Love of God:-                        

       In the Jewish tradition, the true lover of God is also a lover of man.

       Not so in the Muhammadan tradition where in only the believers in Allah and his messenger Muhammad can be 'loved'.

       In Muhammad's Islam, Man is only the slave of Allah, WITHOUT the FREE WILL to choose his path in life, but predestined to either heaven or hell.

       In the Jewish tradition, on the other hand, Man is God's creation, ENDOWED WITH FREE WILL and can choose his path in life whether for right or for wrong.

       While in the Jewish tradition it is up to Man (the individual human being) to gain mastery over his EVIL IMPULSES by means of WISDOM, INSIGHT and KNOWLEDGE.

       Muhammadan Muslims excell in the BLAME OTHERS culture and state of mind. They scapegoat all others for their own failures, their anger, their hatred and their lack of progress.

       The followers of Muhammad blame especially the INNOCENT SATAN for most of their perceived misfortunes.