Islamic Scientists & Islam :-

Muhammadan Muslims boast that Muhammad's Quran contains all possible knowledge that mankind wants to discover from Embryology to Cosmology, from Big Bang to Black Holes and from Arithmetic to Relativity and many more.

It is obvious to any sane thinking human being that these claims are as absurd as the validity of a talking donkey!

These boasts are the product of an immense Inferiority Complex exhibited by most Muhammadan Muslims based actually on the fact that the claimants are desperate to construct a physical reality from a mirage.

The perpetrators of these mendacities are foremost among the so called 'scholars' of Muhammadan Islam who in desperation to prove the un-provable, resort to Intellectual and Theological Masturbation and Subterfuge!

It is both a pathetic and futile exercise in attempting to deceive people when under the circumstances of today, even a six year old can access any of over ten billion pages of information on the internet.

Before I delve into this important subject, I would like you all to keep in mind the following FACT:

No Muhammadan Muslim would admit in public that the so called Islamic Sciences were built upon foundations first discovered or created by Egyptians, Babylonians, Greeks, Romans, Persians, Indians and others.

Nonetheless, they have the gall and audacity to ignore all these prior discoveries as if everything in science and art were only discovered by Muslims.

Since this subject is huge, I shall bring to your attention a sample of only the most important points and characters.

Take the word Chemistry for a simple example. It is most certainly NOT Arabic, but to twist it to become Arabic, the Arabs added the Arabic article 'al' which is the English 'the' in front of it thus making it Arabic sounding as                    'al Kimiaa' meaning chemistry.

The majority of linguists agree that the word "chemistry" has an Egyptian origin, based on the ancient Egyptian word k?me (Khem), which stands for black, used in reference to the fertility of the flood plains around the Nile.

Some, however, maintain that the word "chemistry" has a Greek origin, based on the Greek word (chemeia) meaning "cast together" which is a very apt way of expressing this science. Others reason that the word alchemy is derived from the Greek for "The Egyptian Art".

No matter which it is, not one linguist attributes it to the Arabic language.

I would also like you to keep in mind what I have mentioned on numerous occasions before:

" Nothing what so ever of value can ever be produced under the darkness and terror of Fundamentalist Muhammadan Islam. Nothing! Not even a blade of grass"!

Muslim apologists always boast that the golden ages of Islam produced many great Muslim minds. It is true that there were a goodly number of outstanding scientists, doctors and philosophers under the umbrella of Islamic occupation but they were not believing Muslims by any stretch of the imagination as I shall demonstrate forthwith:

Jabir Ibn Haiyan (721-815) called Geber in Latin~
Muslim apologists claim that Jabir Ibn Haiyan was the father of chemistry although Chemistry was practiced from ancient times. Egyptians used a distillation process in 3000 BC and the Greeks in 1000 BC.
Zosimus of Panopolis, of the end of the third and beginning of the fourth century AD, was a Gnostic Christian and probably the most important of the Alexandrian alchemists wrote "The Divine Art of Making Gold and Silver".

Jabir Ibn Haiyan should not be called the founder of Chemistry, which is nothing but the usual deceiving technique of Muslim apologists. However, he did contribute a lot in this area of science and prepared varieties of acids such as, nitric, hydrochloric, citric and tartaric acids. He practiced medicine and chemistry under the patronage of the enlightened and fun loving non Fundamentalist Abbasid caliph Harun al-Rashid.

Most important of all, Jabir Ibn Haiyan was not a religious person. A Muslim apologist writes, "His religious views and philosophical concepts, embodied in the corpus have been criticized but, apart from the question of their authenticity, it is to be emphasized that the major contribution of Jabir lies in the field of chemistry and not in religion."

Whenever Muslims are embarrassed with facts, they bring about the question of authenticity, a known distracting technique that they always use. There is no doubting Jabir's valuable contribution to humankind. Nonetheless we must ask the following logical question:
If Muslims disagree with Jabir's religious views then why are they proudly claiming Jabir a Muslim scientist?
He was not a practicing Muslim after all!

Ibn Sina (980-1037)~
Ibn Sina, also known as Avicenna, was another prominent figure, who excelled in medicine and his contributions to science and philosophy are also greatly remembered. Muslims proudly call him the doctor of doctors and enjoy virtual pleasure, alleging him as another golden egg of golden Islam.

Although they take credit for him, Muslim countries never benefited from his works.  Ironically, it was European universities that included Ibn Sina's medical and philosophical works in their curriculum while his achievements remained unknown to the Islamic brainwashing religious mass producing factories called Madrassas of the Muslim world.

Apparently, Avecinna was a monotheist and accepted the authority of Muhammad as the lawgiver of Islam. He did not have any choice, did he? A learned person like Ibn Sina was well aware of the punishment for apostasy. He would have had no intention of having his head chopped off and displayed in public.

However, his freethinking mind did not accept the absurdities of Muhammadan Islam because in his autobiography under the chapter  called "THE AFTER LIFE"  he was of the opinion~
"The after-life is a notion received from religious teaching; there is no way of establishing it's truth save by way of religious dogma and acceptance of the prophet's report as true.
This is in reference to what will befall the body at the resurrection and those corporal delights or torments which are too well-known to require restating here." ("Avicenna on Theology" by Arthur J Arberry).

Arthur J Arberry also nicely explained Avecinna's conviction in his commentary, "And on one most important points of doctrine he was unquestionably, gloriously heretical; he rejected unreservedly the resurrection of the body, and with it the literal acceptance of those passages in the Koran describing in graphic physical terms the pleasure and the torture of the damned."

What a blasting blasphemous heresy! A major portion of Muhammad's Quran is littered with resurrection and/or judgment day horrors. Quran is all about killing Kafirs in this life, establishing an Islamic kingdom on Earth, and punishment in Allah's Hell or sexual pleasures with women in Muhammad's WHOREHOUSE version of Paradise in the after-life.

Muhammad's Quran asserts in Al Qaf  50.42, "The Day when they will hear a (mighty) Blast in truth: that will be the Day of Resurrection."
Not only in this verse, but the same assertion is repeated in eighty four places in the Quran. How subtly Ibn Sina rebuffed the central idea of Quran is an interesting approach that deserves to be contemplated.

Arberry made the most profound assessment of Avecinna in the following commentary, "Even during his lifetime Avicenna was suspected of infidelity to Islam. After his death accusations of heresy, free thought and atheism were repeatedly leveled against him."

Yet the so called 'scholars' of Islam hold him to the world as a shining example of Islamic knowledge and tolerance deceitfully ignoring the fact that Ibn Sina excelled in SPITE of Islam and Sharia NOT because of it.

Abu 'L-ala Ahmad b. Abdallah al-Ma'arri (973-1057)~
Al Ma'arri, also known as the Eastern Lucretius was famous for poetry and grammar. He was born in Syria but traveled many places until he became blind. He lived in Baghdad for only eighteen months but within this short time he made a name for himself as a poet.

After returning from Baghdad , he lived in his hometown Marra for another fifty years. Because of his fame, students from distant places went to Al-Marri to learn from him. Like Ibn Sina, al-Marri did not believe in resurrection and strongly condemned religious beliefs. One of his poems says it all:
"Hanifs (Muslims) are stumbling, Christians all astray Jews wildered, Magians far on error's way".

We mortals are composed of two great schools:
Enlightened knaves or else religious fools....."

Once again we find that another alleged Muslim luminary to have been no more Muslim than a Pagan. He too was secular under the oppressive umbrella of Muhammadan Islam yet as we all find out, the so called 'scholars' of Islam hold him to the world as a Muslim guiding light.

Abu Raihan Mohammed Ibn Ahmad Al-Biruni (973-1048)~
Al-Biruni was multi-talented; he contributed in physics, metaphysics, mathematics, geography and history. His famous book Kitab al-Hind gives a vivid account of the historical and social conditions of the Indian sub-continent.

Al-Biruni's astronomical achievements were in the line of Ptolemy. In mathematics, he dealt with algebraic definitions, Trigonometry, and Archimedes' theorems. It was Archimedes who gave birth to the calculus of the 'infinite conceived'.
Al-Biruni nurtured this concept which was finally perfected by Kepler, Cavalieri, Fermat, Leibniz and Newton.
"In religion he was a Shi'ite Muslim, but with agnostic tendencies." - Encyclopedia Britannica 2000.

Being AGNOSTIC precludes him being a true Muslim. Once again, we find out that only with men who had discarded the mental and oppressive chains of Muhammadan Islam could they succeed and excel in KNOWLEDGE.

Omar al-Khayyam Al-Nisaburi (1048-1131 AD)~
Omar al Khayyam is best known for his Rubaiyat or poems and he was an outstanding mathematician and astronomer. He also wrote a book of music, an un-Islamic act that may throw him in a burning hell.

His calculation of 365.24219858156 days making a year, is so close to accurate that modern scientists respectfully remember his name. Omar al Khayyam also found a geometric solution of cubic equations.

Islam strictly prohibits Martini and Bikini. According to Quran, Muslim women are not allowed to reveal their beauty and drinking wine gives you a one-way ticket to Hell. But Omar al Khayyam was an admirer of beauty and wine.

"Drinking wine is my travail
Till my body is dead and stale
At my grave site all shall hail
Odor of wine shall prevail."
Another piece of gem:
"Heaven is incomplete without a heavenly romance
Let a glass of wine be my present circumstance
Take what is here now, let go of a promised chance
A drumbeat is best heard from a distance."

Outstanding! This guy is my hero. Listen carefully to the last two lines where he is encouraging to enjoy the earthly life and discard the idea of a promised hereafter. Mullahs and suicide bombers may learn a thing or two from Omar al Khayyam's Rubayat. He was surrounded by Islam, a hopeless doctrine that promotes hatred, destruction and racism, yet Omar al Khayyam found the meaning of a cheerful life.

Once more we find a so called Muslim scientist to have been as Muslim as an Apostate. Yet once again does another great mind appear under the dark umbrella of Muhammadan Islam who shines beauty of letters, thought, realityand spirituality in spite of the Terror, Hate, Oppression and Joylessness that is Islam.

By the way, most of the greatest minds that made contributions to the advancement and betterment of humanity were NOT Arabs but Persians, Jews, Christians, Converts, North Africans, Spaniards etc

Another Proof for the Pudding is the fact that no human being can name five Muhammadan Muslims who have contributed anything of value to the world during the last 1400 years of Muhammadan Islam in the Arabian Peninsula from among the tens of millions who lived there.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, the absolute majority of the men who excelled under Islam were NOT TRUE believers. They were mostly free thinkers and secular NOT true Muhammadan Muslims.

I repeat once again:
"Absolutely nothing of value can ever be produced under the dark umbrella of Fundamentalist Muhammadan Islam. Not even a blade of grass!"

I rest my case.