Muhammad, Terror & Poets :-
Question: Why did Muhammad fear Arabian poets so much as to have several of them assassinated?

Answer:    In ancient Arabia poetry was a passion. Poets were highly regarded in society, and the words of many accomplished poets were considered almost next to Allah's words. In a desert land, bereft of much entertainment and natural relaxation, the ancient Arabs used to find solace, peace, tranquillity and even the raging emotion of war and revenge through the mesmerising words of their poets.

Poets supplied the Arabs with their mental and spiritual nourishment since they memorized the ancestry, deeds, glories and achievements of their tribes and passed them on to future generations through their students or disciples to keep the records alive.

Poets were actually the NEWS MEDIA par EXCELLENCE of Arabia. They were LETHAL weapons since a very capable and articulate poet of a small tribe could elevate it in poems to levels greater than a much more powerful one.

As far as our research has demonstrated, no poet in the long period of the so called Jahiliyyah period, that is before Muhammadan Islam, was ever murdered for what he or she recited unlike what was done by Muhammad and his followers.

There were more female poets among the Jahiliyah Arabs than during the entirety of 1400 years of Muhammadan Islam. Some of these poetesses were so FORMIDABLE that Muhammad had at least two of them butchered because they satirized him.

The following stories are actuallylinked since it was Muhammad's aggressive and piratical actions to start with, that triggered the responses of some of Arabia's poets.

His followers claim that Muhammad is the "Apostle of Peace".
As you all know by now, nothing can be further from the truth.

What I am about to reveal here are stories bequeathed to us by his followers actually exposing and revealing the very sadistic and cruel nature of Muhammad.

I shall prove once again, that he was in fact a terrorist, a criminal and a mass murderer whose entire life was based on victimizing innocents and indulging in mindless violence, carnage and massacre. He was a man who destroyed peace wherever he went, and in its place brought terror, plunder, rape, carnage and death.

When Muhammad first started shouting from the rooftops that he alone had the divine word of Allah, the people of Mecca ignored him. However, when he began insulting and defaming the religion of the peace loving Meccans, they couldn't take it anymore and tried persuading him to stop.

Muhammad the coward was too scared of the growing hostility against him and knowing full well that his Allah could not strike down the Meccans, he crept out one night and fled for his life. Ever since that incident, Muhammad was determined to take revenge on them.

He escaped to Madina, which had a sizeable Judaized Arab (Jewish) population, and started plotting his revenge with a small gang of criminals. This was the beginning of Muhammad's trail of violence, hatred and bloodshed that would soon destroy all that was decent in the culture of Arabia.

The Madina became the headquarters of the first Organized Crime Syndicate in history.

As I have shown in several of chapters, the story has been documented in detail by his Muslim biographers:
Surprise raids on trade caravans and tribal settlements; the use of plunder thus obtained for recruiting an ever growing army of greedy criminals and desperados; assassinations of opponents; blackmail; expulsion and massacre of the Jews of Madina; attack and enslavement of the Jews of Khayber; rape of women and children; sale of these victims after rape; trickery, treachery and bribery employed to their fullest extent to grow the numbers of followers to his version of Islam. He organised no less than 86 expeditions, 26 of which he led himself without participating in the fighting.

The motives of the converts to Muhammadan Islam was never in any doubt.
D.S. Margoliouth states in his book 'Muhammad and the rise of Islam' ~
"Of any moralising or demoralising effect that Muhammad's teaching had upon his followers we cannot say with precision. When he was at the head of the Robber community, it is probable that the demoralising influence began to be felt; it was then that men who had never broken an oath learnt that they might evade their obligations, and that men to whom the blood of their clan had been as their own, began to shed it with impunity in the "cause of Allah"
"Fi Sabil^Allah".

That lying and treachery in the cause of Islam received divine approval. It was then too, that Muslims became distinguished by the obscenity of their language. It was then too, that the coveting of goods and wives possessed by Non-muslims was avowed without discouragement from the 'Prophet'...."

The details of all his criminal onslaughts in the form of piraticalambushes and assassinations are chronicled in these chapters in a chronological manner.

Please note, that every time the "Apostle of Peace" committed one of his criminal acts, he always justified the crime by quickly claiming a "divine revelation" which conveniently removed the blame from his bloodied hands.

These "Made to Order" verses I shall quote after the description of the incident.

Believers and Unbelievers, be aware of the most IMPORTANT of all FACTS,  that all the reports that I am going to reveal to you are ONE SIDED, unsubstantiated and uncorroborated since they were written by the VICTORS, the Muhammadan Muslims. No one, has any record of the VICTIMS' side. None the less, these records show clearly and without pulling any punches, the TRUE character of Muhammad and his followers.

1) Massacre of unarmed merchants during sacred month~
Date: Late January(Rejeb), 623 A.D.
Place: Nakhla
Victims: 4 Merchants from Quraysh tribe of Mecca, the Tribe to which Muhammad himself belonged.
Four UNARMED merchants were travelling to Mecca to sell their goods consisting of raisins, honey and animal skins. It was the holy month of Rejeb which was considered sacred for trade in Arabia. It was a point of honour that any form of warfare or violence was strictly forbidden in this month.

Muhammad 's gang attacked the helpless men from behind and stabbed two of them to death. They plundered all the goods as booty and Muhammad got one fifth as his share.

This shows the utter lack of morals or scruples on Muhammad's part. The 'Prophet of Islam' did not possess a shred of pity or kindness, or the slightest sense of justice. He cold-bloodedly murdered two innocent people who had never done him any harm and did not even know him! All this was done in a month that the Prophet himself declared was a sacred month in which no warfare should take place. Muhammad was obviously motivated by nothing but hatred and greed.
Conveniently, divine revelations came down from his always abiding Allah that absolved him of all the guilt.

Al Baqara 2:216 "Warfare is ordained for you, though it is hateful unto you; but it may happen that you hate a thing which is good for you and it may happen that you love a thing which is bad for you. Allah knoweth, you knew not."
Here Muhammad is completely removing all blame from himself, for having started the fighting.
The most insidious and devilish implication of this verse is that Allah is completely justifying and sanctioning Muhammad's murder of the innocent Meccans. Over and above this, Muhammad is conveniently implying that warfare is hateful to him, but that he instigated it because it was ordained by Allah! What moral sacrifices the "Apostle of Peace" had to make!

Al Baqara  2:217 "They question you (O Muhammad) with regard to warfare in the sacred month. Say: Warfare therein is a great transgression but to turn men from the way of Allah and to disbelive in Him and the inviolable place of worship and to expel its people thence is a greater transgression, for persecution is worse than killing"

Here Allah is clearly saying that to kill or create warfare in the sacred month of Rejeb is a very grave offence, but to justify his own violation of Allah's rules, Muhammad comes up with the idea that since the people killed were unbelievers, it was perfectly all right!

The reason given for the horrific murder of the innocent Meccans, is the fact that they did not believe in Muhammad 's version of Allah. How much more tolerant and kind could the "Great Prophet" be!

2) Slaughter of Meccans who came to defend their caravans~
Date: March (Ramadan) 17, 623 A.D
Place: The well of Badr
Victims: 70 merchants from Quraysh Tribe of Mecca, The Quraysh army which came to defend them

The merchandise being carried by this caravan was worth more than 50,000 Gold Dinars. Muhammad ganged up all the criminals of Medina and set out to raid the caravan with 300 men. The Meccans got word of the raid and sent out an army to protect the caravan.

Throughout the entire battle Muhammad cowered in a hut which his men made for him. There he cried and prayed with feverish anxiety. At one point he came out of the hut and threw pebbles in the enemy's direction, screaming     "Let evil look on your faces!" and "By him who holds my soul in his hands, anyone who fights for me today will go to paradise!"

The Muhammadans killed over two hundred and took seventy prisoners. All seventy of the prisoners were ransomed, and any prisoner who did not fetch a ransom had his head chopped off.

Muhammad was gratified at the sight of his murdered victims. After the battle, he sent his followers to look for the corpse of Abu Jahal, one of the Meccans who had criticised him openly. When his corpse was found, they cut off the head and threw it down at Muhammad 's feet.

The "Apostle of peace" cried out in delirious joy, "Rejoice! Here lies the head of the enemy of Allah! Praise Allah, for there is no other but he!"

Muhammad then ordered a great pit to be dug for the bodies of the innocents to be dumped. The Muslims then proceeded to hack the corpses limbs into pieces. As the bloodied mass of bodies was being thrown into the pit, a feverishly excited Muhammad shreiked, " O People of the Pit, have you found that what Allah threatened is true now? For I have found that what my Lord promised was true! Rejoice All Muslims!"

One of the prisoners taken was the defiant Al Nadr Ibn al Harith, who had earlier taken Muhammad's challenge of telling better stories than him. Muhammad ordered Ali to strike off Nadr's head in his presence, so he could watch and exult in the pleasure of beheading the man who had insulted him. Another prisoner Uqba ibn Abi Muait was decapitated in front of Muhammad. Before being killed the prisoner cried out pitifully "O Prophet, who will look after my children if I should die?"

The "Great Prophet of the Religion of Peace" coldly spat out "Hellfire", as the blade came down and spattered his clothes with Uqba's blood.

This time Muhammad needed a revelation that would not only absolve him of all the guilt for murdering so many innocent people, but also give him the "divine" right to get a huge share of the plundered booty. Quite a few revelations magically appeared after the battle of Badr.

Al Anfal 8:65 "O Prophet exhort the believers to fight. If there be of you 20 steadfast,they will overcome 200 and if there be of you a 100, they shall overcome a 1000, because the disbelievers are a folk without intelligence"

This Sura clearly exposes Islam to be a belief system that not only encourages violence but actually makes it a sacred duty for its followers to kill anyone who does not believe in the Muhammadan version of Islam. Not only is the "All forgiving Allah" exhorting his followers to kill anyone who is not a Muhammadan Muslim, but he is also saying that all so called Unbelievers are so stupid that they will be unable to defend themselves and therefore deserve death!

Al Anfal 8:67-68 "It is not for any Prophet to have captives until he hath made slaughter in the land. You desire the lure of this world and Allah desires for you the hereafter and Allah is Mighty, Wise.. Now enjoy what you have won as lawful and good and keep your duty to Allah. Lo! Allah is forgiving, merciful."

This verse is in reference to the prisoners that Muhammad held for ransom after the battle. Allah the "Merciful" is saying that they should all have been killed! In addition, Allah is conveniently commenting that whatever loot Muhammad has plundered is "lawful and good" because it was done in the service of Allah.

So murder, rape, plunder and destruction are all perfectly fine with Allah as long as they are done in the name of Islam! Muhammad is also insidiously making himself seem very kind for having spared the lives of the prisoners, when in fact he only let them live so he could get more money from the Ransom for them. In today's world this is "Terrorism" of the worst kind.

3) Assasination of poets who criticised Muhammad's murderous ways~
Date: Late March-April, 623 A.D
Place: Madina
Victims: Two of the most famous poets of Madina, who had the courage to criticise the murderous actions of Muhammad and his gang of thugs.
After the battle of Badr, the people of Madina were horrified that they had given refuge to such a blatant criminal and his followers in their city. Many began protesting the presence of such violent and murderous people in their city. In a free society like Pre-Islamic Arabia, the poets acted as society's conscience and were free to criticise, satirize and examine the actions of people. The two most famous poets of this kind were Abu 'Afak; an extremely old and respected poet and Asma bint Marwan; a young mother with the gift of superb verse.

Muhammad was enraged at their criticism. When he heard the verses composed by Asma Bint Marwan he was infuriated and screamed aloud, "Will no one rid me of this daughter of Marwan!"

That very night a gang of his followers set out to do the dirty deed. They broke into the poets' house. She was lying in her bedroom suckling her newborn child, while her other small children slept nearby. The Muslims tore the newborn infant off her breast and then stabbed her to death. After the murder, when the Muslims went to inform the Prophet of Islam, he said "You have done a service to Allah and his Messenger, her life was not worth even two goats!"

A month later the distinguished and highly respected Abu Afak, who was over a hundred years old and re known for his sense of fairness, was killed brutally in the same manner as he slept. Once again the Prophet of Islam had commented that morning "Who will avenge me on this scoundrel!"

This shows us exactly how much the tolerant and peace loving Muhammad respected life.
His followers claim that Muhammad was extremely gentle and loved children. Indeed! The horrifying way he had Asma Bint Marwan's five infants slaughtered certainly attests to this "loving" side of Muhammad.

All the Jews (actually Judaized Arabs) were becoming increasingly dissatisfied and angered at the deeds of the Muslims. The Jewish Tribes were peace-loving, hard working trades people, whose purpose in life was to earn a decent living through honest means and hard effort. They were perfectly content with the religion of their forefathers and had never anticipated that the man to whom they had given shelter so graciously, would turn into the power crazed monster who was now turning around to attack them. Muhammad was in the position to carry out his hidden ambitions, which became clear soon enough.

With the utmost disregard for all human morality, ethics, or respect for human life, the Prophet of Islam systematically targeted and slaughtered the very Jews of Madina who had helped him when everyone else in Arabia was kicking him like a mad dog. He was motivated by these primary reasons:

1.        His fanatic greed for all the wealth that had been created by the blood, sweat and toil of the Jews. Our listeners should be made aware that for most of his adult life, Muhammad was NOT employable and unemployed & hence coveted the wealth & produce of others.
2.        His maniacal craving for power at any cost. The Jews were the biggest obstacle in his plan to subjugate all of Madina, so they had to be removed, by any means possible
3.        His fear of all other religions. Muhammad was a Pathological Narcissist, a delusional Megalomaniac, meaning he believed that he was the Supreme Ruler of the world. Anything that threatened this sick fantasy of his, had to be exterminated.
4.        Since, the religion of the Jews rejected his pathetic claims to Divine rule, they were the targeted victims in Madina, just as the Polytheistic Arabs had been his victims in Mecca.

The incidents narrated below demonstrate the horrific depth of Muhammad's atrocities. Keep in mind that Muhammad is the Model of Good Islamic behaviour and you will realise how Muhammadan Islam advocates genocide in the name of their Cult Belief System.
4) The Siege of the Banu Qaynuqa~
Date: April, 623 A.D
Place: Madina
Victims: The Jewish Tribe of Banu Qaynuqa

In order to get full control of Madina, Muhammad needed to get rid of all his opponents. The strongest of these opponents was Abdallah Ibn Ubayy, a powerful chief who was allied with the Jewish Tribe of Banu Qaynuqa. This tribe was also the weakest, because they were made up of craftsmen, in particular goldsmiths. By attacking them, Muhammad knew he could plunder a huge amount of wealth and weaken Ibn Ubayy.

Muhammad needed an excuse to attack them so he made a girl married to one of his followers, pretend that she had been teased by the Jews. The Muslims blockaded the fort of the Banu Qaynuqa for fifteen days until the starving Jews surrendered. Immediately, Muhammad was ready to kill them all, but Ibn Ubayy seized hold of Muhammad and protested.

Muhammad's face became black with rage as he shouted "Let go of me", but Ibn Ubayy was adamant and shouted back "No, by Allah, I will not let you go until you deal kindly with my allies. 400 men without armour and 300 with, who have always supported me against enemies. And you want to slay them all in one morning! By Allah, If I were in your place I would fear a reversal of fortune"

At this threat, the cowardly Muhammad turned pale, as he realised that all the people of Madina were against him. He hit Ibn Ubayy on the face and ordered that the Jews be kicked out of their own homes. All their property was seized and looted, many of the prettiest women were taken as prisoners to become sex-slaves. Muhammad, as usual, kept one-fifths of the enormous booty for himself. This is the way he repaid the kindness of the Jews of Medina, who had given him shelter and a refuge, when Muhammad had run away from Mecca in fear.

The revelations in the Eighth Sura of the Quran were clearly in reference to the Banu Qaynuqa and anyone who opposed the Muslims.

Al Anfal  8:55-57 "Lo, the worst of beasts in Allah's sight are the ungrateful who will not believe."
"Those of them with whom you made a treaty and then at every opportunity they break their treaty and they keep not duty to Allah, If you come on them in the war, deal with them so as to strike fear in those who are behind them, so that they may remember."

Here Muhammad's acts of planned terrorism against the Jewish Tribe is justified by Allah, because according to the "Merciful" Allah, Non-Muslims are the worst of BEASTS! So it is perfectly all right to murder, rape, torture and pillage the non-believers!

Not only that but Allah is advising Muhammad and the Muslims that when anyone protests against the injustices committed by Muslims, the Muslims should make sure and deal with them with such violence, that it will strike fear among anyone who may think of supporting dissent. This proves that Muhammad's Quran is nothing but a political manual for controlling people with terror. Not even the fascist armies of Hitler engineered such devilish ideas.

5) Battle of Uhud~
Date: 21 March, 625 A.D
Place: Mount Uhud
Victims: The Quraysh and their Allies

The people of Mecca were outraged at the massacre and the subsequent mutilation of their kinsmen in the Battle of Badr by Muhammad and his army. They had to fight back in order to defend themselves, so they gathered up an army and set out on the march to Madina.

Muhammad set out with his motley crew of hundreds of Pirates of the Desert. When Muhammad tried forcing the Jews of Madina to join him, they adamantly refused, knowing fully well the true character of the tyrant. Muhammad and his men camped on the slopes of Mount Uhud, above the camp of the Meccan Army.

With his usual insidious manner, Muhammad planned to attack before dawn as the Meccans were asleep. The Muslims were too incompetent to implement even this plan properly and ended up alerting the Meccans during the surprise attack.

At this point the Meccans gathered up their weapons and engaged the Muslims in full combat. Muhammad as usual cowered in the background surrounded by his bunch of bodyguards.

From time to time he would scream out "Who will become a martyr for Allah" and "Which of you will sell himself for us", exhorting his army with promises of paradise if they fought for him. The Muslims, this time however, were no match for the Meccans. Most of them started running for their lives by clambering up the sides of Mount Uhud, at which Muhammad started swearing like a mad man.

It was only by a stroke of good luck that Muhammad survived. His Army was badly defeated and the people of Madina started asking that if this man was indeed a Messenger of Allah, then why had Allah not given the Muslims victory.

To make up for the extreme embarrassment of this defeat Muhammad came up with more "divine revelations" that were obviously excuses for the thorough thrashing that his men and ego had suffered at Uhud.

Muhammad was so obsessed with his own sense of self importance, that he made any action that went against his power a crime. Any Muslim who did not treat Muhammad like Allah, would be punished severely.

The Third Chapter of the Quran is full of these references to the Battle of Uhud:
Al Imran 3:140-1 "And if ye have received a blow, the disbelievers have received a blow the like thereof. These are the vicissitudes which We cause to follow one another for mankind, to the end that Allah may know those who believe and may choose witnesses from among you; and Allah loveth not wrong-doers. And that Allah may prove those who believe and may strike the disbelievers."

Here Muhammad's Allah is conveniently making excuses for the severe defeat of the Muslims, by saying that, although they suffered huge losses, the Meccans also suffered losses. It looks like Muhammad's Allah cannot count, because the Meccan deaths numbered less than 20, where as the number of Muslims killed amounted to over a hundred.

In addition to this, Allah conveniently bails out Muhammad yet again, by explaining away the total decimation of the Muslim Army, with the excuse that it was a "Trial" for the Muslims.

This Surah also makes very clear the reason why Muslims everywhere bring nothing but death and destruction. The Allah of Islam is instructing his followers to PROVE their loyalty by going out and killing unbelievers, therefore, legalizing MURDER and giving it Divine Sanction. And who are those Unbelievers? Any innocent person who does not agree to Muhammad's twisted version of Islam.

A belief system based upon such principles can only be embraced by people of the most inhumane, cruel and barbarous nature.
Al Imran 3:153 "When you climbed the hill and paid no heed, while the Messenger (Muhammad) in your rear was calling you to fight. Therefore he rewarded you grief for his grief that he might teach you, not to sorrow either for that which you missed or for that which befell you. Allah is informed of what you do."

Here Muhammad is lashing out at the followers who ditched him and ran up Mount Uhud for their lives. His ego is so deluded, that in this Surah, he tells his followers that deserting "the Messenger" (Muhammad) is the same as deserting Allah! Muhammad, the Slave of Allah, is thus equating himself with the Supreme power itself.

This is in reality one of the most despicable forms of blackmail that Muhammad used upon his followers.
In short, they were told that anyone who doesn't protect Muhammad with his own life, will be punished by Allah in the form of his family and tribesmen being killed by divine will.

6) Murder of a poet~
Date: Late March 625 A.D.
Place: Fortress of Bani Nadir, outside Madina
Victims: Kaab Ibn Al' Ashraf

Among the Jewish tribe of Bani Nadir, was an eminent poet by the name of Kaab Ibn Al' Ashraf. He was an extremely famous and cultured poet who was considered a genius of verse. He had composed a lament about the Qurayshites who had been so unjustly massacred and mutilated in the battle of Badr.

One day Muhammad proclaimed in his usual sweet manner " Who will rid me of the dog Kaab Ibn Al Ashraf?".           A certain Muhammad Bin Maslama replied that he would do it, adding "We shall have to tell lies to do it". Inevitably Muhammad immediately gave the divine authority to lie as necessary.

Needless to say, as usual, after dark, Kaab was dragged out of his bed screaming, and stabbed repeatedly by Muhammad Maslama, and three other devout Muslims, in full view of his young wife to be. Muhammadan Islam triumphs once again.

7) Invasion of Bani Nadir~
Date: May-June 625 A.D
Place: Fortress of Bani Nadir, outside Madina
Victims: The entire Jewish tribe of Bani Nadir

The Jewish Tribe of Bani Nadir was outraged at the assassination of their greatest poet Kaab Ibn Al' Ashraf. The fact that one of the greatest literary figures of their Tribe had been mercilessly murdered, simply because he wrote some words that criticised Muhammad, was a cause of immense rage.

The sight of the wealth possessed by the Bani Nadir whipped up a frenzy of jealousy inside him.
Using his usual methodology of subterfuge & deception, Muhammad claimed that Allah had revealed to him that the Bani Nadir were hatching a plot to assassinate him.

The Nadir were amazed when out of the blue a Muslim messenger arrived at their oasis with the message from Muhammad. The message was worded in the usual brutal manner: "Leave MY city and live here no longer after the treason which you have plotted against me."

The Nadir being mere civilians,  decided the best thing to do was to shut themselves up in their homes and prepare to defend themselves. Immediately Muhammad surrounded them with his Army of murderers and sat down outside protected by his usual bunch of bodyguards.

When the Nadir made no move to fight, the merciful Muhammad started cutting down every single palm tree in the oasis. Ladies and gentlemen, please remember, that in a desert environment like Arabia, this act was equivalent to Mass Murder, considering how hard it was to grow food. The Nadir could not bear to see their oasis destroyed so mercilessly and came out to surrender. Muhammad who was still cowering behind his bodyguards screamed out :
"Leave this place, you have your lives"

The Peace loving tribe which had carefully tended their land and made it the oasis that it was, after centuries of hard work, were thrown out at sword point, and stripped of all their belongings. They had to flee for their lives to Khayber another Jewish settlement, which in future course would also be destroyed by the "Apostle of Peace". All the rich booty and land was grabbed by the plundering Muslims, but the largest amount of land and most of the loot went as always to the "Epitome of fair play & Justice" Muhammad.

As usual a torrent of Made to Order Divine revelations followed.
Al Hashr 59:2-5 "He it is who hath caused those of the People of the Scripture (Jews) who disbelieved to go forth from their homes unto the first exile. You deemed not that they would go forth, while they deemed that their strongholds would protect them from Allah. ..
"That is because they were opposed to Allah and his Messenger ..
"Whatsoever palm-trees you cut down or left standing on their roots, it was by Allah's leave, in order that He might confound the Evil-Livers."

Once again, the Most Compassionate & Merciful Allah comes to Muhammad's rescue and declares that ALL the crimes and atrocities that were committed against the innocent Bani Nadir were justified by the Divine word of the              "All Merciful Allah". Not only that, but Allah decrees that the Jews DESERVED to be thrown out of their homeland, simply because:
1.        They were not Muslims
2.        They were opposed to Muhammad (The fact that he mercilessly assassinated their innocent Poet for daring to criticize him is ignored)
3.        They were on Prime land and had a huge amount of wealth which Muhammad lusted for.

Over and above this, cutting down Palm Trees was considered a capital crime by the Arabs, so Muhammad had to have Allah give him a nice and tidy excuse for having committed this atrocity.

Lastly, Muhammad is making it very clear here as to who is the boss. If anyone opposed Muhammad, it meant he opposed Allah and all Muslims had to KILL anyone who opposed Allah. So the Final Equation remained the same Muhammad & Allah are on the same footing.

Again we have come a full circle to the fundamental and central guiding principles of Muhammadan Islam : Intolerance, Hatred, Murder and Brutality.

8) Murder of a Jewish Elder from Khaybar~
Date: Late April 626 A.D.
Place: The Jewish Oasis of Khyber
Victims: Abu Rafi

The Muslims who had assassinated Kaab Ibn Al Ashraf, the famous poet of the Bani Nadir, were considered heroes by Muhammad and his followers. Murderers were considered as ideal Muslims.

To prove their loyalty to their Prophet also, a group of Muslims from the Khazraj tribe decided killing off a respectable member of the Jewish Community. Abu Rafi was an elderly man who had never done anything against Muhammad or the Muslims. He just happened to be the unfortunate target of Muhammad's plot to terrorize the Jews.

Muhammad sent an expedition of Six men who broke into the Old man's house in the middle of the night and slashed him to ribbons as he slept. The cowardly Muslims always assassinated people in this way, while the victim slept, obviously because they had neither the courage nor the strength to fight even a solitary, aged Jewish Man while he was awake. After their crime, the Muslims fled back home into the arms of their expectant Prophet. There was a quarrel among them as to who had actually killed Abu Rafi.

At this, Muhammad smiled beatifically and started checking their swords. Finally, it was decided that the person who owned the sword which still had traces of food on it, was the winner. Apparently Abu Rafi had just finished his dinner before falling asleep and the sword had slashed through his stomach spilling its contents. Once more, with commendable bravery against great odds, Muhammadan Muslims defended themselves and their Prophet.

9) Massacre, Rape and Plunder of Banu-L-Mustaliq~
Date: December 626 A.D.
Place: The well of Muraysi near Red Sea
Victims: The Tribe of Banu-L-Mustaliq

Muhammad attacked the Bani Mustaliq because of their wealth. In a surprise raid, the Muslims drove them to the Sea. They slaughtered many members of the Bani Mustaliq Tribe and looted away a booty of 2000 Camels, 5000 Sheep and 500 Women!

500 women were captured screaming and crying after they had watched their husbands and sons being slaughtered. The most beautiful captive was Juwayriyya, daughter of the chief of the Bani Mustaliq. Muhammad snatched her to satisfy his own lust. The captured women were supposed to be returned by the Muslims upon payment of a ransom.

But the night after the battle itself, Muhammad and his army raped each and every one of them. One of the men Abu Sa'id Khudri of Muhammad's army reported :
"We were lusting after women and chastity had become too hard for us, but we wanted to get the ransom money for our prisoners. So we wanted to use the "Azl" (Coitus Interruptus- where the man withdraws before ejaculating)...We asked the Prophet about it and he said: "You are not under any obligation to stop yourselves from doing it like that.." Later on the women and children were given for ransom to their envoys. They all went away to their country and not One wanted to stay although they had the choice.."

So the Peace-loving Muhammad told his men it was perfectly FINE to rape women as long as you don't ejaculate inside them (which made them pregnant).
What supreme logic! Any human being with the slightest shred of morality has to be nauseated by this creature and the CULT that he preached.

Muhammad, the perfect figurehead of Islam sanctions RAPE, pure and simple. Not only did the Muslims commit this horrifying crime, they deceived the Tribesmen into paying Ransom for their womenfolk, who only paid the money in a desperate attempt to save their women's honour. To call such a leader and his followers the epitome of Evil is probably an understatement.

10) Massacre of the Bani -Qurayza~
Date: April-May 627 A.D.
Place: Madina
Victims: The Last Jewish Tribe left in Madina The Banu-Qurayza.

By this time, Muhammad had murdered or driven out all of the Jewish Tribes of Madina, except the Bani Qurayza. It was time to eliminate this last thorn in his flesh.

The Bani Qurayza had been reluctant in helping Muhammad against the Quraysh. Conveniently once again, Muhammad claimed that he had divine knowledge about a conspiracy by the Bani-Qurayza to kill him. He besieged their fortress for Twenty-Five days. When the starving Tribe surrendered, Muhammad forced an old man from their own Tribe to pronounce Muhammad's sentence. The sentence was death to every male member of the Tribe, Slavery for every woman and child and Plunder of all their property.

The Prophet had an immense trench dug around the main market of Madina. The men and boys of the Banu Qurayza were rounded up & their hands twisted tightly behind them. Then one by one, they were shoved to the edge of the trench and forced to kneel.

They were offered a last chance to convert to "The True Faith" and if they refused, had their heads chopped off. As soon as one head would roll off, the corpse would be kicked into the ditch, and so it went.

By the time Dawn had coloured the sky red in Madina, hundreds of corpses had piled up in a heap in a tangled cesspool of blood, hair and shreds of flesh. Despite the horrific end in front of their eyes, none of the Jews chose to convert to Islam and faced death valiantly. The blood of 900 innocent Jews stained Muhammad's hands on that black day.

Their only crime was that they chose to retain their fundamental human right, of choosing their own God and the religion of their ancestors. Hysterical women & children screamed as they watched their fathers, husbands & sons die. The majority of them were raped savagely and then bundled off to be sold as "used goods".

Muhammad had the husband of the Jewess Raihana Bint Amr hacked to pieces before her very eyes, hours after he had murdered her father.
No doubt this was Muhammad's perverted version of a wedding present, because after these atrocities he raped the mortified girl and tried to force her to convert to Islam.

Muhammadan  historians still describe the savage rape of Raihana Bint Amr as her "willing submission to Islam and wifehood to the Prophet"

Apparently according to them, it is very natural to imagine that a woman who has just seen her husband, father, brothers and Tribe slaughtered violently before her very eyes, would CHOOSE to convert to the religion of the murderer and marry him!

In actual fact Raihana REFUSED to convert to Islam and also refused to marry Muhammad the murderer of her family. He kept her as a lowly concubine all his life. So much for the "Apostle of Peace" and his unbounded RESPECT for women. Muhammad was nothing but a PREDATOR upon females, a serial rapist, who acquired his victims by killing their families first.

Allah as usual has provided yet another timeless Divine revelation which gives his Prophet the Right to rape and molest women of other religions.

Al Nisaa 4:24 "And all married women are forbidden unto you EXCEPT those captives whom your right hand possesses. It is a decree of Allah for you. Lawful unto you are all beyond those mentioned, so that you seek them with your wealth in honest wedlock, not debauchery..."

In short Allah the Merciful & Compassionate is saying "Hey Muslims, it's a crime to go after married women, but IF they happen to be your captives (which obviously all the non-Muslim women were) feel free to indulge yourself in rape and sexual torture of them. "lawful unto you are all beyond those mentioned" Allah is making it LEGAL for Muslims to go ahead and rape Non-Muslim women by Divine Law!

One shudders to imagine what kind of minds invented such utterly sadistic, disgusting and UNGODLY ideas.

Muhammad justified all his crimes against the Jews with more of Allah's revelations. Although the following Surahs were not revealed at the same time as the Massacre of Banu Quraizyah, they nevertheless give a general idea of the Muhammad's views on Jews and why it is perfectly fine to kill, loot and rape them.

Al Ma'ida 5:51 "O you who believe! Take not the Jews and Christians for friends. They are friends one to another. He among you who taketh them for friends is one of themů"

Al Ma'ida 5:64 "The Jews say: "Allah's hand is fettered." It is THEIR hands that are fettered and they are ACCURSED for saying so. Nay, but both his (Allah's) hands are spread in bounty. He bestoweth as he will. That which hath been revealed unto thee from thy Lord is certain to increase the contumacy and belief of many of them, And We have cast among them (The Jews) Enmity and Hatred till the day of Resurrection. As often as they light a fire for war, Allah extinguishes it!

The above verses clearly demonstrate the Muslim's hatred of Jews as prescribed by their Prophet. They also expose the hollow claims of Muhammadans, that Islam is a peaceful religion that always co-existed with Judaism and Christianity.

The innumerable, unwarranted massacres of Jews by Muhammad, tell this story in the clearest terms. These historical events form the basis of the Islamic code of behaviour. Therefore, the genocide of Hindus, Christians and Jews by Muslims all over the world should come as no surprise whatsoever.

Al Shua'ra 26: 224 "And the Poets it is those straying in Evil who follow them: 225 Seest thou not that they wander distracted in every valley?226 And that they say what they practice not?

Ishaq:597        "When the Apostle returned to Medina after his raid on Ta'if, word spread that he had killed some of the men who had satirized and insulted him. The poets who were left spread in all directions."

Sahih Muslim Hadith 5611        Narrated byAbuSa'id al-Khudri
We were going with Allah's Messenger. As we reached the place (known as) Arj there met (us) a poet who had been reciting a poem. Thereupon Allah's Messenger shouted: Catch the satan or detain the satan, for filling the belly of a person with pus is better than stuffing his brain with poetry.

Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadith 8.176        Narrated byAbu Huraira
Allah's Apostle; said, "It is better for anyone of you that the inside of his body be filled with pus which may consume his body, than it be filled with poetry."

Even after the passage of 1400 years, in this 21st century, the Fundamentalist followers of Muhammad are more than happy and willing to drag the whole of humanity into the abyss and depraved Cult of Muhammad, using Muhammad's methodologies of LIES DECEPTION TERROR HATE DISCRIMINATION & SLAUGHTER to obtain their agenda.

They cannot change because their Quran & Muhammad's Sunnah prohibit them from EVER getting rid of the virus that has infected their brain.

It is up to the remainder 80% of humanity (currently all Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Zoroasterians, Jews, Animists, Atheists, Pagans, etc), the so called Ummat al Kuffar / Nation of Infidels  - all those who do not believe as the Muslims do - to Quarantine them, re educate them and using all the instruments of our laws to deal with those amongst us who want to harm us.

Studying Muhammad and his Sunna, the ONLY logical conclusion is:

Every single letter, word, aya/verse & sura/chapter in the Quran are actually the SECRETIONS of Muhammad's mind, his imaginings, his ALTER EGO, his Auto Biography but cleverlt projected into the unsuspecting mouth of Allah to give them the aura of sanctity and divinity.

Muhammad's Quran, his Sunna and Sharia are Hatemongering, Warmongering, Racist, Misogynist, Vile and hence utterly UNGODLY!