According to the Book of Idols (Kitab al-Asnām) by Hishām b. al-Kalbi, the pre-Islamic Arabs believed Allāt resided in the Ka'ba and also had a stone statue form in the sanctuary. [ibn al-Kalbi writes (N.A. Faris 1952, pp. 14-15)]:

            Her custody was in the hands of the Banū-Attāb ibn-Mālik of the Thaqīf, who had built an edifice over her. The Quraysh, as well as all the Arabs, were wont to venerate Allāt. They also used to name their children after her, calling them Zayd-Allāt. and Taym-Allāt. 

       Allāt continued to be venerated until the Thaqīf embraced Islam, when the Apostle of  Allah dispatched al-Mughīrah ibn-Shu'bah, who destroyed her and burnt her temple to the ground. 

       This deity belonged to Thaqif in Ta’if, her oversears and guardians were the B anu Mu’attib of Thaqif. It was a cubic rock beside which a certain Jew used to prepare his barley porridge (sawiq).

        Allat was more recent than Manah, whose sacred tracts (Hima and Haram) near al Taif, whither the Arabs flocked for pilgrimage and sacrifice. Within such an enclosure, no trees could be felled, no game hunted and no human blood shed. 

       It may have been a name for the Moon goddess, the second of the three daughters of Allah, an important god of the Ka’ba. In Surat al Najim (Star), 53: 19 “Have ye seen Lat and Uzza” is the only time this name is mentioned.

       She stood in the place of the left-hand side minaret of the present-day mosque of 

        It was this same Allat which 'Amr ibn-al-Ju'ayd (Al-Aghani, vol. xv, pp.75-77, vol. xxi (ed. It. S. Brunnow, Leyden, 1888), p. 186)  had in mind when he said:

"In forswearing wine I am like him who hath abjured Allat,
although he had been at one time her devotee."

       Likewise it was the same idol to which al-Mutalammis [Ibn-Qutaybah, al-Shi'r w-al-Shu'ara', ed. M. J. de Goeje, Leyden, 1902-1904, pp. 85-88; al-Aghani, vol. xxi, pp. 185-210.] alluded in his satire of 'Amr ibn-al-Mundhirt [King of Lakhm, better known as 'Amr ibn-Hind. See al-Isfahini, pp 109-110.] when he said:          

"Thou hast banished me for fear of lampoon and satire.
No! By Allat and all the sacred baetyls (ansab),
thou shalt not escape."

       Allat continued to be venerated until the Thaqif embraced Islam, when the Apostle of Allah dispatched al-Mughirah ibn-Shu'bab, who destroyed her and burnt her [temple] to the ground [cf. Sirah pp 917-919].

In this connection, when Allat was destroyed and burnt to the ground, Shaddid ibn-'Arid al-Jushami' [ibid., p.871] said warning the Thaqif not to return to her worship nor attempt to avenge her destruction:

"Come not to Allat, for Allah hath doomed her to destruction;
How can you stand by one which doth not triumph?
Verily that which, when set on fire, resisted not the flames,
Nor saved her stones, is inglorious and worthless.
Hence when the Apostle in your place shall arrive
And then leave, not one of her votaries shall be left."

Aws ibn-Hajar, swearing by Allat, said:

"By Allat and al-'Uzza and those who in them believe,
And by Allah, verily He is greater than both."

       Her name also occurs in earlier Safaitic graffiti and she was worshipped by the Nabataeans of Petra and the people of Hatra, who equated her with the Greek Athena & the Roman Minerva.         
           As Muhammad grew weary from evangelizing his new 'religion' with little success, he was allegedly tricked by Satan into adding a verse in the Quran that commanded 'Muslims' to pray to Allah's three pagan daughters: Lat, Uzza and Manat. 

       The pagan female Trinity was immediately accepted without dissent and the passage was considered part of the revealed Quran. However some time later, Muhammad got a 'revelation' from Allah that the verse should be removed. After repenting of the error, Muhammad was comforted by  Allah.

           Such "after the fact corrective revelations" are very common with CULTS and the Quran has 71 Suras from 114 that have ABROGATING and ABROGATED verses in them.

            The historical information confirming the "Satanic Verses" is so vast and sure, only the desperate blind would deny the evidence. Undeniably, factual information regarding the Satanic Verses comes from respected Muhammadan Muslim scholars like 
al-Tabari and Ibn Sa’d who wrote biographical and historical accounts of the life of Muhammad.

            Yet some Muhammadan scholars actually reject the whole "daughter-gate" story as untrue. These are Fundamentalist Muhammadans who do not believe that youth should be taught history or science, but should spend their days memorizing the Quran, without any COMPREHENSION. 

       In fact many Muhammadan Muslims are trained to habitually disregard factual world history, science and literature when it conflicts with the Quran.

        Take the fact of Christ's crucifixion. Even the Jews agree that he was crucified, but the Quran says it was a case of mistaken identity. So Muhammadans reject the universal record of history the Bible, and the Gospels but believe the Quran is true.

        Amazingly, some 'Islamic' apologists actually deny the Satanic Verses ever happened based entirely on their spurious, unsubstantiated and illogical argument that, 

"The Quran says it cannot be tampered with and that Satan cannot interfere with the revelation process." 

  The Quraysh were wont to circumambulate the Ka'ba and say,

        By al-Lāt and al-Uzzā,
        And al-Manāt, the third idol besides.
        Verily they are al-gharānīq
        Whose intercession is to be sought.

       The verses above (Satanic Verses) were ABROGATED by Muhammad and replaced with the following:

53: 18        For truly did he see of the Signs of his Lord the Greatest!
        19        Have ye seen Lat al Uzza 
       20        And another the third (goddess) Manat?
       21                What! for you the male sex and for Him the female? 
      22                Behold such would be indeed a division most unfair!

       *** The reality is that the followers of Muhammad have NO CHOICE but to be in DENIAL, since the alternative - admitting the TRUTH - is so CATACLYSMIC that it becomes UNTHINKABLE ***