Muhammad & Desecrations :-

Questin: Throughout the history of Muhammadan Islam, they either converted the holy places of the conquered peoples or destroyed them. They also deliberately desecrated cemeteries and shrines of others.
Why if Muhammadan Islam is Peaceful and understanding did they do so?

Answer : My chapters have made it crystal clear that Muhammadan Islam is NOT what its followers FALSELY claim it to be.

I have demonstrated in chapter after chapter, using ONLY their own books and scripture as references, that Muhammadan Islam is first and foremost NOT a religion but a CULT Belief System: the CULT of Muhammad since all his followers have to emulate his SUNNA; that is his actions, thoughts, instructions and deeds.

Muhammadan Islam as I have amply proven in these chapters, is a Bigoted, Racist, Hatemongering, Warmongering, Unjust, Immoral and hence an UNGODLY belief system.

Muhammadans are regularly able to deceive Quran ignoramus people by telling them that the Quran forbids aggression. That the Muslims were ONLY defending themselves. Really?

Can they show us how, where and when the Hindus attacked them? Or the Spaniards, Italians, French, Armenians, Egyptians, North Africans, Chinese, Buddhists etc etc did the same?

As his CLONES, his followers must ape and emulate Muhammad's SUNNA which alleges that the Quraysh, the Christian or the Judaised Arabs were also aggressing or intending to attack him.

Ladies and gentlemen, please be aware of the following very simple FACTS that invariably escape the attention of most people but are actually pregnant with meaning and logic:

Muhammad and his followers, the Arabs of the Hijaz especially,  were among the most illiterate, superstitious, unlearned and uncivilized people in the area of what we now call the Middle East, even though they were surrounded by three of the most important civilizations in human history: The Sassanid Persian; the Byzantine Christian & the Coptic Egyptian.

Hence, the hordes of Arabian Muhammadans who conquered these civilizations needed to have mosques to pray in. Since they could not build a proper house let alone an imposing mosque, they very conveniently took over the holy places of the conquered peoples and transformed them into mosques.

They did so with the magnificent cathedrals of the Christians, the synagogues of the Jews and the temples of the Zoroasterian Persians. They deliberately and systematically destroyed and desecrated an enormous number of outstanding Hindu and Buddhist temples and built their mosques on their sacred land instead.

The reason why, after looting the enormous wealth of the Hindu and Buddhist temples and demolished them should be simple to understand: These temples harboured human and animal figures and sexual displays, all of which are prohibited by Muhammad's joyless, heartless and artless Sunna.

It was Muhammad after all and usual, who was the first to start the process of initiating the desecration of graves and graveyards of so called Unbelieving or Disbelieving Kuffar.

Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadith 3.92 Narrated by Anas bin Malik                                 
The Prophet came to Medina and ordered a mosque to be built and said, "O Bani Najjar! Suggest to me the price (of your land)." They said, "We do not want its price except from Allah" (i.e. they wished for a reward from Allah for giving up their land freely). So, the Prophet ordered the graves of the pagans to be dug out and the land to be leveled, and the date-palm trees to be cut down. The cut date-palms were fixed in the direction of the Qibla of the mosque.

*** So called Believers and Unbelievers, I would like to point out to you that in reality, the graves of these Pagans actually belonged to the deceased fathers and forefathers of the now Islamised Bani Najjar! Nothing whatsoever sacred that does not belong to the Muhammadans cannot and will not be violated and or desecrated by tolerant and peace-loving Muhammadan Muslims even if it were their own heritage***

Muhammad and his Arabian hordes did so 1400 years ago and we watch with amazement, horror and disgust, the gleeful repeat performances by his hatemongering current followers all over the world and yet, with an obscene degree of hypocrisy, they complain if someone desecrates the leaves of a Quran.

The Dome of the Rock was built by the Arabian Umayyad caliph Abd al-Malik from 688 to 691 AD. It was not intended to be a mosque, but a shrine for pilgrims. It was built upon the holiest shrine land of the Jews, the Temple Mount of Jerusalem where the original Temple of Solomon used to be.

Another of the earliest examples of this kind of sequestration and occupation was in Damascus Syria, where in 705 where once again the Umayyad caliph Abd al-Malik took this time, the church of St. John from the Christians and had it rebuilt as a mosque. The Umayyad Mosque, also known as the Grand Mosque of Damascus, is one of the largest mosques in the world, and one of the oldest sites of continuous prayer since the rise of Islam. A shrine in the mosque is said to contain the head of John the Baptist.

Overall, Abd al-Malik is said to have transformed ten important churches in Damascus into mosques. In Syria also, the Church of Job was converted to the Ash Shaykh Sa'd mosque.

The process of turning churches into mosques was especially intensive in the villages of all the conquered lands of Christendom, with the gradual conversion of the native Christians under the oppressive and onerous Jizzya Tax and Dhimmi laws to Muhammadan Islam.

During his persecution of the indigenous Christian Copts of Egypt, the Arabian Abbasid caliph al-Ma'mun turned many churches into mosques, both in Cairo and in the Egyptian villages, which had no mosques in the earlier generations of Muhammadan Islam.

Following the same tradition, the Fatimid caliph al-Hakim converted numerous churches and synagogues into mosques.

In Spain, many earlier Visigothic churches that had been built on the location of Roman temples, were converted into mosques. The chief mosque in Palermo was previously a church. After the Crusades, several churches were again turned into mosques in the Holy Land.

The Ottoman Turks converted into mosques nearly all churches, monasteries, and chapels in Constantinople, including the famous St. Sophia cathedral, immediately after capturing the city in 1453. To make the buildings fit for the mosques, the Turks destroyed the icons, plundering their precious plating in the process, and defaced the frescoes. The Ottoman sultan Mehmet II was the first to perform a Muslim prayer in what had previously been the St. Sophia cathedral.

In Istanbul Turkey, the most astounding Byzantine church, the "Hagia Sophia" constructed by the Emperor Justinianu in Constantinople was turned into the  "Ayasofya Mosque" from 1453 -1935. Hagia Sophia was built between 324-337. After serving two different religions, 916 years as a church and 477 years as a mosque. Hagia Sophia in Istanbul Turkey, was converted into a museum on Kemal Ataturk's orders. He believed that it should be considered a world heritage, and done with its service as a worshiping temple so that people could come and see it.

In many instances, mosques were established on the holy places of Jewish or Christian sanctuaries associated with Biblical personalities who are also recognized by Muhammad's Quran. This practice was particularly common in the Holy land. The Caliph Umar laid the foundation of Al-Aqsa mosque on the Temple Mount, the most sacred site in Judaism.

The Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron, the second most holy site in Judaism, was converted into a church during the Crusades before being turned into a mosque in 1266 and henceforth banned to Jews and Christians.

In Cordoba Spain, the Visigoth church was converted to a mosque in 784. It became a Church again in 1236. In 711 AD, Cordoba - as many other Andalusian cities - was conquered by the Moors. The large Cordoba Mosque was modeled after the one in Damascus, and is a real masterpiece. The surrounding neighbourhood formed the heart of the city.

The Cathedral of Saint John became the "Hirami Ahmet Pasha Mosque" in late 16th century.

After the Islamic conquest of Persia, Zoroastrian fire temples, with their four axial arch openings, were usually turned into mosques simply by setting a mihrab (prayer niche) on the place of the arch nearest to qibla (the direction of Mecca). This practice is described by numerous Muhammadan sources. Zoroastrian temples converted into mosques in such a manner could be found in Bukhara, as well as in other Iranian cities.

The colossal and wanton destruction, pillaging, looting and desecration of Hindu temples in India during the Arabian Islamic conquests had occurred from the beginning of the Muhammadan onslaughts until the end the Mughal Empire throughout the Indian subcontinent.

An inscription at Quwwat Al-Islam Mosque in Delhi states:
This Jamii Masjid built in the months of the year 587 (hijri) by the Amir, the great, the glorious commander of the Army, Qutb-ud-daula wad-din, the Amir-ul-umara Aibeg, the slave of the Sultan, may Allah strengthen his helpers! The materials of 27 idol temples, on each of which 2,000,000 Deliwal coins had been spent were used in the (construction of) this mosque.

The Persian Abu Rihan Muhammad bin Ahmad, Alberuni (circa 973 AD), in his Indica,  writes about the famous temple of Multan in India:
A famous idol of theirs was that of Multan, dedicated to the sun, .. When Muhammad Ibn Alkasim Ibn Almunabbih, conquered Multan, he inquired how the town had become so very flourishing and so many treasures had there been accumulated, and then he found out that this idol was the cause, for there came pilgrims from all sides to visit it.

Therefore he thought it best to have the idol where it was, but he hung a piece of cow's-flesh on its neck by way of mockery. On the same place a mosque was built. When then the Karmatians occupied Multan, Jalam Ibn Shaiban, the usurper, broke the idol into pieces and killed its priests. .. When afterwards the blessed Prince Mahmud swept away their rule from those countries, he made again the old mosque the place of the Friday-worship, ..

An inscription of 1462 Jami Masjid at Malan, in Banaskantha District of Gujarat states:
The Jami Masjid was built by Khan-I-Azam Ulugh Khan, who suppressed the wretched infidels. He eradicated the idolatrous houses and mine of infidelity, along with the idols with the edge of the sword, and made ready this edifice.
He made its walls and doors out of the idols; the back of every stone became the place for prostration of the believer

Mughal Emperor Jahangir wrote in his Tujuk-i-Jahangiri:
I am here led to relate that at the city of Banaras a temple had been erected by Rajah Maun Sing, which cost him the sum of nearly thirty-six laks of five methkaly ashrefies. ...I made it my plea for throwing down the temple which was the scene of this imposture; and on the spot, with the very same materials, I erected the great mosque, because the very name of Islam was proscribed at Banaras, and with Allah's blessing it is my design, if I live, to fill it full with true believers

The conversion of non-Islamic places of worship into mosques has abated in modern times, as no major territorial acquisitions have been made by Islam in recent times. However, some of the Greek Orthodox churches in Turkey that were left behind by expelled Greeks in 1923 were converted into mosques.

A relatively significant surge in church-mosque conversion followed the 1974 Turkish Invasion of Cyprus. Many of the Orthodox churches in Northern Cyprus have been converted, and many are still in the process of becoming mosques. This practice has sparked considerable contempt in the Greek Cypriot community, and is likely to complicate reconciliation with the Turkish Cypriots.

In our current times we have watched with amazement how the peace loving & tolerant sects of Muhammadan Islam are more than willing & able to destroy and slaughter the mosques and adherents of the others in the names of Allah & Islam.

Please also remember when the faithful Muhammadan Muslim Taliban of Afghanistan took such loving care of the Bamian statues of the Buddha. NOTHING can ever change in Fundamentalist Muhammadan Islam whether it is the passage of 1400 years or 14 million years. Nothing can unchain them from being mired in the Time Warp of Muhammad's 7th century Arabia.

Ladies and gentlemen, we should neither be surprised nor outraged at what the Muhammadans are trying to achieve, which is their PUBLICLY declared policy of WORLD DOMINANCE.

Hitler, in his Mein Kampf, also made his intentions crystal clear BUT our leaders did not take him seriously until it was too late. This error cost the lives of FIFTY million people.

Our current spineless, mindless, ignorant and CRIMINALLY NEGLIGENT political, media, academic and religious leaders are REPEATING history by NOT paying heed to, and or learning about the message of the Quran and its followers.

They are exhibiting a degree of DENIAL of facts and reality through their DYSFUNCTIONAL and one sided Political Correctness that are bringing demographic, social, political & economic ruin to our democracies. These are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, the harbingers of national destruction.

Our anger and disgust should be addressed at them and not at the Muhammadans, who as believers, have absolutely no choice but to follow and abide by Muhammad's Quran & Sunna no matter how hatemongering, warmongering, racist and Satanic they are.

Let us now ponder the following facts and realities:

It was the Arab hordes that invaded, slaughtered, occupied, plundered and subjugated the peoples of at least six civilizations on three continents.

It was the Arab imperialists who discriminated against, humiliated, onerously taxed and destroyed the traditions and civilizations of these peoples.

It was the Arab occupiers who over the following centuries, obliterated the glorious histories, religious beliefs and cultures of these nations and replaced them with their own sterile, unimaginative and pagan based beliefs, traditions and fetishes.

We now must address the MYTHS of Islam's tolerance and civilization.

Since Muhammadan Islam is based upon the twin pillars of Muhammad's Quran and his Sunna, there rarely was and can NEVER be any tolerance towards any or all Unbelievers and Disbelievers. I have shown this fact in almost 150 chapters based entirely upon the very Arabic verses of the Quran and Hadiths, my mother tongue.

The grand myth of the "creative, tolerant Andalus Spain" should be exposed. It is true that there were among the leaders of the Muhammadans some who were so enlightened and secular that they allowed Christians, Jews and Zoroasterians to participate freely with the Muhammadans in the administration and intellectual circles of the state as happened during the 700 years of occupation in Andalusia, Spain.

Granted, at rare times, temporarily, it manifested some positive qualities - in comparison to the Europe of the Dark Ages and to other parts of the Dar el-Islam then - but, objectively, it was never the paradise which it's often nowadays painted by ignorant or misguided apologists for Jihad and Islam.

Invariably, it was a society where dhimmitude, the enslavement, subjugation and humiliation of the conquered peoples was rigidly enforced in their own native lands.
The fact that a tiny handful of Jews and Christians could occasionally, exceptionally and aberrantly, rise out of their endemic wretchedness made it slightly better than anything else around at that period, but it was hardly the good and just place that it's idolized today.

The famous Italian journalist and author, Oriana Fallaci's La Forza della Ragione details just how fully many in the Vatican, and individual bishops and priests, have collaborated in making Italy, and other parts of Europe, welcoming for Muhammadans, even handing over churches for use by them as living quarters. Her long, detailed and alarming indictment is both overwhelming and depressing. It goes far beyond the desire to slavishly placate Muslims so that they would not harm Christians in the Middle East.

It has actually become a vehicle for those Politically Correct priests who detest their own civilization, and exhibit a diseased sympathy for those who would not, for one minute, were Muhammadans to rule, to tolerate them or their own believers.

In Cordoba Spain for example, the idea that the Christians are being asked by the aggressor Muslims for a gesture of reconciliation, just after the Madrid bombing, and then the desecration of the corpse -- taken out of the grave -- of the Spanish anti-terrorist policeman, should fill one with fury & disgust at the total and obscene degree of hypocrisy and mendacity exhibited by the Muslims.

What reconciliation are the Muslims expecting?
It was they who invaded Europe in the first place.
Where is their apology for this?
When will they be asked to renounce their "Colonialism?"

Like a broken record, they bemoan the Crusades but ignore their own Jihadi transgressions that preceded the Crusades by 400 years.

Muhammadans are implying " We missed you, we are back, you have to know you are ours forever." I would not be too shocked if the Spaniards would give in since they are accepting their previous dhimmitude.

The Arabs could not and did not contribute anything of value to the conquered civilizations, since they had none to give. They were and still are, a totally PARASITIC imperialist power unlike those of the Persians, Greeks, Romans or the modern Western ones.

Almost every single intellectual, philosophical, scientific, artistic and theological contribution as we have shown, were actually produced by the CONVERTS to Islam from among the conquered peoples, the MAWALI.

There was never an Islamic civilization but most assuredly a MAWALI civilization because Fundamentalist Muhammadan Islam cannot possibly survive under the LIGHT of FREEDOMS. Freedoms of THOUGHT, BELIEF, SPEECH or POLITICS. It can only exist under the DARKNESS of IGNORANCE, TERROR, STUPIDITY, HATE & UNHAPPINESS.

As for any expectation of reciprocity from the ever complaining Muslims such as the return of churches, synagogues or temples from their clutches, don't hold your breath.

They publicly, unambiguously and repeatedly declare that they will not be satisfied until all the non-Muslim holy places have been destroyed, converted to mosques, museums, or placed under "Muslim protection," and all living creatures are subjected to their will.

As I have repeatedly demonstrated, for Muhammadan Islam, the Believers are people, and the Unbelievers are not. They are Infidels, beings fit only for hell and lower than dogs. The same dogs that are hated by Muhammad and his followers.

It is Islam which has been in total war against humanity and not the other way round. It is time we defend our lives, beliefs and freedoms against this vile and Ungodly CULT belief system.