Islam is Incompatible with Democracy:-                

       Muhammadam Islam is a THEOCRATIC form of government where in there is no separation between Mosque and State.

        As Islam ONLY means SUBMISSION to the will of Allah, and since the Quran is allegedly the word of Allah, then only the rules and regulations within the Quran, can and MUST be followed faithfully, eternally unaltered and without dissent.

       The Cult of Muhammadan Islam and the 'Islamic' government are one and the same. Sharia law is controlled, ruled and regulated by 'Islamic' beliefs.

       This theocracy controls all public and private matters.

       Government, law and 'religion' are one.

       There are varying degrees of this concept in many nations, but all law, government and civil authority rests upon it and  is a part of 'Islamic' beliefs.

       There are civil laws in Muhammadan Muslim nations for Believers (followers of the Quran) and Disbelievers (followers of other Scriptures). Sharia is only applicable to Muhammadans.

       Under Sharia law there is no recourse for appeal since the Quran - as the Word of Allah - is the only and final arbiter.

       The Quran is intolerant of freedom of thought and rational questioning and hence will forever consign its followers to a closed mind fortress: ignorant, paranoid, totalitarian and completely ossified.

       Thus Sharia law, PERMANENTLY SHACKLES the followers of Muhammad to the TIME WARP of the SEVENTH CENTURY.

       The facts of the matter show in detail - and contrary to all the false assertions made by the followers of Muhammad - that the fundamentals of Muhammadanism are totally incompatible with Democracy since the Quran itself attacks, insults and denigrates all UNBELIEVERS in no uncertain or ambiguous verses:

1        The Quran discriminates against over 50% of its followers, namely WOMEN, who are regarded as 'inferior' to men in many verses of the Quran and Ahadith.

2        A woman's word is NOT ACCEPTED in a Sharia court without other witnesses to corroborate her allegations.

3        In case of rape, a woman would need FOUR MALE WITNESSES to the event for her to succeed. Presumably these four witnesses remained onlookers to the crime instead of stopping it.

4        The Quran prohibits all Jews, Christians and UNBELIEVERS from being witnesses against a Muhammadan, since their oath has no value.

5        Any crime, even if a capital one, if committed against an UNBELIEVER cannot carry a death sentence against the perpetrator if he is a Muhammadan, but an UNBELIEVER will be executed for killing a Muhammadan.

6        All UNBELIEVERS are less than third class citizens in a Muhammadan country with very limited rights.

7        All UNBELIEVERS have numerous rules and regulations which discriminate against them at all times. (The Charter of Umar).

8        It is bereft of  the concept of human Free Will for its followers since they are all - as well as allegedly, the rest of humanity - pre destined by Allah, the god of the Quran, to either Paradise or Hell without any ability for personal salvation or redemption.

       No SECULAR laws can exist side by side with Sharia since they are
Man Made and hence ungodly.

       In an 'Islamic' state all HUMAN RIGHTS are subsumed to the will of the 'religious' elite who are not publicly elected.

       No opposition, political or theological, can be tolerated under an 'Islamic' theocracy as happens in most of the despotic, dictatorial and mainly degenerate 'Muslim' states in the world.

       It is a FACT that out of 55 so called Muslim states in the world today, ONLY TWO are democratic.

Sahih Al-Bukhari HadithHadith 9.257        Narrated byIbn Abbas
The Prophet said, "If somebody sees his Muslim ruler doing something he disapproves of, he should be patient, for whoever becomes separate from the Muslim group even for a span and then dies, he will die as those who died in the Pre-Islamic period of ignorance (as rebellious sinners). (See Hadith No. 176 and 177)

       *** A truly 'Islamic' society is one which is bereft of freedom of religion, of freedom of thought, of joy, of art, of song, of pleasures.

       It is a morbid, sick, unhappy, totalitarian, aggressive, unjust, inhumane and unholy one.

       Contrary to all other conclusions, the Taliban of Afghanistan are the truest form of Muhammadan Islam.