Muhammad's Betrtayal of Arab traditions:-                        

       To fully control all those whom he convinced that he was the messenger of Allah and also all those who were forced or bribed into his band of terrorists, Muhammad created dissention, hatreds, disloyalty and betrayal of all that was honourable and decent among the pagan Arabians:

1        He made all those who were willing to follow him swear allegiance ONLY to himself (Hitler, too).

2        He brainwashed his followers into believing that being 'Muslims' made them superior to all others so much so that he turned son against father, sister against brother and wife against husband.

3        He was the first in Arabia to initiate a process of breaking up and disrupting the loyalties that bound the family together and had them dissolved hence destroying loyalties to the clan.

4        He encouraged his followers to lie, deceive and betray their own families as well as their tribe.

5        He insited them to murder any and all those who do not believe as they do, by Allah's divine sanction.

6        He instigated a reign of terror against all poets (the newsmedia of pagan Arabia) and had them murdered for showing him up for what he really was: a liar, a thug and a mass murderer. He had them assassinated and slaughtered irrespective if they were men or women; old or young; free or slave; holding to the curtain of the Ka'ba or not.

7        He and his followers were the first to desecrate the 'sanctity' of the dead in battle, by mutilitating them; his followers do the same even into the 21st century.

8        He broke the sanctity of the Holy Months by actually AMBUSHING the caravans in these very months with utter contempt to the religious traditions of his fellow Arabs.

9        He broke every single treaty he made with any and all 'unbelievers'.

10        During his period of weakness in Mecca, neither he nor any of his followers were seriously harmed; unfortunately for his humane adversaries, the same mercy was not shown to them when he had the upper hand. He had as many of them massacred as he could and the others he forced to convert to his 'peaceful islam'.

11        He turned a generally peaceful people into obedient hatemongering militant robots to his will and unleashed them upon an unsuspecting world raining death, destruction, pillage, rape and subjugation by the most uncivilized, the least literate and most ignorant people in the world, in the name of his god, Allah.

12        As we see, hear, read about and observe, Muhammadan Islam is as DEPRAVED, HATEMONGERING, WARMONGERING, DECEITFUL, DISLOYAL and TERRORISTIC in the 21st century as it was during the days of Muhammad and his later followers.