It is a grave but a generally serious error to allow people who follow the CULT of Muhammad, to arrogate only to themselves the title Muslimoon as if they were/are the first and only Monotheists on the planet.

       It is an undeniable fact, that the so-called 'Muslims' follow the Sunna (the lifestyle, the manners, doings and sayings) of Muhammad even if and when it contradicts the Quran in such instances as the number of prayers, the punishment for fornication, the alleged prohibition of drinking wine etc.

       By definition, those who emulate a human being, belong to a CULT and NOT a RELIGION. Muhammadanism is in actuality, the CULT of MUHAMMAD.

       Being called a Muhammadan Muslim is similar in context as calling someone a Buddhist or a Christian.

        Any Monotheist is automatically a Muslim.

       All Israelites, all Jews, all Hanifs and all Christians - who believe in Jesus as a prophet only - are of course Monotheists and hence are Muslimoon.

       Jews are Muslimoon of the Mosaic faith while the Arabs - in general - and Pakistanis, Somalis, Chechen, etc,  and others for example, are Muslimoon but are followers of Muhammad's version of 'Islam'.

       Just because a general perception is wrong, it does not mean it should not be corrected especially since the Quran itself defines who and what a Muslim is; one who submits to the will of the One and Only Allah; a Monotheist.

       Not every Muslim is a Muhammadan/follower of Muhammad; but most followers of Muhammad/Muhammadans are Muslimoon.

       Since the Quran asserts that the Arabs were ignorant of previously revealed Scriptures, then it is utterly useless to try to find 'proofs' contradicting their claims of 'prior knowledge' of Biblical events. The Quran makes it crystal clear, that they were both unlearned and illiterate people.

       The historical and archaeological records moreover, show them to be a people without writing and without even the rudiments of a meaningful structured and vibrant civilization.

       All their claims to the contrary are false, and are totally based on wishful-thinking to give themselves 'roots' and a worthy ' ancestry' so as to compete with, and even attempt to supersede the People of the Book.
       Both the Quran and their own history show that 'Islam' - which in reality is Muhammadanism - is basically a severe, uncompromising and hatemongering cult belief syatem.

        Almost every learned leader among the Muhammadan 'divines' from Khomeini to Nasrallah as well as in all their media of information, all one hears or reads are words of anger, accusations, hate, bloodcurdling calls for death and destruction to any and all so called 'unbelievers'.

       The Muhammadan sects themselves, do not escape this ingrained and loathsome hatred as they accuse each other of blasphemy, idolatry and Shirk as can be seen between the Sunnis and Shias - for example - all over the 'Muslim' world.

       The greatest threat to Muhammadan Islam is the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth as well as  INFORMATION & KNOWLEDGE.

       The greatest allies of Muhammadan Islam are IGNORANCE and STUPIDITY.

       Because in reality, the Muhammadan version of Islam is nothing more than a tossed salad of plagiarised, pirated, plundered and/or perverted precepts, ideas, concepts, thoughts, fetishes and traditions from the Bible, New Testament, Zoroasterian religion and pagan Arabian religion.

        Almost all the traditions of the 'Muslim' followers of Muhammad are repackaged Arabian paganism disguised under the mantle of 'Islam'.

       This is why the followers of Muhammad are prohibited from reading the Bible since this would make them aware of the sources from which most of the Quranic ideas, stories and legislation, both religious and judicial, come from.

       Becoming aware of these differences induces in the thinking person the seeds of doubt. To overcome doubt, one must investigate even more; contrasting and comparing sources so as to arrive to some conclusion.

       An indepedently thinking Muhammadan, becomes a danger to himself - his beliefs - and his immediate entourage.

       Of over 53 countries in the world that have a majority of Muhammadans, only ONE, Turkey is a true democracy; all the others are despotic or authoritarian regimes which control all sources of information, turning their people into unthinking robots and zombies. So much for the none existent justice, compassion, equality etc, etc that the Muhammadans brag about.

       There are very few sane 'theologians' among the plethora of demented and perverted multitudes of Mullas, Imams and Ayatoullas since any among them - or even among the laity - who do not conform to the fundamentals of the faith, are automatically and very quickly labelled heretics and then summarily murdered and eliminated.

        It is the only 'religion' that decrees the murder of any Muhammadan who changes his/her mind to get out of the faith.
       It is wishful thinking and an extremely short-sighted view to believe, that it is a few 'fundamentalists' who are hijacking 'peaceful Islam'. The facts are, that the greatest majority of Muhammadans are fundamentalists since they totally believe in the precepts, doctrines, instructions and dogmas of both the Quran and its interpreters among their leaders.

       That is why one sees them in demonstrations in 'Palestine', Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Egypt, Yemen etc  celebrating the death and destruction brought about by the murderers of September 11th as well as when any Americans or 'none-believers' are blown to pieces such as happened in Kenya and Bali for example.

        Even if 99% of them are 'peace loving', the remaining 1% terrorists constitute 12,000,000 hate mongering and suicidal fanatics that this world cannot possibly afford to let roam free.

       The Muhammadan world is full of fanaticism, bigotry, hate, jealousy, anger, hypocrisy and endemic ignorance fanned every Friday by the sermons of their 'religious' leaders. The greatest enemy of Muhammadanism are not the imaginary and perceived West, the Christians, the Hindus, the Israelis etc. but the Truth, the whole truth and nothing but the Truth.

       Their greatest enemy is the QURAN that incites them to hate, to discriminate, to dehumanize, to insult, to denigrate, to dispise, to enslave, to conquer and or to mass murder all those who do not believe as they do, the UNBELIEVERS, who constitute the majority 85% of humanity.

       Because their enemy is from within, they are not willing to face reality - which would be excruciatingly painful - and admit fault. They blame their self inflicted 'misfortunes' on all and sundry, because it is much more comforting and easier to do, than to look in the mirror and admit ugliness.

       Any psychiatrist worth a grain of salt would tell, that to cure oneself and exorcise one's demons is attained first by looking truthfully at oneself and admitting guilt, mistakes, ugliness etc otherwise one cannot ever be cured.

Sahih Al-Bukhari HadithHadith 8.9        Narrated byAsma bint Abu Bakr
My mother came to me, hoping (for my favor) during the lifetime of the Prophet. I asked the Prophet, "May I treat her kindly?" He replied, "Yes." Ibn 'Uyaina said, "Then Allah revealed: 'Allah forbids you not with regards to those who fought not against you because of religion, and drove you not out from your homes, that you should show them kindness and deal justly with them.'.......(60.8)"

Sahih Al-Bukhari HadithHadith 7.115        Narrated byIbn Umar
During the lifetime of the Prophet we used to avoid chatting leisurely and freely with our wives lest some Divine inspiration might be revealed concerning us. But when the Prophet had died, we started chatting leisurely and freely (with them).

       *** This INNOCENT statement was DIVINELY SAVED FROM THE AX OF ABROGATION, which speaks VOLUMES about the state of mind of Muhammad's followers as long as he was alive. A STATE OF PERPETUAL FEAR ***

       Muhammadanism is a CULT which is warmongering in outlook, extremist in action and utterly totalitarian in its objectives. It is a belief system that cannot ever be compared to the Judeo-Christian ethics but fully compatible with National Socialism and Bolshevism since all of them arrogate only to themselves every conceivable right while denying for all others any political, social, cultural or religious legitimacy.

       It was Muhammad, after all, who - contrary to all the traditions of even the pagan Arabians - took up arms against his own tribe and deliberately and wilfully destroyed all the bonds that held the individual honour bound in fidelity and defence of his kith and kin.

       It was Muhammad who turned sons against fathers, sisters against brothers and parents against their own families unless they believed in 
"Allah and his messenger".

       It is important to point out, that Muhammad preceded Stalin and Hitler in creating the ultimate 'Cult of Personality' where-by all his followers swore fealty only to himself and would murder father, mother, brother or sister at his orders.
(Ibn Ishaq's/A. Guillaume, The Life of Muhammad p.369).

       It was Muhammad who broke every single rule of 'prohibitions' among the pagan Arabians and justified these wanton deeds with the 'MADE TO ORDER' "then it was revealed" verses.

       In his Quran, Muhammad, SUBCONSCIOUSLY, described himself FLAWLESSLY -

2: 204 There is the type of man whose speech about this world's life may dazzle thee and he calls Allah to witness about what is in his heart; yet is he the most contentious of enemies.

       Muhammad fits this MAN PERFECTLY.

       Allah, it seems, was at Muhammad's beck and call for almost twenty three years during which, Muhammad received personal divine sanctions regarding everything that Muhammad coveted or required such as:

He was sanctioned to 'marry' as many women as he needed to satisfy his sexual appetite.

To change Arabian law so that he could marry his own adopted son's wife whom he lusted for.

To marry and have intercourse with the nine years old child Aisha.

To conduct Piratical attacks against the caravans of the Quraysh during the FORBIDDEN MONTHS.

To Slaughter those whom he disliked even if they were in the SANCTUARY of the Ka'ba.

To Slay and conduct war against all UNBELIEVERS until they either CONVERT, be SUBJUGATED or be SLAUGHTERED.

To Rob, Steal, Plunder and Loot anyone or any group that he feels inclined to and then collect 20% of the ILL BEGOTTEN 'rewards'

       All of which were very CONVENIENTLY and READILY SANCTIONED by the forever willing and ready Allah. It seems that Allah, the creator of the universe, paid more attention to Muhammad's personal needs than to any other of his prophets or even his People.

       All the above ANOMALIES and observations can be perfectly EXPLAINED and UNDERSTOOD when one comes to the simple CONCLUSION that the Quran is actually Muhammad's own

                                                       ALTER EGO

        projected into the unsuspecting mouth of Allah, the Rock god of the Ka'ba, the
                                                                BLACK STONE.