Islamic Fundamentalism:-                        

               According to the Oxford Dictionary- 'Someone who adheres to the fundamentals -core beliefs-of his/her religion.'

        A fundamentalist Christian for example, understands the Bible as a literal historical fact while a liberal Christian considers the stories about Jesus, the Resurrection, the Virginal birth etc. as allegorical or metaphorical. Hence a fundamentalist Christian is someone who adheres strictly to the core teachings of his faith.

       Since almost all Muhammadans must per se, obey their core beliefs of the five pillars of Islam, then they are all fundamentalists especially since anyone who deviates from the norm under Sharia law, is considered an apostate and  is automatically subject to be sentenced to death and subsequently killed (murdered); unlike what happens in the other more rational and enlightened religions.

       Osama bin Laden for example, is NOT a TERRORIST.


       He  is only obeying what Allah instructs him to do in the Quran.

        Therefore, Osama and his followers are only following their beliefs even though their acts are actually UNCONSCIONABLE and TERRORISTIC.

       The Taliban of Afghanistan, who DEHUMANIZE their Muhammadan WOMEN (over 50% of their population); who do not allow any music or musical instruments because they are 'Satanic'; no painting or sculpting; no gambling; no sex before marriage; no drinking of wine; no poetry; no studying of any other religion except the Quran (because it contains ALL the knowledge that any Muhammadan requires in his/her lifetime), etc. etc.,

                               ARE NOT EXTREMISTS

as the Media erroneously labels them, but are in fact representatives, of the TRUEST EXPRESSION of FUNDAMENTALIST MUHAMMADAN ISLAM as conveyed in the QURAN and HADITHS.

       It is the Quran after all, which preaches HATRED, WARMONGERING, DISCRIMINATION, ELITISM, RACISM and the division of all of humanity in TWO distinct and totally irrecocilable camps:

1        The camp of the BELIEVERS, which is called in Arabic, DAL al SALAM, meaning the TERRITORY of PEACE

2        The camp of the UNBELIEVERS, which is called in Arabic, DAR al HARB, meaning the TERRITORY of WAR

       This means, that Muhammadan Islam will forever be at WAR with all human beings who do not believe in Allah and in his messenger Muhammad.

       This war will continue to be conducted by the followers of Muhammad until the following will occur:

1        All humanity will CONVERT to Muhammadan Islam

2        All humanity will SUBMIT and be subject to Muhammadan Islam

3        All humanity will be SLAUGHTERED as long as they are not from among the above two conditions.

       This war was decalred UNILATERALLY  and without provocation by the
'BELIEVERS', in Muhammad's Quran, 1400 years ago and manifests itself at this moment of time in acts of terror against Christians, Buddhists, Jews, Hindus, Animists and all other UNBELIEVERS in at least 35 countries around the world:

       Kashmir, India; Indonesia, Phillipines, Thailand,  Burma, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, Israel, Palestine, Chechenia, Armenia, Serbia, France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, England, Saudia, Yaman, Egypt, Somalia, Sudan, Morocco, Algeria, USA, Russia, China, Eritrea, Kenya, etc..

       A war against 85% of humanity.

       Although the above statements read totally insane as far as any  intelligent, decent, peaceable human being is concerned,  none the less, ALL of the above are absolutely TRUE and all the reader has to do, is to go to the internet and look up any of the following and hundreds more:

       Jihad, Islamic terror, Is Islam a Religion of Peace? What does the Quran say about all UNBELIEVERS?

       Also, I would like the readers to remember the live and vivid, but extremely disturbing TV pictures of happy Muhammadans celebrating, dancing, chanting and glorifying ALLAH for the death and slaughter of innocent human beings in New York's 9/11 and in London's 7/7, ALL OVER THE 'MUSLIM' world.

       Among all of humanity, the reader can find ONLY the FOLLOWERS of Muhammad jumping for joy when Americans, Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and other Unbelievers, are blown to bits by 'muslim' suicide bombers.

       The fact as can be read in the Quran, as heard from the mouths of the Muhammadan 'divines', as shouted by the insane and hatemongering mobs, as insited upon by the Muhammadan media and as recorded in history of the 'muslims', that terror and violence are the fundamentals of Muhammadan Islam especially since they have to follow Muhammad's Sunna; they are the deeds, acts and utterings of Muhammad.

       The Sunna, as recorded by the followers of Muhammad, show Muhammad's true character through  his sayings and his acts.

        It was he, after all, who instructed his followers to EMULATE him in everything.

       They are therefore only replicating Muhammad's acts of wanton death, destruction and assassination of any and all those who did not believe in him and his message, all those who criticised and or opposed him.

       Fundamenalist Muhammadan Muslim men especially are actually CLONES of Muhammad.