Muslims & Conspiracy Theories :-

We have clearly demonstrated in several of our chapters that Islam is a CULT belief system because Muhammad's followers must emulate all his deeds, uttering and thought called Muhammad's Sunna.

When one studies both his Quran and the Hadiths (stories reported about him by his companions), one would realize that he was prone to the delusions - among other psychological defects - of Conspiracy Theories most of his adult life.

Invariably, the Hadiths tell us that he had a 'revelation' warning him of an impending attack, betrayal, war, ambush or harm coming to him.

In reality, this was part and parcel of his Pathological Narcissistic character. He would invariably project upon his 'victims to be', the very acts that he was going to visit upon them but claiming that it is actually they, his would be victims, who were planning these nefarious deeds against him.

Since Muhammad justified each and every single one of his nefarious acts with his Made to Order revelations from Allah exonerating him of each and every misdeed, his followers also are never guilty of any wrongdoing. It is always 'others' or Satan who are to blame.

His followers even after the elapsed time of 1400 years are doing and claiming exactly the same.

For example, although all the terrorists who performed the 9/11 atrocities were Fundamentalist Muhammadan Muslims from Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries, the Arabs and other Muslims claim without an iota of shame that it was the Israeli intelligence service, the Mossad who committed these atrocities to IMPLICATE the innocent Saudis and Muslims in general.

They do so because as 'peaceloving' Muslims, they could not possibly commit such heinous crimes against civilians.

Another gem of theirs, is the allegation that the Indonesian Tsunami was activated by an Israeli or American nuclear explosion in the sea nearby. Don't laugh. Millions of Muslims totally accept this as true.

The latest that is being made public to the Muslim world is that the Israelis went to Haiti not to help save lives but to steal body parts. This is the Blood Libel in an even more grotesque manner.

By the way, these egregious allegations are made on prime time television by so called 'scholars of Islam' watched by hundreds of millions of them.

Not once in 1400 years of Arab Imperialism have any of them expressed any remorse or given any apology to any of their hundreds of millions of victims on three continents.

On the contrary, the Arabs especially, boast about their conquests and the enslavement and plunder of millions of people while at the same time they have the gall to demand apologies from the Western powers for their alleged imperialism of Arab lands.

The level of hypocrisy exhibited by the followers of Muhammad is as obscene as their arrogance, mendacity and indecency.

I shall now recite in chronological order these very same traits passed down from Muhammad to his followers through his Quran and Hadiths:

He accused his own kith and kin, the Quraiysh tribe of oppressing and persecuting him and his followers when in FACT it was he and his followers who were insulting, attacking, degrading, humiliating and denying the centuries old religious beliefs of his people unless they accepted his FALSE pretences to prophet-hood and his Allah as the one and only god.

The Pagan Quraiysh did not have him killed because they were not the Blood Thirsty and WANTON murderers that Muhammad projects as their characteristics in his Quran. They considered him a harmless but possessed person. They were of course, in hind sight, utterly and deathly wrong.

He had all those who criticized, satirized or opposed him, be they men or women, young or old, free or slave, butchered by his assassins - invariably at night when they least expect any harm and when they were unarmed -at his explicit orders, because he accused them of persecuting or insulting him; Allah's premier messenger - although not one of them was actually a threat to him.

Whenever he had a setback, he picked on the peaceable Judaized, Christian or Pagan Arabian tribes through his Made to Order alleged divine revelations accusing them of THEIR INTENTION to attack, betray or kill him.

Since the People of the Book (Christians and Jews) were largely educated, hard working  and connected to civilized backgrounds, they were prosperous and wealthy compared to Muhammad in particular and the pagan Arabs in general. He had his eyes fixed upon depriving them of their wealth and acquiring it for himself.

As Muhammad was unemployed and most definitely unemployable, he had to resort to the methodology of the criminally minded thug to attain his goals. He was, to put it mildly, the leader of the first Organized Crime Syndicate in history preceding the Mafia by 1400 years.

To give vent to his ambitions and lusts, he had to PROJECT upon his intended victims his own criminal agenda.
He accused the People of the Book (Christians & Jews) of being traitors to his cause; Disbelievers in Allah and his messenger and even worse, Unbelievers, since they allegedly associate OTHER entities with Allah. The Christians calling Jesus the son of God and the Jews calling Uzair (Ezra the scribe) also the son of God.

With a simple but perverted slight of tongue and facts, Muhammad made himself the only true believer in a One and Only God.

The current followers of Muhammad blame their miserable existence, their backwardness, their general ineptitude, their lack of progress in all fields of science, technology and arts upon OTHERS but never look themselves in the mirror to find out that all their failures are due to one single enemy: SHARIA based upon Muhammad's Quran and Sunna which are Hatemongering,Warmongering, Misogynist, Racist, Vile and hence utterly UNGODLY.

It is precisely because they are not willing to face Facts and Reality by receding into their shell of DENIAL that they will NEVER progress no matter how much petro dollars wealth they have.

The followers of Muhammad will forever be stuck in the Time Warp of Muhammade's 7th century Arabia for as long as they are ruled by Sharia, but they do not know it.