the new Arab Convulsions will exhort and incite their people - to distract them from the fact that their rebellions to liberate themselves are over - by directing their hatred towards an outside but convenient enemy victim: Israel and the Christian West.

The current Egyptian revolutionaries want to abrogate 30 years of no hostilities between them and Israel by finding pretexts to start a war with her. The Muslim Brotherhood is fielding one million people to demonstrate their will to force the Egyptian military to do what they, the Brotherhood wants done.

The mindset among the Muslim world today is that their time has come to fulfil their dream of world domination and the time is NOW! They can see how weak kneed and spineless the Western leaders are and the total lack of resolve among the non Muslim heads of state to confront Islam.

Because male Muhammadan Muslims cannot use Logic - since the areas of their brain dealing with Logic had been obliterated by the virulent virus of Quran - they get high and climaxed with unrealistic intellectual and theological self inflicted hallucinations.

They are already preparing to gang rape Israel to death, completely ignoring the fact that Israel is a powerful nuclear capable state which if and when cornered will use any and all means to try to survive and or to bring down as many of her enemies as humanly possible. Any forthcoming major conflict in the Middle East will go nuclear in a very short time with catastrophic consequences to all of humanity.

The Arabs are totally oblivious to a nuclear scenario that will turn the Middle East to Hell fires and the world to disaster. Tragically, the Western leaders are not even considering such a possibility and this is why they are not attempting to avert the forthcoming cataclysm.

Seventy five years ago, democratic leaders ignored what they considered the ranting of a demagogue called Adolf Hitler. Their miscalculations led to the tragic death of 55 million innocent human beings. We are witnessing today a repeat performance vis a vis Islamofascism. Without the slightest attempt at dramatising, the next few months may decide the future course of human history.

Based upon all the above - and more if one researches further - any human being who believes that Muhammadan Islam, Sharia or Quran can be democratic belongs to a mental asylum.