The most ancient of all the idols of Arabs was Manah (Maniyah, allotted fate), was the goddess of destiny. The Arabs used to name their children 'Abd-Manah and Zayd-Manah. 

       Manah main sanctuary was a black stone erected on the seashore in the vicinity of al-Mushallal [Sifah, p 214; Buldan, vol. iv, p.543.] in Qudayd [Sifah, pp.120, 185, 218: Buldan, vol. iv, p.42], between Madina and Mecca.

        All the Arabs used to venerate her and sacrifice before her; in particular the Aws [One of the main groups of South Arabian tribes. Ishtiqaq, pp. 83, 259.] and the Khazraj 
[ibid Ishtiqaq, p. 259], as well as the inhabitants of Madina and Mecca and their vicinities, used to venerate Manah, sacrifice before her, and bring unto her their offerings.

       After encompassing the Ka’ba, its followers would hasten from Arafat and complete the rites at Mina and did not shave their hair until they got to Manah, to whom they would cry  
“Labbayki” meaning “we are here at your service” [ Ibn Ishaq,39].

        This same word was later incorporated in the ‘Islamic’ theology when addressing Allah. She is also associated with Al Dahr = Time.

       The children of the Ma'add [ibid Ishtiqaq, p. 20], were followers of a faith which still preserved a little of the religion of Ishmael. The Rabi'ah [ibid Ishtiqaq, p. 20],and the Mudar [ibid Ishtiqaq, p. 20], too, were followers of a similar faith. But none venerated her more than the Aws and the Khazraj.

       Abu-al-Mundhir Hisham ibn-Muhammad said:
 I was told by a man from the Quraysh on the authority of abu-'Ubaydab 'Abdullab
[ibn-Abdullah" in text. Cf. al-Tabari, vol. ii, 863, 868; Buldan, vol. iv, p. 653.] ibn-abi-'Ubaydah ibn-'Ammar ibn-Yasir who was the best informed man on the subject of the Aws and the Khazraj, that the Aws and the Khazraj, as well as those Arabs among the people of Yathrib [The old name of Medina: Sifah, pp.2, 124; Buldan, vol. iv, pp. 1009-1010,458-468]
 and other places who took to their way of life, were wont to go on pilgrimage and observe the vigil at all the appointed places, but not shave their heads. 

       At the end of the pilgrimage, however, when they were about to return home, they would set out to the place where Manah stood, shave their heads, and stay there a while. They did not consider their pilgrimage completed until they visited Manah. Because of this veneration of Manah by the Aws and the Khazraj, 'Abd-al-'Uzza ibn-Wadi'ah al-Muzani, or some other Arab, said:

"An oath, truthful and just, I swore
By Manah, at the sacred place of the Khazraj."

       During the Jahiliyah days, the Arabs were wont to call both the Aws and the Khazraj by the single generic name, al-Khazraj. For this reason the part said, "at the sacred place of the Khazraj." 

       This Manah is that which Allah mentioned 

53:20 "And Manah, the third idol besides"

         She was also the [goddess] of the Hudhayl [Ishtiqaq, pp. 108-110.] and the Khuza'ah[ibid., p. 276].

       The Quraysh as well as the rest of the Arabs continued to venerate Manah until the  Muhammad set out from Madina in the eighth year of the Hijrah, the year in which Allah accorded him the victory [over Mecca]. 

       When he was at a distance of four or five nights from Madina, he dispatched 'Ali to destroy her. 'Ali demolished her, took away all her [treasures], and carried them back to the Prophet. Among the treasures which 'Ali carried away were two swords which had been presented to [Manah] by al-Harith ibn-abi-Shamir al-Ghassani, the king of Ghassan. The one sword was called Mikhdham and the other Rasub. They are the two swords of al-Harith which 'Alqamah mentions in one of his poems. He said:

"Wearing two coats of mail as well as
Two studded swords, Mikhdham and Rasub 
[W. Ahlwardt, < i>The Diwans of the Six Ancient Arabic Poets, London. 1870, p. 107 ['Alqamah, 2:27].]."

           As Muhammad grew weary from evangelizing his new 'religion' with little success, he was allegedly tricked by Satan into adding a verse in the Quran that commanded 'Muslims' to pray to Allah's three pagan daughters: Lat, Uzza and Manah. 

       The pagan female Trinity was immediately accepted without dissent and the passage was considered part of the revealed Quran. However some time later, Muhammad got a 'revelation' from Allah that the verse should be removed. After repenting of the error, Muhammad was comforted by Allah.

           Such "after the fact corrective revelations" are very common with CULTS and the Quran has 71 Suras from 114 that have ABROGATING and ABROGATED verses in them.

            The historical information confirming the "Satanic Verses" is so vast and sure, only the desperate blind would deny the evidence. Undeniably, factual information regarding the Satanic Verses comes from respected Muhammadan Muslim scholars such as al-Tabari and Ibn Sa’d who wrote biographical and historical accounts of the life of Muhammad.

            Yet some Muhammadan scholars actually reject the whole "daughter-gate" story as untrue. These are Fundamentalist Muhammadans who do not believe that youth should be taught history or science, but that they should spend their days memorizing by rote the Quran, without any COMPREHENSION. 

       In fact many Muhammadan Muslims are trained to habitually disregard factual world history, science and literature when it conflicts with the Quran.

        Take the fact of Christ's crucifixion. Even the Jews agree that he was crucified, but the Quran says it was a case of mistaken identity. So Muhammadans reject the universal record of history, the Bible and the Gospels but believe the Quran is true.

        Amazingly, some 'Islamic' apologists actually deny the Satanic Verses ever happened based entirely on their spurious, unsubstantiated and illogical argument that, 

"The Quran says it cannot be tampered with and that Satan cannot interfere with the revelation process." 

  The Quraysh were wont to circumambulate the Ka'ba and say,

        By al-Lāt and al-Uzzā,
        And al-Manāt, the third idol besides.
        Verily they are al-gharānīq
        Whose intercession is to be sought.

       The verses above (Satanic Verses) were ABROGATED by Muhammad and replaced with the following:

53: 18        For truly did he see of the Signs of his Lord the Greatest!
        19        Have ye seen Lat al Uzza 
       20        And another the third (goddess) Manah?
       21                What! for you the male sex and for Him the female? 
      22                Behold such would be indeed a division most unfair!

               *** The reality is that the followers of Muhammad have NO CHOICE but to be in DENIAL, since the alternative - admitting the TRUTH - is so CATACLYSMIC that it becomes UNTHINKABLE ***