Mother of the Book:-                

13: 39        Allah doth blot out or confirm what He pleaseth: with Him is the Mother of the Book [Umm-ul-Kitab].

# Umm-ul-Kitab: Mother of the Book: the original foundation of all revelation; the Essence of Allah's Will and Law. Cf. iii. 7, and n. 347#

40: 70        Those who reject the Book and the (revelations) with which We sent Our apostles: But soon shall they know
       #"The Book" may refer to the Holy Qur-an or to the fundamental, Revelation the "Mother of the Book" (xiii. 39), while the Books revealed to the messengers are the definite Revelations that came down to men from time to time#        

       *** The Book is definitely NOT the Quran since there was no compiled and authorised Quran at that time.

       More over, the verb is in the PAST TENSE and not the present and definitely refers to the Torah***

43: 4          And verily it is in the Mother of the Book [Umm-ul-Kitab] in Our Presence high (in dignity) full of wisdom.

# Cf. iii. 7, n. 347: and xiii. 39, n. 1864. The Mother of the Book, the Foundation of Revelation, the Preserved Tablet (Lauh Mahfuz. lxxxv. 22), is the core or essence of revelation, the original principle or fountain-head of Allah's Eternal and Universal Law. From this fountain-head are derived all streams of knowledge and wisdom, that flow through Time and feed the intelligence of created minds. The Mother of the Book is in Allah's own Presence, and its dignity and wisdom are more than all we can think of#

85: 21         Nay this is a Glorious Qur'an22        (Inscribed) in a Tablet Preserved
[Fi Lawhi Mahfoodth]        

       #"Inscribed in a Tablet Preserved", i.e. Allah's Message is not ephemeral. It is eternal. The "Tablet" is "preserved" or guarded from corruption: xv. 9: for Allah's Message must endure for ever. That Message is the "Mother of the book": see n. 347 to iii. 7#

       *** This idea is plagiarised from the Rabbinical concept that there is an original TORAH presereved on a Tablet with the Almighty.

       As usual, Muhammad copied this from the Jews and inserted it in his Quran ***

Sahih Al-Bukhari HadithHadith 6.529        Narrated byAbu Said Al Khudri
While we were on one of our journeys, we dismounted at a place where a slave girl came and said, "The chief of this tribe has been stung by a scorpion and our men are not present; is there anybody among you who can treat him (by reciting something)?" Then one of our men went along with her though we did not think that he knew any such treatment. But he treated the chief by reciting something, and the sick man recovered whereupon he gave him thirty sheep and gave us milk to drink (as a reward). When he returned, we asked our friend, "Did you know how to treat with the recitation of something?" He said, "No, but I treated him only with the recitation of the Mother of the Book (i.e., Al-Fatiha)."  We said, "Do not say anything (about it) till we reach or ask the Prophet so when we reached Medina, we mentioned that to the Prophet (in order to know whether the sheep which we had taken were lawful to take or not). The Prophet said, "How did he come to know that it (Al-Fatiha) could be used for treatment? Distribute your reward and assign for me one share thereof as well."