Pagan Arabs:-                

       The Pagan Arabs developed no mythology, no evolved theology and no cosmogony comparable to that of the Babylonians or to any of the other Middle Eastern civilizations near by. They were mostly illiterate, superstitious and unlearned nomadic tribes.

       Pre Islamic Arabs already had the tradition of pilgrimage (Hajj) to their holy sites,  which was the most important religious practice of the nomads. Mecca, of course was one of them. Sacrifices were offered on these occasions.

       Much before Muhammad, there were four holy months for the Pagan Arabs: dhu al Qadah; dhu al Hijjah ( the pilgrimage to the Ka'ba) and Muharram which were set aside as religious months. The fourth was Rajab which was set aside for trade. These were the holy truce months.

       Muhammad, conveniently and for obvious reasons of accomodating the Quraysh tribe especially, incorporated them in his Cult Belief System as the eleventh, twelfth, first and second months of the year.

       From the Pagan Arabian religion and tradition devolved the month of Hajj of Muhammadan Islam.

       Arab writers and ' historians', tell us that Arab tradition, before 'Islam', knew of Abraham, Hagar, Ishmael and Adam. They also compare pre Islamic Arabs with the civilisation of the Babylonians.

       They also ignore the numerous verses in the Quran and Hadiths that ASSERT the FACT that the Pagan Arabs had no knowledge of the Bible.

       Their mendacity is astounding because they very conveniently and deliberately ignore the fact, that a nomadic people, whose calendar is necessarily based on the moon, could not aspire to the achievements of a domiciled civilized society whose calendar, out of its agricultural based necessity, is solar.        

        In fact, history does not, and cannot, show a single instance of a nomadic people creating a civilization while on the move.

        The Pagan Arabs had no writing to speak of, no legacy of any worthy literature and not one single structure of architectural significance. It is a measure of great intellectual desperation that forces presumably educated and supposedly learned 'experts' - who should have known these basic fundamentals in the first place - instead of trying to give the Arabs more credit than they could possibly deserve.

        Arab claims - after the revelations of the Quran - that they had prior knowledge of their history from the time of Adam, were and are pure figment of their fertile imagination only.

       With the help of Muhammad, they had PLAGIARISED, PLUNDRED, PIRATED and/or PERVERTED the contents of the Bible & Hebrew Scripture to suit their CULT BELIEF SYSTEM and give themselves LEGITIMACY, ANCESTRY and worthy ROOTS.

       The Pagan Arabs had no concept of an AFTER-LIFE, neither of Satan, of Angels (2:30) or of Iblis. They believed in the Jinns ( spirits of the desert) and of course in their gods and goddesses to which they made sacrifices including human ones.

       No where in pre 'Islamic' literature can one find any of the Biblical names existing among the Arabs.