Muhammad & the Ka'ba Idols:-

       When Muhammad conquered Mecca in 631 AD, he allegedly entered the Ka'ba and destroyed the 360 idols in its precincts shouting

" Falsehood is destroyed, truth prevails".

       This story is an allegory of the destruction that Abraham brought upon the idols of his father's household.

       Muhammad's modus operandi, was in imitating and acting up parts which belonged to Hebrew, Israelite and Jewish leaders, kings and prophets. In the case above, he was imitating the greatest exemplar of Monotheism, Abraham.

       The reader should be made aware of the following:

1        Muhammad's anger and polemic against his pagan tribe, the Quraysh was NOT because they did not know about Allah, which of course they did, but because they ASSOCIATED other divinities with Allah (Shirk).

2        Although the Ka'ba, during the period of his mission in Mecca was surrounded by about 360 rock/ stone gods, the Monotheist Muhammad did not once hesitate at attending prayers and prostrating himself  in that House of Idolatry.

3        On the day when he was compromising his Monotheism with the 'Satanic Verses', again he and the pagans were in the Ka'ba and together they prayed and prostarted themselves in unison.

4        Even after he conquered Mecca and cleared the Ka'ba of all the rock/ stone gods, he none the less left the Black Stone intact.

        In fact, Muhammad incorporated all the remaining pagan traditions and fetishes regarding the Ka'ba by wrapping them in the mantle of 'Islam', such as the following pagan traditions:

The Umrah


Chanting Talbeeyah

Circumambulation of the Ka'ba----Tawaf

The kissing of the Black Stone

Rukn Al Yamani he should touch it only

" Verily As-Safaa and Al-Marwah are among the shrines of Allah " [2:158]. The running between Safaa and Marwa 7 times

In completion of Sa'yi he shaves his head. A woman clips her hair the length of a finger tip.

The Hajj

A pilgrim goes to Mina and there prays Dhuhr, Asr, Magrib, Isha and Fajr,

When the sun rises, he goes to Arafah and there prays Dhuhr and Asr

At sunset he goes from Arafah to Muzdalifah and there prays Magrib, Isha, and Fajr

Throwing stone at the Jamra  He throws seven consecutive pebbles at Jamrah Al-Aqaba

He slaughters the sacrificial animal, eats some of it, and gives some to the poor.

       *** It is absolutely shocking to realise that for 1400 years, hundreds of millions of Muhammadan believers, have actually been performing exactly the same rituals as the pagan forefathers of the Arabs who were and are pilloried, insulted and denigrated by Muhammad in his Quran and by his followers, for performing exactly the same rituals ***