Muhammad & Cutting Trees:-        

       Although the Ahadith are replete with venomous attacks against the Quraysh for having 'tormented' Muhammad, neither he nor any of his followers were either maliciously and bodily hurt, tortured or murdered.

        The facts as recorded by the Ahadith themselves  show that while they did not actually harm a man who was insulting their gods and religion and was intending to change their way of life justifying them in cutting him to ribbons, they did not, although they had innumerable opportunities to do so.

       Unfortunately for them, their show of mercy was not reciprocated by Muhammad the moment he was stronger than they. He showed them contempt, desecration of dead bodies, loathing and wanton revenge. So much for his love of justice, his compassion, his morality and his fear of Allah that his followers allege he had in great abundance.