Love of Life:-                        

The Quran promises the faithful among the men, great rewards in the after-life (death) more so than life on Earth. This belief system is the exact opposite to that of the Bible which concentrates exclusively on being good and righteous in the life-time of the person that would bring him/her pleasure and happiness while alive on Earth. 

       Whilst the Bible celebrates life, the Quran celebrates death.        

       Muhammad and his Quran have actually totally missed the concept of afterlife as envisaged by the Rabbis. It is not supposed to be based on actual physical manifestations but is totally in the spiritual realm. The body remains on earth decaying and turning to dust. 

       The belief that in the afterlife, the spirits will have sex and enjoy physical and sensual pleasures, is totally alien to both Jews and Christians. This idea is entirely the product of  Muhammad's mind and is devoid of any logic, morality or spirituality. 

       This is why the Muhammadan ‘suicide bombers’ are willing to die because they are being promised rewards that they could never expect under any normal circumstances in life on earth as long as they are following the Quran and the Sunna of Muhammad.

3: 14        Fair in the eyes of men is the love of things they covet: women and sons; heaped-up hoards of gold and silver; horses branded (for blood and excellence); and (wealth of) cattle and well-tilled land.  Such are the possessions of this world's life; but in nearness to Allah is the best of the goals (to return to).

       *** Considering that Muhammad accumulated just these earthly 'rewards' through Plunder, Booty, Slaughter and Deception, the level of his HYPOCRISY is beneath contempt ***

13: 26 Allah doth enlarge or grant by (strict) measure the Sustenance (which He giveth) to whom so He pleaseth.  (The worldly) rejoice in the life of this world: but the life of this world is but little comfort in the Hereafter

3: 185 Every soul shall have a taste of death: and only on the Day of Judgment shall you be paid your full recompense.  Only he who is saved far from the fire and admitted to the garden will have attained the object (of life): for the life of this world is but goods and chattels of deception.

14: 3        Those who love the life of this world more than the Hereafter who hinder (men) from the Path of Allah and seek therein something crooked: they are astray by a long distance.

16: 107 This because they love the life of this world better than the Hereafter: and Allah will not guide those who reject faith.

28: 60 The (material) things which ye are given are but the conveniences of this life and the glitter thereof; but that which is with Allah is better and more enduring: will ye not then be wise? 

53: 29 Therefore shun those who turn away from Our Message and desire nothing but the life of this world.
75: 19 Nay more it is for Us to explain it (and make it clear):20 Nay (ye men!) but ye 
love the fleeting life 21        And leave alone the Hereafter.

76: 27 As to these they love the fleeting life and put away behind them a Day (that will be) hard.

       *** It should not then be a great wonder that most of the Quraysh and the other pagan Arabian tribes REFUSED to accept Muhammad's JOYLESS, LIFELESS, MORBID and totally DEMENTED message. 

       That is why in the end, Muhammad had to resort to TERROR and the violence of the SWORD to ram down his 'DEMONIC MESSAGE' into the minds of the rightly reluctant populace.

       Even today, 1400 years later, nothing has actually changed in the methodlogy of attempting to PROPAGATE Muhammad's message by his followers.

       Just like Muhammad's failed attempts at persuasion, his modern followers cannot change the minds of DECENT and RATIONAL people through dialogue and discussion, hence they continue to resort to using all means of TERROR and the SWORD in attemting to CONVERT the WHOLE of HUMANITY to their DEPRAVED and SATANIC belief system***