Muhammad & Projective Identification :-

Before I address the subject of Projective Identification, I would like to make the readers aware that all the information that we have regarding the Pagan Arabs, Muhammad's tribe of Quraiysh, the Judaised and Christian Arabs and all the alleged opponents of Muhammad come from one source only; that of the victorious Muhammad & his followers. We have absolutely nothing worth while from their victims.

Hence all the items bequeathed to humanity are the ONE sided, Uncorroborated, totally suspect and most definitely the perverted versions of the events as recorded by the aggressors. There is not a SINGLE record from the VICTIMS' side that could shed any light upon the realities.

As to those so called Believers, I have repeatedly explained that you as individuals, are NOT the target of our series. That you are in fact and tragically, the first and worst VICTIMS of indoctrination by the Cult of Muhammadan Islam.

On numerous occasions I have put forth my hand in friendship; because only friends would point out to other friends the Facts, the Truth as well as warn them of pitfalls and dangers.

As you well know by now, I have no HIDDEN agenda especially since I have NEVER advocated any belief system above another. Muhammadan Islam is my target because it is the ONLY belief system on the face of this beautiful Earth that has arrogated ONLY to itself the right to exist.

We, as free human beings, shall not allow our descendants, our children, grandchildren and humanity to be enslaved, subjugated or dragged into the ABYSS of ignorance & tyranny of the dark ages. We shall fight this SATANIC Cult until it is eradicated off the face of the Globe.

All I have ever requested from you to do, throughout my chapters, is to allow your minds to open up only for a short period of time to start with. To use your God- given intellect judiciously. To listen carefully and to learn.

To check my references both from the Quran & Hadiths as well as from the Bible. To compare and contrast and digest what you are absorbing. To think, evaluate and reason all by yourselves and THEN come to your own conclusions. 

If you find your conclusions incompatible with those that were drilled into your brain from childhood to maturity, so be it. If after all your research, your logic tells you that what had been instilled into your mind is WRONG, then it MUST be wrong.

You alone, my brothers and sisters in humanity, are the ones who in the final analysis would either to continue to believe in a HERD mentality or to soar into the stratosphere of higher knowledge, self worth and independent intellect.

In our democracies and free society, it is entirely up to you what to believe in and how to believe. The choice is in your hands.

I shall now share with you, many thoughts and statements that I had mentioned before BUT may have escaped your attention:

That TRUTH is Divine and is almost always SIMPLE.

That because it is Divine, it is hence ETERNAL & INDESTRUCTIBLE.

That Lies when repeated enough times become Truths BUT the obverse is also true: When facts are repeated again and again, they overcome the Lies.

That Good will always TRIUMPH over Evil.

That Facts when known cannot be perverted.

That the WORST nightmare of Muhammadan Islam is KNOWLEDGE, KNOWLEDGE, and more KNOWLEDGE.

That it is by Divine Justice, that the very Hadiths that explain Muhammad's Quran and Sunna to his followers, are the very same that utterly demolish the veracity and alleged divine origin of the Quran.

That the same internet that the Fundamentalist Muhammadans use to teach their followers how and whom to Hate, how to slaughter unarmed civilians, how to bomb restaurants, planes, buses and trains, how to commit suicide bombings etc, against all so called Unbelievers of UMMAT al KUFFAR/ Nation of Infidels, be they Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, Sikhs, Zoroasterians, Animists, Sikhs etc comprising 80% of humanity (all those who do not believe as Muslims do), this very same internet, will bring about the eradication of the Satanic and Evil Cult of Muhammadan Islam because it also teaches humanity the Facts and Truth about it.

Based upon all the records about Muhammad and his deeds, it is evident that he PROJECTED upon his victims exactly what he was intending to do unto them.

I have already demonstrated that Muhammad had Pathological Narcissistic traits. Projective Identification is one of them.

We all have an image of how we "should be". Freud called it the "Ego Ideal". But sometimes we experience emotions and drives or have personal qualities which don't sit well with this idealized construct. Projection is when we attribute to others these unacceptable, discomfiting, and ill-fitting feelings and traits that we possess. In this way we disown these discordant features and secure the right to criticize and chastise others for allegedly having or displaying them. Entire collectives (nations, groups, organizations, firms) can also project.
Projection is unconscious. People are rarely aware that they are projecting onto others their own ego-dystonic and unpleasant characteristics and feelings.
So, instead of denying it, the subject explains unpleasant emotions and unacceptable conduct as reactions to the recipient's behavior. That is the VICTIM. "She made me do it!" is the battle cry of Projective Identification.

I shall now list in chronological order these very same traits passed down from Muhammad to his followers through the Viruses of his Quran and Hadiths.

He accused his own kith and kin, the Quraiysh tribe of oppressing and persecuting him and his followers when in FACT it was he and his followers who were insulting, attacking, degrading, humiliating and denying the centuries old religious beliefs of his people unless they accepted his FALSE pretences to prophet-hood and his Allah as the one and only god.

They did not have him killed because they were not the Blood Thirsty & WANTON murderers that Muhammad projects as their picture in his Quran. They considered him a harmless but possessed person. They were of course, in hind sight, utterly and deadly wrong.

He had all those who criticized, satirized or opposed him, be they men or women, young or old, free or slave, butchered by his assassins at his explicit orders, always at night, always when unarmed, because he accused them of PERSECUTING ( accused them of being 'enemies of Allah') him although not one of them was actually a threat to him.

Whenever he had a set back, he picked on the peaceable Judaized or Christian Arabian tribes through his Made to Order alleged divine revelations accusing them of THEIR INTENTION to betray or kill him.

Since the People of the Book were largely educated, hard working  and connected to civilized backgrounds, they were prosperous and wealthy compared to Muhammad in particular and the pagan Arabs in general. He had his eyes fixed upon depriving them of their wealth and acquiring it himself.

As he was unemployed and most definitely unemployable, he had to resort to the methodology of the criminally minded thug to attain his goals. He was, to put it mildly, the leader of the first Organized Crime Syndicate in history preceding the Mafia by 1400 years.

To give vent to his ambitions and lusts, he had to PROJECT upon his intended victims his own criminal agenda.

He accused the People of the Book of being traitors to his cause; Disbelievers in Allah & his messenger; Unbelievers, since they allegedly associate OTHER entities with Allah; would be betrayers of Muhammadan Islam, etc etc.

Thus under these circumstances, justifying him in slaughtering some of these tribes, enslaving and raping their women and children, humiliating and onerously taxing them and finally EXPELLING from the Arabian Peninsula. Please be aware that these Arabian tribes, who had converted willingly and without coercion to the religions of the Jews and Christians, were forced out of the land of their nativity, 1400 years ago, unto this day.

These tribes had even more right to be in the Peninsula of the Arabs than he and his murderous followers since they were PRODUCTIVE and cultured people while Muhammad and his thugs were DESTRUCTIVE.

Throughout the Muhammadan Muslim conquests, his followers had to emulate his Sunna by continuing the Plunder, Pillaging, Rape, Sequestering and Taxing the conquered peoples to CONVERSION, SUBJUGATION or DEATH.

The Arab conquerors took over the magnificent cathedrals and churches of the Christians and converted them into mosques and Saint John the Baptist in Damascus was among the first to be converted. The process of turning churches into mosques was especially intensive in the villages, with the gradual conversion of the conquered people to Muhammadan Islam because of the onerous Jizzya tax. 

After the Arabs' conquest of Persia, Zoroastrian fire temples, with their four axial arch openings, were usually turned into mosques simply by setting a mihrab (prayer niche) on the place of the arch nearest to qibla (the direction of Mecca). This practice is described by numerous Muhammadan  sources. Zoroastrian temples converted into mosques in such a manner can be found in Bukhara, modern Uzbekstan as well as in Istakhr and other Iranian cities.

During his persecution of the Christian Copts of Egypt, who were and are actually the INDIGENOUS, original  and Native Egyptians,  the Abbasid caliph al-Ma'mun turned many churches into mosques, both in Cairo and in Egyptian villages, which had no mosques in the earlier generations of  Muhammadan Islam. The Fatimid caliph al-Hakim also converted numerous churches and synagogues into mosques. Hagia Sophia, the most magnificent Eastern Orthodox church was converted into a mosque on the day of the Fall of Constantinople.

The destruction of Hindu temples in India during the Muhammadan Islamic invasions had occurred from the beginning of their conquests until the end the Mughal Empire throughout the Indian subcontinent.

This DISGUSTING road map of such piracy and plunder boggles the mind. What is most SICKENING of all is the FACT that the followers of Muhammad have never REPENTED at all BUT are OBSCENE in regaling and boasting of these issues even as I am listing this to you today.

The same global plunderers who whine and complain about Western Imperialism and how the Christians should repent to the Muhammadans, gloat incessantly of their conquests and subjugation of hundreds of millions of people, without regret or remorse.

It was Muhammad after all, who was the first to unilaterally declare total and eternal JIHADI war against humanity 1400 years ago. BUT his followers have the affront and obscene hypocrisy of reminding the world ONLY about the Crusades that came about as a RESULT of Muhammadan persecution and plunder of Christian pilgrims to the holy land.

In the 20th century, the number of Projective Identifications perpetrated by Muhammad's followers multiplied a hundred fold.

The Arabs were LIBERATED by the Western allies after WWI from the 500 years yoke of the Ottoman Empire BUT no gratitude whatsoever is either mentioned or shown by any of them to this fact.

All they do is complain about the alleged Western Imperialism that lasted no more than a century while Arab and Muhammadan Imperialism CONTINUES unabated to this day upon millions of square miles and hundreds of millions of people for the last 1400 years.

While the world refugee problem prior to and just after 1948 involved no less than 40 million people, all we hear about in and from the UN are the alleged 700,000 Arab refugees who were actually the RESULT of  the Arab aggression against the creation of the State of Israel as mandated by the United Nations in 1947. Without that war of aggression, there would have been NO Arab or Jewish refugee problem.

We hear and read NOTHING about the millions of Hindu refugees from what became known as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Nor do we hear about the millions of German, Cossack &  Eastern European Refugees. Also, most deliberately absent are the FACTS about the Jewish refugees from Arab and Islamic lands numbering no less than 900,000 souls who were forced out of their ancestral lands AFTER the creation of Israel and who had NOTHING whatsoever to do with the conflict.

The reasons for these omissions are as usual OBVIOUS: the Muhammadan Muslim states comprise almost 28% of the membership of the UN with their enormous financial and political clout to add insult to injury.

That is why we have on the Human Rights chair of the UN, creatures from Syria, Libya or other Muhammadan states who as we all very well know, practice the 'CLEANEST & BEST HUMAN RIGHTS' in the world!

It is the followers of Muhammad who accuse the Jews of 14 millions of trying to DOMINATE the world while they, of 1400 millions, never stop from declaring their crystal clear intention to achieve this very goal in every mosque sermon, in their TV, their Print, their schools and their Radio.

It is they who accuse the Jews of the Blood Libel - when it is alleged that the Jews use Human Christian blood in their unleavened bread during their Passover - a libel that Christians know is a lie; while we watch with horror and disgust how the Fundamentalist followers of Muhammad cut the throat of their chained victims on TV in front of hundreds of millions of people, in the name of Allah and Islam.

It is they who strut on their military and other parades with the GOOSE STEP and the Hitler Salute BUT accuse the Americans and Israelis of being Nazis.

It is they who incite in their mosques, their educational books and in their media the most obscene levels of hatred, racism, warmongering and mendacities against 80% of humanity of Ummat al Kuffar/ Nation of Infidels the so called Unbelievers, BUT accuse all others of discriminating against the followers of Muhammad.

It is they who complain that they are persecuted when we see almost daily, the resultant CARNAGE, death and destruction perpetrated by the followers of Muhammad in 95% of all global acts of terror, in the name of Allah and Islam, against unarmed and innocent civilians, from the Philippines & Indonesia to Kashmir; from India & Saudi Arabia to Chechenya; from South Africa to South America; from Europe to the USA and from Israel to Mauritania.

I invariably use Israel as an example because although it is physically one of the smallest countries in the world of about 8000 square miles and only 6.5 million people, it ranks SECOND only after the USA of over 300 millions as the most discussed country in the world's news media thanks to the Arabs and the followers of Muhammad.

They are after all, faithfully following in the footsteps of their mentor Muhammad, of victimizing the Judaised and Charistain Arabs but now they are targeting the Jews and Christians - as well as others of course - in the 21st century.

As the French saying goes: Plus ca change; plus ca change pas.
That is: the more we perceive change; the less there is any.

And last but not least is the recent case of Hamas in Gaza who is accusing Israel of breaking the ceasefire under the pretext that they Hamas are shooting rockets at its civilians and hence - in the perverted mind of Projective Identification, it is Israel that is violating  the ceasefire agreement.

In Arabic there is a proverb:
Qatalani wa baka; sabaqani wa shtaka!

Which means:
He assaulted me and cried THEN he preceded me to complain!

Muhammad's Quran virulent virus is incubated into the mind of every so called believer, turning them into clones of extremely dangerous and volatile UNTHINKING and HERD MENTALITY automatons. The Psychopathological clones of Muhammad.