Missing Biblical Prophets:-

       The Quran, erroneously attributes to several Biblical charcters the title of prophet when in fact they were not, according to the Bible.

       Among them are: Adam, Noah, Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, David, Solomon, Jobe, etc

       What is remarkably missing in the Quran, are the names of  ACTUAL and TRUE Prophets among the Major and Minor ones such as: Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Hosea, Joel, Amos, etc.

       There is also no mention either of Joshua who, as the successor (Khalifa) to Moses, and who should have been prominent in the Quran as the one who conquered the Promised Land.

       It is left to the incredible lack of vercity in the Quran, as to why these extremely important prophets  are not mentioned while those who were not, are.

       *** The ENORMOUS number of wrong information found in the verses of the Quran when compared to the original stories in the Bible, casts a LONG SHADOW regarding its VERACITY and hence its alleged 'divine origin' ***