La Ilah illa'Allah:-                

       To refute the Muhammadan assertion that Allah is GOD, the reader should be made aware of the following.

       Allah is NOT GOD; Allah is only the NAME of a god.  Allah was the name of the supreme pagan rock god of the Ka'ba centuries before Muhammad and his Quran.

       In Arabic, GOD is called ILAH, not Allah.

       There are numerous verses in different Suras that prove this point.

2:163; 3:18, 216; 4:87; 6:39, 102, 206; 7:65, 73, 85, 158, 159; 9:31, 129; 11: 14, 50, 61, 84; 13: 27, 30; 16:2; 20: 8, 14, 98; 23:3, 32; 24:25; 27:26; 28:70, 88; 35:3; 38:65; 40: 3, 62, 65; 44:8; 47:19; 64:13; 73:9.

2: 163 And your god [ilahakum] is one god [ilahan wahid] ; there is no god [ilah] but He [hooa] Most Gracious Most Merciful [al Rahman al Rahim].

3: 18        There is no god [Ilah] but He: that is the witness of Allah [Allah] His angels and those endued with knowledge standing firm on justice.  There is no god [ilah] but He the Exalted in Power the Wise.

27: 26 "Allah [Allah]! there is no god [Ilah] but He! Lord of the Throne Supreme!"

First Pillar of 'Islam': Faith

       There is no god [ilah] worthy of worship except ALLAH [Allah] and Muhammad is his messenger.

       La Ilah [god] Illa' [except] Allah, wa [and] Muhammad Rasool' [messenger of] Allah

       This declaration of faith is called the Shahada, a simple formula which all the faithful pronounce.

       *** Contrary to all the deliberate falsifications by Muhammadan scholars, as can be seen from the Arabic of the Shahada, and numerous other Quranic verses, Allah is NOT GOD but the NAME of a god, just like Jove, Zeus, Venus, etc are names of pagan gods and goddesses in the Greek and Roman pantheon, so was the name Allah who was the supreme deity of the pagan Ka'ba pantheon.

       Muhammad's pagan father, after all, was called Abd Allah [Slave of Allah], long before Muhammad's  alleged revelations ***