Muhammad's Failures:-                

       Although one may be impressed by the sheer numbers -more of quantity than quality - of his present followers, Muhammad was a actually a totally failed man:

1         In the first thirteen years of his self ordained mission, all his sermons, his verses, his harangues and the best of his efforts, produced about SEVENTY TWO followers only; many of whom were either related to him, his friends or slaves who belonged to the group. It was because of this total failure to convince and convert people PEACEFULLY that he reverted to the SWORD and VIOLENCE.

2        All his plagiarising, plundering, pirating and/or perverting from the Bible, Scriptures and pagan Arabian religion and traditions were not able to convince a single Arabian Jewish leader to believe in him. Most of them knew that he was a fraud and a liar. His message was neither new nor even equal to what they already had.

3     Even after he had forced many of the Arabians in the Peninsula to convert and make          allegiance - under duress of course - to himself, they APOSTASIZED immediately after his death which required Abu Bakr to resort to the SWORD, SLAUGHTER and BLOODSHED once more to bring them back to 'peaceful Islam'.

Sahih Al-Bukhari HadithHadith 5.277        Narrated byAbu Huraira
The Prophet said, "Had only ten Jews believe me, all the Jews would definitely have believed me."

       *** This single Hadith SPEAKS VOLUMES about Muhammad and his version of Islam ***