Mut'azili Theology:-               

             The Mut'azili was a theological movement that was the first to introduce the Greek mode of argumentation and reasoning into the Muhammadan Muslim religious discussions, thus forever changing the face of Muhammadan Orthodoxy.

               Unlike the Sunnis who base their theology upon traditions alone, the Mu'tazilis believed that deductions based on reason and logic as well, are the foundations of a true theology and the support of doctrine.

             Also, and most important of all of their deviations from Muhammadan Muslim orthodoxy, is that they believed that FREE WILL and not the doctrine of
PRE- DESTINATION is the only logical and moral means by which a JUST Allah would judge humanity since in this manner, each individual has the choice of following the path of good or evil and hence bears the consequences of its own actions.

       *** Because the Mut'azili were 'Free Thinkers', they were - and are still - considered UNISLAMIC since they are working AGAINST the words of Allah.

       The Sunnis have obviously missed the following COROLLARIES that are the product of their belief in PRE DESTINATION:

1        If Allah has PREDESTINED humanity - and all creation,

2        Then the individual human being has been DEPRIVED of  FREE WILL

3        Without FREE WILL, no human being could possibly be held responsible        for his/her deeds or actions

4        Hence with PRE DESTINATION, then there is no need for RELIGION

5        Without RELIGION, there is no need for PROPHETS

6        Without the need for PROPHETS, there is no need for MUHAMMAD

7         Without MUHAMMAD, ther is no need for the QURAN.

8        Even SATAN becomes IRRELEVANT since with PreDestination, Satan                        cannot over rule Allah's will which determined some people to be Believers        and                hence cannot possibly be seduced  by him.

       This DOGMA destroys MORALITY, JUSTICE, LOGIC and the QURAN ***