Maqam Ibrahim:-                

       This expression, Maqam Ibrahim appears in 2:125  which means a Standing Place of prayer which is copied from the Hebrew Maqom in the Bible where Abraham had stood and addressed God in-

Gen. 19:24 " Now God had caused sulfer and fire to rain upon Sodom & Gomorrah, from God, out of heaven.

            25 " He overturned these cities and the entire plain, with all the inhabitantsof thge cities and the vegetation of the soil.

            26 " His wife peered behind him and she became a pillar of salt.

             27 " Abraham arose early in the morning to the place where he had stood before God.

           28 " And he gazed down upon Sodom and Gomorrah and the entire surface of the land of the plain; and saw - and behold! the smoke of the earth rose like the smoke of a kiln.

           29 " And so it was when God destroyed the cities of the plain that God remembered Abraham....

       The reader should be made aware of the following extremely important points to ponder:

1        That the scene being described so vividly and in great detail in the Bible occured NOT near Mecca or in Arabia BUT in the land of Canaan near the Dead Sea almost 1000 desert miles north of the Ka'ba.

2        The spot where Abraham stood almost 2600 years BEFORE Muhammad and his Quran was never commemorated or identified in the Bible let alone that it could be identified by an illiterate and unlearned Arab as Muhammad was.

3        The God of Abraham in the Bible has NO NAME and it certainly WAS NOT Allah.

4        The so called 'traditions' of the Arabs DID NOT EXIST BEFORE Muhammad PLAGIARISED, PLUNDERED, PIRATED and/or PERVERTED most of what he inserted in his Quran from the Hebrew Bible and Scriptures.

5        Even according to the Quran, both Muhammad and the pagan Arabs were UNLEARNED in PREVIOUS REVELATIONS.
       Hence, they could not possibly have known anything whatsoever about the contents of the Bible and subsequently nothing about the Biblical characters.

6        The followers of Muhammad had almost 1400 years to 'perfect' their MENDACITIES regarding their 'traditions', NOT a single one of which can they substantiate based on historical or theological records.

7        Not ONCE does the Bible mention or recognise the names Allah, Mecca or the Ka'ba and certainly no where in the Book of Genesis, where the period of Abraham's life story is located.

8        Not once in the Bible is there any association between Abraham (Ibrahim), Ishmael (Ismail), Mecca, the Ka'ba or Arabia.

        Thus, according to the  so called 'traditions' of the Muhammadans, the story of the stone that bears Abraham's name in Mecca is given a new SPIN:

        In order to complete the upper part of the walls of the Ka'ba, Ibrahim (Abraham) stood upon a large stone block which he moved along when each section was completed. When the Ka'ba was finished, the large stone block was left outside the Ka'ba, close to the eastern wall of the sanctuary. It became known as the Maqam Ibrahim (the station of Ibrahim).

       Today, Maqam Ibrahim, with the stone within, is located in front of the door of the Ka'ba. The boulder is about 2 x 3 feet. Where it stands today is the place where Ibrahim (Abraham) allegedly offered up his prayers.

       *** Any one who has ever read the Bible - let alone had studied it- would know that the above story is purely the figment of imagination of both Muhammad and his followers.

       The reason for this incredible, DESPERATE but obvious infantile subterfuge was Muhammad's obsession to create a line of continuity between himself and the Hebrew Prophets thus giving himself a sanctified and sublime lineage, worthy of an alleged prophet for the Arabs ***