Muhammad the Persecuted:-                

       The Ahadith are replete with references to the allegedly enormous suffering of Muhammad and his followers in Mecca endured at the hands of the nefarious and evil pagan Quraysh. The Quraysh are repeatedly and with increasing crescendo denigrated, berated, hated and finally dehumanised by verse after Quranic verse.

       What is astounding about the facts of the matter is, that not ONE single follower of Muhammad was ever murdered by these 'evil' unbelievers. It was in fact Muhammad and his 'Muslim' followers, the believers in the Merciful and Compassionate Allah who later murdered, decapitated and mutilated most of those who stood against him.

        Not even those who used the Ka'ba as a sanctuary were allowed to live. Neither the sex nor the age of the victims was allowed to stand in the path of Muhammad's hatred and single-minded revenge.

Sahih Al-Bukhari HadithHadith 5.122        Narrated byAnas
On the day of the Conquest of Mecca, when the Prophet had given (from the booty) the Quraish, the Ansar said, "By Allah, this is indeed very strange: while our swords are still dribbling with the blood of Quraish, our war booty are distributed amongst them." When this news reached the Prophet he called the Ansar and said, "What is this news that has reached me from you?" They used not to tell lies, so they replied, "What has reached you is true." He said, "Doesn't it please you that the people take the booty to their homes and you take Allah's Apostle to your homes? If the Ansar took their way through a valley or a mountain pass, I would take the Ansar's valley or a mountain pass."

       *** This Hadith is PREGNANT with incredible meaning. Among all the one sided lies in the hadiths, the diligent researcher finds embedded in them NUGGETS of pure GOLD of INFORMATION.

       The reader should be made aware, that the Ansar were from the Aus and Khazraj of the Madina who invited Muhammad to be their leader.

       Before Muhammad's arrival, they were honourable men whose tradition was not to tell lies. Unfortunately for them, Muhammad, instructed them to do all manner of deceit and turned them into violent, untruthful and treacherous people***

Sahih Al-Bukhari HadithHadith 5.582        Narrated byAnas bin Malik
On the day of the Conquest, the Prophet entered Mecca, wearing a helmet on his head. When he took it off, a man came and said, "Ibn Khatal is clinging to the curtain of the Ka'ba." The Prophet said, "Kill him." (Malik, a sub-narrator said, "On that day the Prophet was not in a state of Ihram as it appeared to us, and Allah knows better.")

       *** It is a remarkable historical fact, that the pagan Arabs had more compassion, more valour, more courage and more decency than almost any Muhammadan that has ever lived.

       It is also a psychological truth, that the criminal invariably projects upon his victims exactly what he himself is guilty of.

        Muhammad was pathological narcissist, a paranoid, who believed that all those who oppose him were conspiring to kill him; he literally lived out his political life believing in imaginary as well as real conspiracy theories.

       Because of his Sunna  - his legacy of thoughts, deeds, ideas and instructions - most of his followers, even unto the present time, also believe and live out their lives, based upon conspiracy theories that are not only outlandish but asinine to boot.

       They have been shackled by ideas and rules that are stuck forever in the TIME WARP of the Seventh Century ***