Obliteration of Pre Islamic Histories:-

       Muhammad and his followers, succeeded beyond their imaginings in obliterating, eradicating or perverting, the histories of all conquered peoples, including those of the Arabian Peninsula, to fit their agenda of giving Muhammad and themselves only, a supremely important, but totally unwarranted and false status.

       The Arab conquerors made sure, that the conquered peoples, are made to forget their origins and history, by making their history start from the time they became Arabised under their version of Islam.
        This was supposedly, the beginning of their - the subjugated peoples - salvation, when in reality, it was the initiation of their damnation and the beginning of their end as a people with a history, a tradition and a religion of their own.

       Arab 'Islamic' imperialism is DEGENERATIVE, OBSCENE, totally PARASITIC and almost irreversible.

       They imposed upon the subjugated peoples their version of beliefs, their backward traditions, their fetishes, their language, their holy places and their conquering leaders as the best people to emulate (Muhammad, Ali, Husain etc),.

       They insinuated all of the above, upon the intellect and beliefs of the subjugated peoples, so that they would follow all of the imperialist's impositions without thought, logic, challenge or remorse.

       They turned the subject peoples - MOST OF WHOM BELONGED TO GREAT AND ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS- into similar Muhammadan Arabians; unthinking and unquestioning clones.